Never in my entire life would I ever have imagined coming into contact with a star would be casual. Ever since I started ZimmyLifestyle, I have met a couple celebrities here and there, but I would have never imagined having an opportunity to speak to them for ten minutes straight about whatever I wanted to talk about.
Yes, as you’ve read the title, you should know what I’m talking about. Although it wasn’t facing to face and although it didn’t last for hours, I got the opportunity to speak with Finn Wolfhard… Through my laptop screen and the Skype app, I was able to communicate with the sweetest, cutest, most fantastic cast member of the incredible TV show called ‘Stranger Things’!
My most loyal subscribers will definitely understand how excited this made me. You’ve seen me post about Finn Wolfhard as my crush of the week (link here), you’ve seen me post about the series in my post about the three TV shows I’ve been watching lately (link here). From all of those posts, it should be pretty easy to derive that I am simply in love with the show and it’s cast.
So how did it all happen? How was I the lucky girl that got to Skype him? Well, it all started while I was staying in the Maldives… I remember it was a hot afternoon and I was scrolling on my computer when I discovered that Finn had started a campaign with one of his friends called Josh Ovalle! The campaign was simple: they wanted money to make a music video and were asking for contributions in return for Skype calls. So considering I’m obsessed with Finn, I immediately contributed as I thought it was a great opportunity where I could help them out with their project and talk to them!
A few weeks later, I organized the date and time of the Skype call with Finn’s manager and then started waiting for the day to arrive! Stupidly, as I had been in Japan at the time of the booking, I forgot about the different time zones and (being the total dork that I am), organized the Skype call to take place at 1 am Geneva time…
Anyways, jump forward a couple of weeks and the day of the Skype call with Finn and Josh finally arrived! My brother had invited me to stay with him and his friends in Monaco for a couple days, so I ended up Skype calling the boys from there which made it double the excitement!! I was thinking about it the whole day and got so excited that I even wrote down a list of things I wanted to say to them! Anyways, the long day went by, and it was finally time. I had been given instructions to call Josh who would then add Finn to the call, so I did exactly that!
At first, it was a little strange, I was super nervous, and they were trying to get to know me! But, a couple of seconds later we got really close. We talked about almost everything!! From Finn’s upcoming movie called ‘It’, to the City of Geneva, to the campaign and music video, to Dylan Minnette and finally to my experiences of being homeschooled (read my story HERE)!
Overall, it was a blast! Josh was so funny, and Finn was just Finn: perfect. They were both so kind, and it was great talking to them. We talked about so much in so little time, and I honestly loved every second of it. An amazing experience which again reminded me of how normal celebrities really are!
The only annoying thing about the call was the fact that I completely forgot to take pictures of us and merely have a computer screenshot in which we posed at the end but still looked terrible! Either way, it was a fantastic opportunity, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Tiffany Lea

Let me know in the comments below whether or not you watch ‘Stranger Things’! If the answer is yes, who’s your favorite character?


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