Here we go, time to clear up all the rumors and tell you my true and honest story about why I started homeschooling and left high school.

The first thing I need to clarify is that when I stopped high school, I never wanted to stop working. By stopping school, I merely wanted to do a lot more work but in the comfort of my own home.

It all started when I found out about homeschooling online. I had wanted to do it for a while but never seriously considered it as I was always too scared to change such a big part of my life, my education.

As a child, school is pretty much what your life is centered around. Five days a week, approximately 180 days a year, it’s where kids go and spend their days. It is where they meet friends and grow up, where they learn new things and experience early socialization.

Personally, I have never been against school, I’ve only ever thought that children should enjoy more of their life outside instead of being locked up in a classroom.

The way my high school functioned, I saw numerous students fall into terrible habits of anxiety and depression. Personally, I was diagnosed with both due to the stress of my school. The endless assignments, presentations and end of year exams pretty much ruined us all.

When joining high school, you are placed into a very regimented system where you follow a very specific schedule. You are shunned for any mistake and worst of all, you don’t have a choice whether or not you attend. This ultimately made me feel like I was in some sort of jail.

So basically I started my second year of high school in Geneva in September 2015. In October, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that lead me to stop school for 2 and a half months. During my time off, I tried my best to catch up with my homework with the help of a very friendly tutor…

Once my medical issue had improved around the end of November, I decided to simply continue the habit of working with my tutor. I had become very close to him and was working systematically every day.

The way people reacted to this news was very varied. A lot of my friends were very supportive as they knew it was what I wanted to do. But, unfortunately, tons of other people were very negative. Students at my high school started ludicrous rumors as they thought it was stupid and immature to leave.

People said that by continuing homeschooling, I would loose all my friends. Some started rumors saying that I was pregnant, lazy, spoiled, that I had cancer, that I was depressed, that I was bullied, that I wasn’t loved…. The list goes on and on and on.

Countless people that I had never even talked to before judged me because of my choice to leave.

All the rumors that I listed above were false, except the one about depression. I admit to you all now, that I was diagnosed with depression from October until early January 2016.

Looking back at it now, I realize that school was never really for me. The only thing I enjoyed in school was my friends, other than that, it was pretty much a living nightmare. But this ultimately didn’t just come overnight, I had disliked school from a very young age.

Back in primary school, I had already figured out that I was different from the other kids; I didn’t like the same things as them and wasn’t interested in most of what they were doing. Back then, I was very shy and never wanted to talk in front of people.

Even though throughout my years I was never bullied and had loads of friends, I didn’t enjoy the lack of freedom that I was granted with. I was never allowed to learn at my own rhythm…

By being in school, all my passions were suppressed. I stopped making art and movies and traveling which are three of the passions that make me who I am. The systematic education that I was in had formed a shadow over everything that I loved…

By leaving, I was able to run my learning and education with my parents and balance how much I learnt. I was able to study harder and longer hours but in the comfort of my own home.

I could pursue my love for fashion and film and basically throw myself into the media world. I could go to fashion shows and travel the world while still studying and learning. I could meet new people at events and make so many new friends. But most of all, I could be me.

Once I was gone, I felt like I could do whatever I wanted, like I was free to experience life and pursue my passions. I didn’t need to worry about how people perceived me, because I knew that it was my life and I could do whatever I wanted with it. I could be whoever I wanted to be…

Some people say I have changed since I left, but I really didn’t; I only started being me. I stopped doing what I had done for the majority of my life: hiding my personality.

So now, even though I’m not at a high school, I can say without a doubt that I’m more myself then before. Never in my whole 15 and a half years of living have I been this happy.

So there you go, that’s why I decided to start a Youtube channel, start my very own blog and live my life freely while staying educated.

XXX Tiffany Lea

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