Have you ever been so close to someone that you can see their spit come out of their mouths as they scream into a microphone? So close that you can hear their gold chains slamming onto their chest as they dance? Have you? Well, yesterday, at the Blanco Beach Club grand opening in Algarve, Portugal, I was that close to the incredible, one and only, American rapper named Tyga.
Located in the center of Portimâo, this club was  very chic, prettily designed, evidently modern and, like the name depicts, very blanco! After having arrived at 7pm, my brother, his friends and I made our way over to (honestly) the best located table in the club which was separated from the general admission people.
My outfit on this brisk summer evening was dainty but pretty simple: I wore denim Gucci shorts with studded flowers on them, a basic white Maje tee, black Chanel espadrilles and a Chanel bag. Although at first I thought my outfit would be too basic, I quickly realized upon arrival at the club that it was perfect for the event. As usual, comfort was key!
After about three hours of waiting and enjoying the club, Tyga arrived. As expected, he stayed at his table with his 10 luxurious crystal bottles (which had been offered to him by the club) for a while and then finally took to the stage to perform!
Amongst the numbers that he performed were Rack City, Ayo, Hooker, Bitches N Marijuna, 1 of 1, Wait for A Minute and many, many more. Unfortunately, Tyga didn’t sing my favorite song which is called Stimulated but nevertheless, he did a fantastic job and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! From him waving to my brother and his friends to him smiling at me 24/7, the show was amazing!
Once his gig was over, Tyga returned to his table to party with his friends until the early hours of the following day! He continued making signs at us and even waved before he left! My brother and I stayed for quite a while after his departure and enjoyed the guest DJ and the overall vibe of the club!
Looking back at the event now, I can confidently say that it was a remarkable night! The club did itself proud on its opening night and I will definitely go back next time I’m in Portugal! Tyga also succeeded in creating a phenomenal vibe that kept us buzzing until we got back to our hotel room! What. A. Night.
Tiffany Lea
Comment down below which song of Tyga’s is your favorite! Also, have you ever been to Portugal? If so, what’s your favorite club in the country?
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  1. I’m from Portugal and every summer I go to my beach house in quarteira ,Algarve!! But I’m from Lisbon the capital of Portugal it is so so nice and you would comi to Lisbon is amazing!! Kisses guiga♡



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