Hey guys! How is it going? For today’s post, I wanted to share an OOTD I wore very recently! If you have been following up with my last couple of blog posts you should be aware that I was in the US for a couple weeks with my brother. At the end of the trip, we decided to wrap up all the fun with, well, even more, fun and go to Disneyland! It’s no secret that I’m a lover of theme parks so if I’m in town and haven’t been to a theme park in a while, that’s most likely where I will head next haha. I had already been to Disneyland with friends and family a couple of times but never with my brother, Yann, so I thought it would be perfect for the last days in Los Angeles!

I chose a pretty simple outfit for our day at the theme park. I went for a loose silk tank from American Vintage with baggy shorts from BDG and my favorite belt from Brandy Melville! With that, I also wore a leopard print backpack from the same brand and I added a pair of Converse. I had previously injured my foot at the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ premiere and decided to go for the comfiest shoes I had with me for that day. I also kept with a pretty simple look to match my Mickey ears haha! Throughout the day I wore my sparkly sunglasses from Saint Laurent as well.

We headed to Disney around 1/2PM and was expecting a 40-minute drive (as per usual) but we ended up staying two full hours in traffic. As soon as we arrived at the location, the machines of the park to buy tickets were down and so we ended up having to download the app to buy tickets (and to put it short the network at Disney isn’t great haha… so it took a long while). Once that was done and we got tickets to both parks, we decided to head to Disneyland Park first!

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We stayed for around two hours and had such a good time! This is why Disneyland has always been my favorite theme park because the ‘vibe’ is always happy and honestly magical no matter at what age. I first decided to go purchase a pair of ears and after a long and indecisive thought, I went for the glittery ones instead of the classic pair! After that, we went around the park, and slowly headed to Fantasyland where we did the Mad Tea Party aka the teacup ride! Right after that we decided to go for Mickey ‘sandwiches’ ice cream and headed to Tomorrowland. On our way there we stopped near the castle as the parade was starting. We decided to stay for a little while and then headed to Buzz Lightyear’s Astro blazers! It’s one of my favorite rides to do because everyone enjoys it and it’s ALWAYS fun. Right after that, we stayed around the park for a little more to enjoy some more cool vibes and some more rides!

Then we went to the California Adventure Park and bought the classic Disneyland Anaheim transparent mickey balloons! They’re the absolute prettiest and also had such a cute addition on pictures. I went for a rose pink balloon and my brother went for red! As soon as we made it into the Park Yann and I wanted to go to the Indredicoaster as it’s the only ride with a looping! It’s based on the second movie of ‘The Incredibles’ and is so fun; we even did it twice! A little tip: always go in the solo line, it’s SO MUCH faster (and leaves you with more time for more fun)! We stayed around the park for a little bit passing by ‘The Lion King’ shows… We both wanted to do the towel that has very recently been renovated. Unfortunately, the line was almost up to an hour and we both decided to do it when we next go to Paris (as we have fast passes there)! As we were starting to get a bit tired with the crazy previous days that we had we decided to get iced lattes, walk around a little more and ultimately head back.

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We had a super fun time at Disneyland and let’s be honest, when do you not have a good time there? It’s the happiest place on earth right?

Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you ever visited this park or any Disneyland!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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