A couple of months ago I posted a cute little blog post about starting singing lessons (read that post HERE). In it, I talked about my love for music and how I was thinking of starting piano lessons. Well, the day has finally arrived and I just came out of my first piano lesson! Even though I’ve never played the piano, I do have some experience playing instruments as when I was in school (read the post about why I quit HERE), I used to play the flute! As it was a long time ago, I evidently don’t have the skills anymore but nevertheless, I still took a few guitar lessons over the years… In other words, I have experience but none of it shows as I currently can’t play anything…
Anyways, back to the piano! My first lesson was intense. I’m doing the classes with a professional who is, as you can all imagine, pretty harsh. He taught me the basics so, for now, that’s all I know but I’m so eager to continue! The goal of me doing these classes is to eventually be able to write songs by myself one day… I know, it’s a long way away but still, it’s a goal that I’m willing to work for!
Speaking of singing, I have been doing daily singing classes whenever I’ve been in Geneva, my hometown. Recently I have been recording new covers (hint: Lia & Selena) which I might release for you to listen to soon…
Music has always played a huge part in my life, as I have been listening to it to fall asleep since the age of 7. Never going anywhere without earphones, I’ve become quite attached to my music recently, especially since I’m now thinking of creating some of my own!! Along the way, I have encouraged family members and friends to start singing and playing more instruments as I honestly believe that it makes you a more joyful person! It’s only been a short while since I’ve started sharing my music and I’m excited to have finally opened this door! Before my self-consciousness used to tear me down but I’m finally confident enough to share with you all a new side of me: the new musical me.
With love,
Tiffany Lea
Please write song names that you would like me to cover in the comments section below! I’m eager to read what you want to hear!
Also, do any of you play instruments? If so, which ones?

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