DisneySea Park. Wow. I was very amazed at all the magnificent decors! I’ve done a lot of Disney Parks around the world and this was by far the best ones. When you arrive at the park you see Florence, with the restaurants, the music, a reproduction of the Ponte Vecchio and even Venician Gondolas… it was beautiful. We decided to start our day with Port Discovery, where we did “Journey to the center of the earth”. Once again great decors and went relatively fast for a ride here, we took some days pass to do it again! While waiting we decided to go take a coffee! Then we did it again! The other ride in Port Discovery was “20’000 Leagues under sea”, it was fun and I could see it was reproduced from Jules Verne’s books! We then went to the “Lost River Delta” part of the park. Where we did Indiana Jones, the ride was a lot of fun! We were on a car redoing Indiana’s adventures!

Next up on our list we had “Raging Spririt”, it’s basically India Jones in Paris with another name, it was only a bit slower. It had a looping so it was good!! We the went to the American Waterfront part of the park. Where we did my favorite ride in the Paris park: TOWER OF TERROR! Sadly I did it for the last time ever in December for my birthday (read post HERE) as it closed. But it’s still open here so that a good news! Next to the tower is a small Toy Story town with a few game and a ride called “Toy Story Mania”. My dad and I were very curious about it so we decided to ask what it was and they told us it was a mix between a ride a Buzz Lightyear. There was a 40 minutes wait and the girl told us that last week it went up to 6 hours of wait! Now we definitely had to do it! The line was filled with giant toys, it was really cool! Around the end of the line they gave us 3D glasses. We then went inside the ride and there were huge 3D screens, every rider had there toy gun and you had to play to the games that were in 3D in front of you! It was definitely my favorite ride here and I would recommend taking the Fastpass early in the morning.

We then went to the hotel for a few hours as we all barely slept The previous night. When we came we past next to the new Nemo attraction that was sadly not open yet… but the decor was amazing from the exterior. It was a reproduction of the Marine Life Institute from Finding Dory! Next up on our list was the Mermaid Lagoon, where we did go inside Triton’s Castle. There were a few kids rides inside but we decided to do “Jumpin’ Jellyfish”. We have a similar one in Paris but it’s with soldiers instead of jellyfishs. The decors inside Triton’s castle were breathtaking!!! Everything was so artsy and colorful! Then we did the “Flounder flying fish coaster”! And after this crazines,s we decided to go eat at the Arabian Coast. Then we went to do the tower and Toy Story Mania again (and as usual I won against my dad!). We then went to one of the shops at the exit and left the park! It was overall my favorite park and I realized a few of the rides in Disneyland Park were brought here! 

Love as always,

Tiffany Lea

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