Living the Nerd Life – My Crazy Funko Pop Collection

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Today I want to share with all of you something that is a little different. You could technically consider this “home deco”… my funko pop collection! So you might be thinking one of either of three things. The first may be what on earth is she talking about. The second may be ohhh I know all about her crazy obsession. Or you might just be thinking that I am the weirdest person on earth. But, please give me the benefit of the doubt because you might actually like Funko Pops just as much as me! I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my Funko Pops from those of you who know about my obsession. Some of these questions have been: how many do I have, how long have I been collecting them for, are they all mine, where I got them and so on and so forth. Soooo, I’m here to share all my answers to all those questions with all of you, in a blog post! Also if you have no idea what Funko Pops are I am here to educate you.
For those of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, a Funko Pop is a small collectible vinyl figure of pretty much any character you could think of. The creators have released characters from movies to TV Show, to singers, to royals and to pretty much any other person. In my opinion, they’re all absolutely adorable and come in really aesthetically pleasing little boxes that you can pile up.
I originally started collecting my first ones around 2013 and 2014. I don’t remember the exact first one I purchased but I’m pretty sure it was from Disney! I then started collecting a few from the “American Horror Story: Freak Show” because I was obsessed with the series at the time and they had also just come out. From then on I started collecting a few of them here and there.
Then, once my collection had gotten very big, I got really into AMC’s hit TV Show, “The Walking Dead”. I ordered a few pops but the majority of the funko pop characters from the show I received were from friends and family for my birthday which was really sweet!!! I dedicated, like a true fan, a whole shelf in my room to all my TWD pops. I got all of them out of their boxes and it honestly looks amazing! Then when the new seasons came out, in came the new pops and this shelf became very full, very fast. I can promise you I won’t be purchasing any more pops from that show! I have 31 pops in total on that shelf! I also have a few other ones that are the same character but there are two pops of their character. For example, I have two young carl pops as a new one came out so I added the newest version along with the old one. “The Walking Dead” is by far one of my favourite TV Shows so this shelf of pops in my room is well deserved. Although, if I am being honest I don’t like the vibe the show is putting on right now but they still had 5 amazing seasons.
Around a year after, I started Netflix’s amazing series “Stranger Things”. If you’ve read many of my posts you would know that I became totally addicted to it (p.s. read my post about my Skype call with Finn Wolfhard aka Mike from the show last summer HERE). So, as my love for the show grew so did my collection! I started pilling them up to make a stranger things funko pop ‘wall’ next to my bed in my hometown of Geneva. Now that two full seasons are out I have a total of 49 “Stranger Things” Funko Pops (without counting the doubles I received as gifts).
As I currently live in London (and London is where you can get pops the easiest) my collection also grew a lot there. My ultimate goal was to have a full wall of my London room covered in pops, so, I decided to bring all the “useless” pops I had in Geneva that weren’t in my “Stranger Things” wall or TWD shelf and add them to the wall in London. I took a lot of back and forth flights to get all of them in my London flat but I did it! Before sitting down to write this post I actually just added the last 12 pops to complete my wall! I am also posting this a year after moving to London! So, I think that finishing my pops wall after a year is a pretty big accomplishment. My pops wall in London contains a total of more than 250 pops. The 250 pops are mostly all marvel themed. They all pretty much come from movies! I know what you’re thinking… I am completely crazy. I am just obsessed with these pops okay?! Ahhaha.
My pops are mostly from movies and tv shows I adore. I am a huge movie fan and I love the fact that you can have all your favourite characters as “decor” in your room. I order most of my pops off of the Australian website: Popcultcha. As always, I am not sponsored by them, I just think that they have the best and most recent ones on their site. They usually also have all the convention exclusive pops! Those pops can get extremely pricey if you don’t get your hands on them quickly! The prices for these exclusives pops can go up to 200 dollars and even more sometimes as they’re collabs and are pretty limited! Otherwise, if I’m looking for an older pop I usually look on Amazon and sometimes eBay.
I also love buying them at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con (read my post about that HERE) and of course the convention I attend every year: the Walker Stalker (a “The Walking Dead” convention in Atlanta, link to these posts HERE). 


Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 20.41.38


Untitled design-5




Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 20.40.17Untitled design-4Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 20.40.36Untitled design-4Processed with VSCO with c7 preset


I don’t think that I have an ultimate favourite pop at the moment. I could maybe say that the Peter Parker pop from Spider-Man is my favorite. It is such a simple and perfect pop.

I’ve also been asked this question a lot and the most expensive pop I own is the Tate Langdon pop. It is based on the character from  “American Horror Story” in season 1.

Another question that I have heard a lot is if they are all mine, and, yes indeed they are!!

I think that pretty much covers everything. Of course, you can feel free to ask me any more questions if you are curious. I know that this is a pretty crazy thing to collect but I love these little pops! You may think I am totally cringe but I think my pops are totally awesome!

Have you heard about Funko Pops before? Also, do you watch and love “Stranger Things” as much as I do? If you have pops, how many do you have?
Lot’s of LOVE, as alway

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