Forget about the price. Forget about the brand name. Forget about the reputation. Simply think about Cartier as a design company for one moment. Think about how it all started as a jewelry manufacturing industry that was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. It started off as a simple man’s dream and ever since the brand has played an enormous role in many people’s lives. One of those people being me and well my entire family! Which evidently explains why I have so much jewelry from there…
I simply love Cartier for its designs, its history, and most importantly it’s story. In other words, it’s my favorite jewelry brand and has been for years!
My favorite collections from the company are LOVE, Amulette, and Juste un Clou. If you know anything about the brand then you should know that their designs come in three different colors: rose gold, white gold, and gold. My favorite of the three has to be the rose gold as it is the most classic and elegant of the three. It’s also much more discreet than the other two colors and almost goes well with every single day time look – hence why I adore it!
So yes, that’s the brief explanation behind my first ever LOVE bracelet that I bought at the same time as every other member of my family! It’s something that I share with my mom, dad and brother and was also purchased the day one of my dogs, Coffee died. To finish it off, I even engraved the quote “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” on it. Although all of you must be thinking why on earth I would get a TFIOS quote on a bracelet, it truly isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. The movie honestly helped me get through so much in a difficult phase of my life and after I Skyped Ansel Elgort, a lot of truly incredible things started happening… I know it may sound stupid but I kid you not, the quote helps me get through a lot and reminds me of how far I have come! So yeah, from me sharing it with my family to it representing the death of my dog to it being in my favorite color to it having an inspirational quote, it’s very, very special.
Moving on to my second bracelet, this one was purchased around a year and a half after the first one. It’s white gold and half diamond. The meaning of this bracelet was simply to give me hope for the future. It represents new beginnings and was a present I bought myself to help me through some rough times! It was purchased around the time that I quit high school (read my post about that HERE). What’s cool about this bracelet is that to remind me of how much my life has changed for the better since those tough times, I will be engraving the word ‘fearless’ onto it as soon as I have the time!
Next up, I also have a rose gold diamond clou that I wear all the time. I swear I never take it off! Unfortunately, as recently I’ve been traveling a lot, I decided to leave it in Geneva for security reasons… And what better person to leave it with that my mother: while I was going around the world, I didn’t see her much so leaving it on her wrist helped me know that she would always have a part of me with her and that my favorite bracelet would be very, very safe.
Now moving onto my collection of Cartier rings, the first one I ever bought was a rose gold LOVE ring to match my rose gold LOVE bracelet. I purchased it at the same time I bought my rose gold bracelet and I love it very much!!
I also have two amulette rings, one that’s pastel pink and the other that’s black. As basic as it may sound, black is one of my favorite colors and so is pastel pink so yeah, it works out perfectly! I love the pink shade as it reminds me of nothing other than Disneyland, being girlie and eating candy haha! I also love the black because it’s a color that I often find myself wearing and because it reminds me of dark concerts and horror movies! The two Cartier rings also truly represent two different sides of me: the girly and joyful side and the more deep and dark side! You could also argue that it gives me a sense of Ying Yang on my hand: an idea of an equilibrium between two opposing forces (dainty and dark).
So there you go, five different Cartier pieces of jewelry that I tend to wear on me non-stop. Each with their individual and not-so-typical signification!
Before I finish off, I’d quickly like to re-express how much more beautiful I find these pieces of jewelry because of their different meanings! It’s much more than a feeling of “Oh that’s a pretty bracelet” that I get when I look down at my hand… it’s more of a reminder of why I have it, what it means and how it makes me feel. Isn’t that so much more special? So much more beautiful? They aren’t just Cartier rings and bracelets to me, they are tokens of memories and significance!
Tiffany Lea
Let me know what you think about my whole idea of ‘having jewelry with a story makes it more beautiful’ below! Also, what’s your favorite piece of jewelry? Do you even like Cartier? Do you have a favorite of any one of my pieces?
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