Recently, one type of post that I’ve truly been enjoying writing has been reviewed. Whether it is a review on a book I just read, a makeup product I just tried or a movie I just watched, I feel like it gives you all some what of an insight into my personal opinion on certain matters. The most common type of reviews that I write and ultimately my favorite one is movies. So, here I am, yet again, with another movie review about a fantastic movie! This one was called To the Bone, a movie that honestly stands out amongst every other movie I’ve seen this year…
My whole admiration for this movie started as soon as I found out Lily Collins was starring in an eating disorders awareness movie. As some of you already know from reading my post about why I left high school (link HERE), I have struggled with eating disorders throughout the majority of my life. So, combining the fact that this movie would hit me on a very personal level and that it’s leading actress is Lily Collins, I simply knew I had to watch it!
Moving on to the actual film itself, it includes many well known actors such as Chiara Bravo (that I love from Red Band Society, read my review about that show HERE), Hana Hayes (whose Instagram I absolutely adore), Lili Taylor (from The Conjuring) and Liana Liberato (who was in Stuck in Love alongside Lily Collins)! Sounds like a pretty extraordinary cast right?
Well, unfortunately, even before I start telling you about how much I loved the film, I feel as though I should address the infamous hate that has claimed that To the Bone glamorizes eating disorders. To this, I say that I believe the complete opposite as this is the first time that I have watched a movie about eating disorders where the ugliness of the disease is properly portrayed. In the film, Lily Collins looks far from beautiful as she struggles to keep up her weight… As we all know, she lost a lot of weight for the role which truly made the acting so much more authentic and real. Also, as Lily has claimed that she suffered from this kind of illnesses as a teenager, her portrayal of someone that is sick was so much more accurate. This again plays into why I love the movie so much.
Now, before I finish, I believe it is time to give you all some information about the plot itself! Without spoiling the story, let me enlighten you all ever so slightly: The movie follows the story of a 20-year-old anorexic girl named Ellen. In the film, one can see that she tries many recovery programs but is never cured. One thing leads to the next and Ellen ends up in a home for the youth where she is forced to affront her addiction and disease… There you go! No more spoilers hehe!
No seriously, go watch this movie, it was fantastic and Lily Collins did an extraordinary job! Overall, I would rate To the Bone 8/10 as it is a great awareness movie which can truly open up the minds and make the youth of this world more aware!
(Find this 107-minute movie on Netflix)
Tiffany Lea
Please please please, if you end up watching To the Bone, comment down below what you think of it! Did you think that it glamorized eating disorders? Let me know!
Also, do you enjoy reading my movie reviews? If so, which movie do you want me to write about next?
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