Hey guys! How’s it going? Very recently, my mom Christine and I flew to Rome since we got invited by Fendi to attend the fashion show to none other than their latest collection. I can say that it was the absolute craziest trip! We flew in the same day of the show, aka July 4th! We actually flew in to Rome from Geneva the same day but we, fortunately, got enough time as the show to get ready as the show was at dawn!

We arrived in beautiful and super hot Rome after a short one and a half hour of flight and headed straight to the car that was waiting for us. The car was from Fendi (yep, I was pinching myself)! We quickly got to our hotel where we relaxed for a little bit as we both had a pretty sleepless night. After a little less than two hours of rest and getting my outfit ready for the show, I headed to my mom’s room where we both got our makeup and hair done! I went for something a lot like the braids I did for Coachella earlier this year! I went for three braids ending up in a high messy bun but used gold rings instead of silver ones! I actually didn’t plan on doing it prior, I simply realized I had the gold ones I ordered with the silver in my backpack, how lucky! Not only is it a pretty original hairstyle but it’s also so practical and gets your hair out of the way! My hairdresser also only actually spoke Italian which made it quite complicated to communicate the ideas we both had for the hairstyle but he beautifully made it happen! Then I went in for makeup and went for a natural glowy look with eyeliner. As soon as I was done I headed to my room where I put my outfit on, then I met up with my mom and we left! I wore a grey dress-shirt with lace at the bottom with a black velvet belt from Chanel. With that, I wore my Dr. Martens boots with my maxi “Fendi Roma Amor” clutch! I also wore a white diamond Fendi clip-on ear piercing that I got as a gift the brand as a gift! They also gave me another one is green which I was so beyond nice of them! 

Then we got in the car with our friends from the brand. We arrived a little later than planned since we literally bumped into Poutine (the Russian President) in a car and about a hundred police cars were stopping the traffic to escort him haha. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the ruins of the Palatine Hill which were right in front of the Colosseum! We arrived on the carpet, signed in at the “will call” and then got to the “Fendi” backdrop for the professional pictures. Soon after my mom and I took a couple pictures in front of the Colosseum we headed up the stairs, where the pre-show cocktail was held. I couldn’t stop using the ticket that was literally a hand fan (how original and useful)! It was perfect to keep me cool because it was so hot haha. As soon as we arrived upstairs I saw blogger and designer, Chiara Ferragni with husband and singer Fedez! We stayed around the cocktail area meeting up with people who work at Fendi and took a couple drinks. I still can’t get over the insane view of Rome we had! Soon after we were asked to get to our seats and I was shocked because the view was even prettier because we were sat even higher and the set up was absolutely stunning.


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.46.46Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.47.19

The Couture Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Fendi fashion show then started with oriental music as a background which made the atmosphere fade into something almost dream-like! All the outfits were very 70’s inspired with fascinating details in each piece! The looks were all also very transparent and a lot of the looks consisted of long beautiful light dresses. There were also a lot of elegant small clutches as well as maxi ones (like the one I wore!). All the looks looked very vintage and were all in very neutral/faded colors. You could also CLEARLY see all the (insane) work on the fur, it was very beautifully done (as usual) and I truly believe Fendi is the best brand today for fur and leather! The models then wrapped up the show by all walking together for the finale, you can check the video below to see it! Here are some of my favourite looks from the show. I choose some of the brightest, original and most vintage-modern looks.


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.47.37Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.47.51Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.48.07Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.48.17Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.48.24


As soon as the show was done we headed to the after-party! Before getting to the stairs I realized I saw a familiar face and well it was none other than ‘Euphoria’s and ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’s: Zendaya! I got the opportunity to talk to her for a bit about her most recent show, “Euphoria”. I was so happy that I had seen the show and was caught up on all the episodes so I could really talk to her about it! I also got to take a picture with her! She also happened to have temporary red hair which was so cool and she was truly so nice! We then started to walk a very rocky path to the temple of Venus and I realised why they had told us that no heels were allowed haha.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.48.40Once we got to the dinner we realized (for the hundredth time that evening haha, no but truly) just how fortunate we were to be there! It was gorgeous and crazy to be in such a wonderful historic place! We shortly headed to our seats where we had a great four course meal full of everything from veggies, to fish to the most amazing desserts! Right after the entry dish multiple people came to talk to the guests about Fendi and did a wonderful homage to Karl Lagerfeld. It was emotional and a truly special moment!


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 03.48.56

I decided to head back to the hotel right after the desert as I was beyond tired and still jet-lagged from my trip to Los Angeles. I also got unbelievably sick after getting back to the hotel which actually made me go back home to Geneva as I couldn’t have been able to go to see the showroom of the clothes the previous day. Although this trip pushed my body to its boundaries haha, I’m incredibly grateful I was feeling good at the event itself! I had the most wonderful time in Rome and this trip will be something I won’t ever forget, especially as it was with my mom!

Have you ever been to Rome? Also, let me know which look was your favourite of the ones I featured!

Lot’s of Love- as always,


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