Ariana Grande has been my idol for a few years now. I’ve always liked her songs, but that is not the only reason why I like her. I love the fact that she has many dogs (and just loves animals in general), is a vegan, she’s not afraid to be herself, down to earth, stands up for LGBTQ+, female empowerment… I could do an entire post about it. For my 16th birthday I got a VIP ticket for her London show of the Dangerous Woman tour and a “meet and great”. I was supposed to leave today to go meet with my friend in London to have fun and meet Ariana. Last night, one of my friends told me about an explosion at Ariana’s concert in Manchester. At first I couldn’t believe it was real; I didn’t wanted to see. Then I took my phone and I was in shock. I will not go into detail of what has happened. I wasn’t sure what to believe; I wanted to wait and have confirmed information.   A few hours later, when I went to bed, I took my phone and got updated… I couldn’t stop crying. Why would anyone do that, in a place where children go and have fun with their friends and families! The whole tour was cancelled but I wasn’t going to go to London after what happened anyways. As for Ariana, I hope she doesn’t blame herself because things like that happen all the time in random places in our world and unfortunately this time it was at her concert. I’m broken and all my deepest prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims and people affected by this horrific tragedy. 

Pray for Manchester

Love, Tiffany Lea

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9 thoughts on “ARIANA GRANDE

  1. hi tiffany

    its really shocked me
    when it come on news i watching more than half n hour

    very sad
    now people really scared to go concerts

    might be worth a mention on your page.
    Either way,keep up the awesome work

    Bored wiki

  2. It’s so lovely to read your sentiments. I live in London and also had tickets for the show. I was devastated that something like this could happen and it’s so heartbreaking to watch the news and to see the victims and most of them were children and young girls… it’s really devastating..


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