New TV shows and Movies that when released, everyone should go see!

Hey, guys!
So, what’s new? Summer is over, school is starting for most of us and the weather is slowly getting colder. As you know, I only love summer, nothing else, so this time every year, I start to get quite solemn. But, to avoid becoming completely depressed about the terrible weather, this year I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I’m looking forward to! By things, I mean Netflix TV shows and movies and by that I mean a list of five cinematic productions that I cannot wait to see! All of the five are coming out between September and November and you should definitely go see every single one of them!! Without further ado, here is my upcoming must watch movies/TV shows list that I am personally dying to go see:
(Maybe at the end of the post you’ll be excited to watch them too!)
  • It Movie (to be released in September)
  • American Horror Story “Cult” (to be released in September)
  • The Walking Dead Season 8 (to be released in October)
  • Thor Ragnarok Movie (to be released in October)
  • Justice League Movie (to be released in November)
Just from glancing at the list you can already see what a range of films I like… From a horror movie to an action film, these movies should be able to attract almost every crowd!
So let us start with the only horror film on my list: It. I saw the original 1990 adaptation of “It” by Stephen King two years ago and ever since then, I have been eager to see more! Although it was a pretty gruesome movie where the special effects were terrible and the movie itself was insanely long, I still did enjoy it! The plot of the new adaptation consists of children disappearing one by one in a town called Derry. The main protagonist called Richie Tozier will be portrayed by Finn Wolfhard who is most famous for his work in Stranger Things! I luckily had the opportunity to Skype him back when I was in Monaco and you can read my post about that HERE. Also in this movie, Bill Skarsgård from Allegiant will be playing It. Overall, I’m just super excited to see what the new adaptation will be like!
American Horror Story:
Next up, the new season of AHS. As you probably already know, American Horror Story is in my top three favorite TV shows list and has been for years. My favorite season was probably the first one called Murder House and definitely the third one, Coven but unfortunately, season 4, 5 and 6 didn’t impress me as much as the rest, but I love Asylum too! Nevertheless, I’m still excited to see Cult, the newest season. The mystery and suspense of every season are undeniably what makes this series so good so season 7 shouldn’t be any different! Again, the cast of Cult will include my favorite stars like Sarah Paulson and Billie Lourd (who is famous for her work in Scream Queens). The new season is set in 2017 and takes place around Donald Trump’s election. To get a sneak peak before the season is released late September, you can watch the trailer on Youtube. In it, you might be able to catch onto a certain thread of thought… look out for familiar faces, especially characters who you have seen before in perhaps, season 4…
The Walking Dead:
By this point, I don’t think I need to explain my admiration for The Walking Dead again… From posts about Walker Stalker and Comic Con to posts about me meeting the cast and reading the comics, I’m pretty sure that by know, you have heard enough of my love for the show. So, let’s keep this short. Season 8 is coming out in October and I am so so so excited! The trailer for this season looks insane and the first scene of it reminded me a lot of the season 7 premiere… Fishy stuff huh? Anyways, Negan and Gabriel are featured a lot in the trailer which just makes me want to watch it even more (click HERE for the link to go see it yourself)! Also, if you haven’t already read my post about the season 7 premiere, you can check that out HERE. So far, Greg Nicotero (the executive producer of TWD) has merely said: “We start season eight with a close-up shot of Rick Grimes, and we soon feel that he is the one who dominates the plot, not Negan,”. But other than that and the trailer, I don’t know much about the new season… Which honestly just makes it so much more exciting! Oh yeah, also, Maggie is going give birth soon and who knows what she will name it? Ahhhhh I can’t wait.
Thor Ragnarok:
Next on my list is the Thor Ragnarok movie coming out in October! For someone that has always liked Marvel, this movie is just going to have to be a must-see. Their movies are always incredible without fail and I recently started reading some of the comics as well! My two favorite Marvel superheroes are by far and have always been Iron Man and Spider Man. Nevertheless, I’m still super eager to see Thor’s movie. As usual, his character will be portrayed by the one and only Chris Hemsworth who, as you all know, is pure eye-candy. I first heard about this film back when I was at the Marvel panel at Comic Con in San Diego (read my post about that HERE) and well, ever since then, I have been waiting to see it! Even just the fact that I was in the same room as Chris when I went made the experience all the more fun! October hurry up, I want to see this!
Justice League:
Next up and last on my list: Justice League! November where are you?? A movie with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Batman, and Cyborg… I repeat, a movie with five of my favorite movie characters!!!! Who wouldn’t want to go see that? We all know from the Wonder Woman movie that Gal Gadot is fantastic and well the rest of the actors are just equally as cool! After watching the trailer, learn more about the movie, I have become all the more curious and well, obsessed. I cannot wait!
To summarise there are a ton of upcoming movies I would like to watch soon! I hope you guys liked this post and I really hope you all go see the movies I listed! Let me know in the comments section below which movie you are most excited to see this fall?
Tiffany Lea
Really can't wait to see Colton Hayes on American Horror StoryScreen Shot 2017-09-02 at 22.43.49



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