Hey guys! How’s it going? After a long debate on whether I should post my review of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ or the review on the newest season of Netflix’s biggest show, I ended up going with Stranger Things as it’s easiest for all of you guys to watch. I don’t know where in the world Spider-Man is out yet but Stranger Things S3 is out on Netflix everywhere so it’s a lot easier for everyone to access (at least I think so), so that’s why I chose to write this review for this post today. If you know anything about myself or my blog you should be aware that I post about/mention Stranger Things a lot! It’s truly been one of my favorite shows from the week it was released almost exactly three years ago! I can’t describe what it really makes this specific series my favorite but I guess I just adore the 80’s vibe and I tend to love sci-fi tv shows or films! I have been anticipating the release of season 3 for such a long time and I was so eager to discover where they would go with the show! If you have read one of my most recent posts you probably know I got the incredible opportunity to attend the premiere of the season where we were shown the 3 first episodes. The fact that I got to go to this premiere was completely unexpected and I’m still quite frankly daydreaming about it haha. You can click HERE to check out my full post about that and read on if you want my *spoiler free* thoughts about S3!




From the beginning of the season, you can clearly tell how much things changed compared to the last seasons. Some obvious things that have changed are: the kids are not kids anymore, Nancy and the other graduates now have jobs, etc.… You can definitely see a shift from the two first seasons but I love how evolved the new season is! I also like that it’s set in the Summer, this is one of my fav parts of the season! Again, that detail is very different from the other seasons that were all set during school trimesters. It made this one so much more fun, especially with the fact that it was released during the summer! Like they did for season 2 (set in October during Halloween) and was released at the same time. I really enjoy how they do this because it allows you to relate to the series even more! I had also seen so much advertising related to the 4th of July and expected for it to be a huge part of this season but to my surprise, it wasn’t. But it was beautifully done like the whole set, quite literally! Like the Duffer brothers mentioned at the premiere, Netflix built a mall as well a huge fair for the show! Everything in the design was gorgeous and truly made me think I was in the ’80s! They also included a lot of references to old movies such as “Back to the Future” and “Alien” + many more! I thought that was a nice touch! Speaking for 80’s the costumes were all great and especially Eleven’s outfits, it was different from what we had seen in S1 and 2! As always I adored the soundtrack and especially the ‘toned down’ version of “Heroes” by David Bowie at the end, it was so, so, so good!

They also presented a few new characters such as Robin. Her inclusion in the show somehow felt like she was already there all along! It felt really seamless and natural and brought up other characters that didn’t use to get as much screen time! We also got to see some sides of characters like Hopper which was also a big highlight from this season. But who I thought truly stole the show was the unlikely group of Erica, Dustin, Robin and Steve, all their scenes truly were the greatest! This season they also gave a lot of spotlight to female characters. Without spoiling too much: the women lead this season! Go, girls, hehe!!



This season has been by far the funniest so far, I laughed out loud alone in my room honestly more times than I can count haha. A lot happened this season and they managed to beautifully pull it all together which made the whole season feel like a very well directed long movie. Although it was different from what we had seen, as I previously mentioned, I love where they brought it! It also was the season the closest to something out of a Spielberg movie. But as much as I liked all the things and honestly all the episodes all-together I thought the two first ones were pretty slow. It was so much fun watching them at the premiere and definitely gave us a taste of what was coming next, but I feel like the first episodes of a new season should always be very big and pass very past for viewers. I just didn’t really feel like those two episodes did that! I also feel like they lost of bit of time showing things that ended up being irrelevant, again without spoiling too much haha.



Overall even though I saw some people not feeling the same this season might be my favorite one yet and I can’t wait to see where they decide to go next! I give this season a 9/10 as it was very close to perfection to me! I also highly recommend you watching until the very end for the end credit scene as I believe it’s super important for the continuation of the show.

Either way, that’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you agree with my points! Also, did you tune in on Netflix as fast as I did on July 4th? haha.

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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