Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s post, I wanted to share 15 of my favorite swimsuits for the summer (or any other occasion really aha). This post is mainly focused on “high-end” swimsuits, but I referred to a couple of more affordable ones that I mentioned in a recent look-book post for the summer season, link HERE to check it out! I wanted to do this post because I feel like a lot of people don’t know where to buy pretty swimsuits, and I think it’s essential to have one super cute swimsuit that fits you very well for summer! So let’s go on with the post, shall we?


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1. Missoni Mare – All-over logo bikini ($585 on Farfetch, now on sale for $234)
Starting off with one of the most colorful pieces of this post! It looks so gorgeous and also reminds me of a lot of the ’70s with the colors. I know this bikini is pricey, but I think it’s so pretty and stylish! It gives me a total hippy vibes, which I love. You should definitely get this bikini now since it on sale!

2. Sian Swimwear – Savannah Swimsuit ($206 on Farfetch)
I think this one-piece is so cool because it is reversible! You can either wear it on the original side with white and blue stripes or turn it around and have an all baby blue swimsuit!! I’m sure that you can find a way cheaper version of this swimsuit as the stripes are a huge trend right now, but I love this one because I think it will be very good quality!

3. Missoni Mare – Zig Zag Bikini Set ($595 on Farfetch)
Another Missoni swimsuit! In general, I think Missoni is one of my favorite high-end brands for the summer! This bikini is so cute because it is in the classic Missoni print. Once again I know this bikini is very pricey, but it’s so beautiful (like I said before) to have one really nice bikini for the summer that you can wear every summer!

4. Observe – Lumiere Long-Sleeve Swimsuit ($253 on Farfetch)
I love this bathing suit because it looks similar to something a surfer would wear, but it is so original and looks really good! I especially love this glittery pink color and how it is open in the back! This swimsuit is especially cool because you can legit wear it as a top with shorts on your way to the beach!

5. Hunza G – Solitare Belted Swimsuit ($170 on Farfetch)
I think everyone needs at least one red swimsuit. I am a huge believer that red is the one color that looks good on everyone and on any skin tone! This one piece is so pretty and I love the belt detail. I think the belt really accentuates your figure and highlights your silhouette!

6. Onia – Stella One-Shoulder Ruffle Swimsuit ($195 on Farfetch)
A black one piece is essential to any swimsuit lover! This one is so pretty as it is one shouldered. I also love the ruffles, I think they’re so trendy and so pretty.

7. Lygia & Nanny – Lido Bikini Top ($85 on Farfetch, now on sale for $43) + Lygia & Nanny – Lido Bikini Bottom ($102 on Farfetch, now on sale for $62)

This bikini is very simple but I absolutely love the print! It actually really reminds me of a collection Chanel released a couple of days ago. I think it is at a very good price now that it is on sale, so it is so worth it! I love the colors of this suit too!

8. Oseree – Lumiere One-shoulder Bikini ($202 on Farfetch)
I love this bikini because it’s so different from an average bikini. I think that first of all high-waisted bikini bottoms are so in this season and they’re so flattering! Once again, I love the one-shoulder detailing on bathing suits. But, I have to say my fav thing about this bikini is the shiny material. It’s so cool and in-trend!

9. Rochelle Sara – Kelsey Zip Detail Swimsuit ($351 on Farfetch, on sale for $246)
This is my favorite one-piece! I have been looking at it for over 6 months in my size, but I always fail to actually get it haha. It’s a true classic and essential, in my opinion. I think the zip detail is what brings something cool to the swimsuit. It totally gives me surfer girl and Baywatch vibes, which I love haha.

10. Zimmermann – Veneto the Bandeau Bikini ($303 on
Prints were a huge trend this year and its no exception for this summer! I absolutely adore this leopard print bikini with the cute detailing of black ribbons!

11. La Reveche – Amira One Piece ($190 on Farfetch)
La Revanche has been one of my favorite swimsuit brands since I discovered them almost a year ago. They have such detailed and high-quality pieces, this one is one of my favorites that they currently have. It also has an open back, which I think is so pretty on every one-piece. The ruffle detailing (like I said before) is so trendy and pretty! I also love this pale pink blush color.

12. Gucci – Sparkling Swimsuit with Gucci Print ($490 on Farfetch)
I love this bathing suit because of the Gucci word written across the front and the color of it. I think it is so trendy and pretty but also very simple!

13. Fendi – Reversible FF Logo Bikini ($490 on Farfetch)

This one is also very simple but so pretty, in my opinion. I am absolutely in love with Fendi’s print, and everyone is wearing it this season! The top is reversible, and you can wear it as a plain white bikini top! I love when bikinis are reversible because it’s like you’re buying two bikinis for the price of 1!

14. Zimmermann – Paisley Print Bikini Set ($313 on Farfetch)
I am absolutely in love with this bikini. It is such a girly girl bikini, and I love the Paisley print. The color is such a nice pinky-red, and I absolutely adore the shape of the bikini top with ruffles on the straps!

15. Lygia & Nanny – Hilo Bikini Set ($111 on Farfetch, now on sale for $89)
Last but definitely not least is this gorgeous Lygia & Nanny suit. As you can tell, I really like this brand. I think they make such original swimsuits! This bikini is so pretty because of its super cool print. I love the shape of the bottoms and the top as they are a little different to usual. The top looks more like a sports bra which I think is super cool and the bottoms have this pretty detail of the folding over at the top.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration. Don’t feel pressured to buy expensive bathing suits, just like I said I really like having at least one lovely swimsuit for summer. I’m sure you can find similar suits for cheaper. But, these are all super pretty if you want to splurge on your swimwear for this summer season!

My overall favorite swimsuits are 9 and 10! Which ones are your favs? Let me know in the comments down below!

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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