“Paris is always a good idea”: These are the beautiful words that Audrey Hepburn used to casually say when asked about her frequent travels to the capital of France. If you know me, and/or my blog, you will know that I thoroughly and strongly associate myself with this quote: Paris to me, has and always will be a fantastic place to travel to… especially during fashion week!
If you have read my recent post about this year’s FENDI fashion show (like here), then you should already be well aware that I was in Paris for a couple of days last week! Amongst the many other things that I did while I was there, I had the wonderful opportunity to see one of my idols perform live in a club! This idol is Travis Scott, an American rapper, singer and songwriter who is more formally known as Jacques Webster! So, without further ado, let me walk you through every step of the event!
It all started when I left the FENDI fashion show and to go back to my hotel and get ready for like I said before, a trip down to the club! Ha! Anyways, once I was fed, well-dressed and groomed, my brother and I made our way over to a club called 1515 where Miley Cyrus is rumored to have previously visited!
Unfortunately, the event that we were going to at 1515 was privately organized which meant that to get in you either had to be on the guest list or have had booked a table. Lucky for us, my brother was able to book a table a couple of hours before Travis Scott’s appearance.
Once in the club, we sat around and waited while watching Travis Scott eat his dinner from a balcony above. As soon as he finished his meal, the singer jumped from the balcony onto the stage and started performing Goosebumps: one of his classics. Talk about an impressive entrance huh? This song was followed by Antidote and I’m telling you honestly that I was having the time of my life! From dancing with my brother and his friends to watching my idol perform right in front of me… it was amazing! Well, I mean it was amazing until Travis Scott actually CAME UP TO OUR TABLE! Which meant that the moment was no longer amazing, it was breathtaking and absolutely priceless. Travis continued his performance with songs like Beibs in the trap and Pick up the Phone: again more of his well-known pieces of music! After playing almost every single one of his hits, Travis sadly ended the performance after a very long time running! Looking back it now, I’m realizing how much I truly loved the event. Travis is merely the second rapper that I’ve ever seen perform live as I saw A$AP Rocky in Cannes a couple of months back (read my post about that event here) but let me tell you, Travis was much, much better. By ‘better’, I simply mean that the vibe was much livelier and that it lasted longer – hence I preferred it!
Tiffany Lea
Let me know down below if you have ever seen a rapper perform live. If so, did you enjoy it? Who are your idols? Do you like Paris?
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