You guys already know how obsessed I am with theme parks. Well, if you weren’t already aware, Disneyland is my favorite theme park! But It’s not my favorite park because of the rides (I mean they’re great but not very thrilling haha), it’s my favorite one because of the vibe, the decors, the merchandise, the parades, the characters… If you have been following my Japan Diary posts and my social medias, you should know I’m currently in Japan!

The first thing I told my dad when we organized the trip was we need to go to Disneyland!!! So here I am Disney day 1. We arrived late at night when the park was closed so we went to slept. There are two parks here: Disneyland Park and DisneySea Park. We decided to begin with Disneyland as Space Mountain was going to close the next day. When we woke up we went to the park, it was pretty quick as our hotel was near it! We were there for the opening! When they opened the doors we rushed to Thunder Mountain to take some fast pass, as there are no VIP tickets here. While waiting for Thunder Mountain we went to do Peter Pan as it was relatively close. The Haunted House was added to the kid section here, in Paris it’s in FrontierLand (at the opposite of the park). They also added “Winnie the Pooh” that isn’t in JE Paris Park as well. Then we went to look at the parade! We did a few rides such as: Pirate of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain was good but a little disappointing as it was almost identical to the Orlando one. Almost no sensations compared to the Paris one, no looping, or heavy drops… We also watched a few shows and went to eat! As there are not many tourist in Japan every shows are in Japanese. They added a new ride here called “Splash” that is also in the United States but not in Paris. As the light was setting down the night parade started. The parade was extraordinary!!! There were lights everywhere and so many details! After the parade we went to do Stars Tours, Space Mountain again. After that we went to do some shopping as we didn’t want to carry it around all day long! The Japanese merchandise is a lot different to the Amercian and French one, so as you can guess, I bought a few things!At the end of the day I realized the park had a lot of similarities with the Paris one! I also saw that a few rides were not there. Really excited to go to DisneySea Park tomorrow!

LOVE, Tiffany Lea


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