Trips to the cinema are theoretically always fun. But, once in a while, you fall upon a bad movie or go in bad company and it just really isn’t enjoyable. Lucky for me, the last time I went to the cinema, my experience was amazing! This event happened around a month ago and the movie I went to see was called Everything, Everything. I was accompanied by my wonderful mother and as I enjoyed the movie so much, I decided to write a post about it to convince you all to go watch it too!
Unfortunately, the first 20 minutes of the film reminded me of nothing other than The Fault in our Stars, but after those grueling minutes, the plot became much more interesting and original. Although all in all, the two movies do have loads of similarities such as the fact that both of their plots revolve around illnesses, also that both protagonist teenagers spend the majority of their life hidden away at home and finally, that both movies are evidently romantic and also very complicated – neither one could be classed as a simple love story.  But, disregarding those similarities, TFIOS and Everything, Everything obviously, have loads of differences. The most poignant one, in my opinion, is their endings. Personally, I hated the ending of TFIOS, but loved the Everything, Everything one! Don’t worry, I promise not to spoil the story for you guys but hopefully, as soon as ‘Everything, Everything’ comes out in cinemas near you, you can watch it and tell me what you think in the comments!
Moving onto the actual film itself, let’s talk actors. Yes, I know what you all are thinking… Cute boy in a movie means Tiffany loves it… But I assure you, Nick Robinson is not the only reason I love this movie! He is merely the most gorgeous male actor at the moment and simply adds a little glitter to the screen! Robinson is an amazing actor and with his gorgeous smile, cute hair and alluring eyes, he played the lead in Everything, Everything beautifully. Every movement with his body and expression with his face was clear and impressively precise. Although that might simply be my opinion, I honestly believe that he’s talented and evidently, hot. I mean what can I say?! When it comes to tall, brown-haired, brown-eyed guys, I crack!
Nick Robinson’s name will sound familiar if you are a movie fanatic and have seen the incredible classic, Jurassic World. In it, he played the role of Zack Mitchell and ever since, I may or may not have had a secret crush on the guy! You might have also seen Nick in Being Charlie which is based on a drug addict’s love relationship in rehab. To give you some background information about the heartthrob, he’s a 22-year-old American actor who was born in Seattle.
In Everything, Everything, Nick plays the role of Olly alongside Amandla Stenberg who plays the role of Maddy. Amandla is an eighteen-year-old American actress and singer (she even covers one of the songs in the movie soundtrack!) who is best known for her portrayal of Rue in The Hunger Games.
In the movie, the character Maddy is diagnosed with a severe disease which resents her from exiting her home – as if she was under house arrest 24/7… The film follows her life as a sick person meeting the ever so dreamy, guy-next-door and develops their friendship into something much stronger and deeper (See! No spoilers!).
The film was filmed in Vancouver in 2016 and was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It runs 96 minutes long and is, as I said before, amazing! Overall, it’s super charming, very heartwarming and again, well-acted. I personally loved it so much as it was refreshingly diverse. I’m so used to seeing the same old dystopian love story so it felt great seeing something so unique!
Just to give you a small taster of how cute the movie really was, I’ll tell you about my favorite scene! This was the moment that a) had me fall head over heels for Olly, b) had my heart melt over the cuteness of their relationship and c) brought me to tears. Pretty special right? Well, that moment was when Maddy goes into her room to find photos of many different oceans stuck on her window along with a little message from Olly that read “Maddy… Every ocean deserves to be seen by you”. Adorable right? Anyways, I won’t go into detail explaining anything more about the scene because like I said before, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you! But yeah, Olly is super cute to Maddy and their love is so admirable! Even just the way that Nick looks at Amandla kills me!! Okay, okay I’ll stop there.
Also if you like Nick as much as I do, be sure to check out some of his interviews (not gonna lie, I’ve watched almost every single one)! The interviews with Amandla are also good as you can really tell they’re friends in real life!!!
Anyways, when you finally get around to watching the movie, I suggest you a) listen to the soundtrack beforehand (I’ll list my favorite songs from it below), b) plan to go with your girlfriends so that you can all bond in awe of the main characters relationship or just how freaking hot Nick is and c) make sure you don’t go watch it on a date because you will either want to break up with whoever you are on the date with for Nick Robinson or you will just cry so much at the cuteness that you will get embarrassed hahaha!!
As promised, here are my favorite songs from the Everything, Everything soundtrack:
  • Howling by RY X
  • How Did We by Skylar Stecker
  • Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara
  • Let My Baby Stay by Amandla Stenberg
Looking back at the movie now, I can’t stress enough how much I think you should all go see it! Nowadays, we are all so brainwashed by social media (stay updated on my blog for a post about this really soon) as to what love really is so I think it’s really important that you all watch something that represents love as true and sometimes ugly as it may be!
I really do hope you all go see Everything, Everything. I truly loved it and I honestly think you will too. Like I said before, it’s raw, kind, creative and most importantly genuine. Especially as nowadays, that’s so rare.
Sending lots of love to those of you that go watch the movie. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
Tiffany Lea

.Amandla Stenberg-2
Amandla Stenberg

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