Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s post, finally, I will share my thoughts on the newest Spider-Man movie: ‘Far From Home’ starring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal! I was originally going to first post a fashion-related post about my trip to Mykonos instead of this post but since my phone didn’t make it to the end of the trip that post will have to wait until my phone comes out of repair haha (basically my phone fell in the pool in Mykonos, I am so clumsy I swear). But either way, since I absolutely adored ’Homecoming’ that came out in 2017 (a movie that truly made me fall back in love with the MCU) I wanted to also write a review on the new Spider-man. So, as per usual for me, I was very excited to go and watch the new MCU Spider-man! I was especially eager to find out how they would explain the events of ‘Endgame’ aka the ‘blip’ and how it would affect the film as well!

P.S. *this review is completely spoiler-free*



The first fact I have to mention is how much the CGI blew me away! The villain (avoiding spoilers) was based around a very original idea that was completely unexpected on my part. I also enjoyed that they kept Mysterio’s costume the same as in the comics, that’s true dedication! Not only the CGI but the visuals, in general, were insane. From Venice to London (where they actually filmed) everything looked realistic!

I also loved how ‘light’ (as it’s mostly a school trip to Europe-based movie) it was compared to the other more recent MCU films. The other ones are very action-packed but since this film is based on a kid in high-school it is more laid back, which I really enjoy! However, I love how this movie was a lot more action-packed than the previous Spider-Man where Peter was a lot younger and still settling into his role as Spider-Man.



I loved this new Spider-man because it was funnier and was kind of an ‘upgrade’ from homecoming. This is because we saw Peter grow up a lot more and he showed us that he was ready for a little bit more than being just your “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”.

As I mentioned in the introduction I was really looking forward to seeing how the producers/writers of the film would incorporate what happened in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ into the film! I was very satisfied as they do mention the actions that happened in that movie. Not to spoil too much: but Endgame is mentioned through Peter’s grief of losing Tony Stark and we see his sadness in the film.



Lastly, I would just like to say that this movie was actually so hilarious, I didn’t see it coming but at some points, I couldn’t stop laughing. Also, without spoiling too much: the end credit scene had me shocked haha (you’ll get this once you’ve seen the movie hehe)!

I would definitely say this movie was an 8/10 for me. I recommend it to all MCU lovers! It’s SO good and Tom Holland is so adorable I love him so much as an actor!

Anyways that’s all for today’s post. I’ll be back soon with a fashion post from Mykonos when my phone is back haha. For now, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you would give the new Spider-man out of 10 if you have seen it!

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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