Hey guys! How is it going? For today’s post, I’m going to share something I’m so excited about: my time attending my first TV Show premiere (and an absolutely insane after-party)! If you have been following me for a little while now, you should be aware that ‘Stranger Things’ is one of my all time favorite TV Shows, so you can probably guess my reaction when I learned that I was going to attend the premiere of season 3. I went with my brother and it’s safe to say we had an INCREDIBLE time. Either way, let’s head into how everything went down, shall we?

Ps; this post is completely spoiler-free!

On the morning of the event, my brother and I went to look for a bag to go with my outfit. Since the event was so last minute I had no outfit prepared and so I had no idea what to wear. But, luckily for me, during my last trip to Los Angeles, I had to leave the jacket I wore the premiere and other clothing items at the storage of the hotel because my suitcase was way too full back then! So, pretty much my entire outfit for this premiere was completed within the clothes I left in the box I had thankfully left at the hotel. The only piece I was missing was the bag, so as I said before we went shopping to find a bag to go with my look. So, I completely cracked and I bought myself the cutest Saint Laurent red bag to finish off the look, I’m such a shopaholic haha. After that, we went to have lunch and as soon as we got back to the hotel I started my makeup. I went for a simple makeup look, that included: a natural smokey eye with a shiny gloss. I then quickly went to the hairdresser where I cut my hair a bit and got a blow dry. As soon as I was done at the hairdresser I went back to the room and got changed.

I wore a Fendi x Fila cropped fringe leather jacket (that coincidentally matched perfectly with the 4th of July “Stranger Things” theme)! I then wore a simple satin black top from Beginning Boutique and black leather shorts from Saint Laurent. To complete the look I wore the comfiest open in the front black booties I had brought with me for dinners etc from Chanel with my new red and gold small leather Saint Laurent bag. My brother went for a black jacket and a white tee, with black, ripped jeans and white sneakers. As soon as we were done we met up with our friend in the lobby and left to the high school where the premiere took place!

We then arrived at Santa Monica High. We gave our names and they were led to a path full of cheerleaders wearing Hawkins uniforms greeting us! We shortly arrived at the school, which was completely decorated in “Hawkins High School” decorations and “Stranger Things” items. In front of the school was the will call where we redeemed our tickets! While walking around and taking a couple of pics I saw Anna Cathcart from Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. It was so cool to see her as I was obsessed with the movie and I always thought that the role was literally made for her! After that, we took a couple pictures in front of the huge “Stranger Things” sign and made our way inside! There was popcorn being handed out with the poster of the show on it as well as candy and all types of drinks. We took a couple snacks and drinks and then got to our seats. We were pretty close to the front which is always crazy at premieres! Not too long after we arrived Winona Ryder (Joyce) made her way to her seat in stopping along the way to talk to friends and cast members, as well as Joe Kerry (Steve in the show)! Natalia Dyer (Nancy) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) were also seated right next to us which was really cool. Then Caleb McLaughlin came, he spotted a lot of his friends and said hi to absolutely everyone in the crowd. Next came Dacre Montgomery who made his way in followed by Millie Bobby Brown. Millie arrived in a stunning pink fluffy dress. Then none-other than Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) came in moments later and made everyone laugh haha. Right before everything started Hayley Law (from “Riverdale”) arrived and sat right in front of us!

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Moments later Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer of the Netflix) came to talk about the series and how it has grown over the years compared to what it is now! He did a funny and emotional speech. Right after that, the Duffer Brothers did a little speech and then announced they would be showing two episodes! David Harbour (who I had also bumped into earlier) kept cheering as the show was starting and screaming “Let’s do this baby!”, which made the whole crowd laugh. The two episodes we saw were hilarious, a little different from previous seasons and a little unexpected! I truly can’t wait to see more and I was pinching myself the whole way through wondering if I was in a dream haha (no but really).

As soon as I thought the craziest part was over, we took the shuttle to the after party, which was held on the SANTA MONICA PIER! On the bus, a crew member told us that shuttle would bring people back (if they left cars at the school, etc) but only five hours later, which tells you how insane the after-party they made was! While on the bus we saw the Ferris wheel that said Stranger Things in red on it, which is awesome! As soon as we arrived we showed our bracelets and entered the biggest party! There was a huge sign saying “Fun Fair” just like on the 4th of July in the show! There was a big ballroom just like the Snowball on the left of that party and all the rides and games etc were on the right! We first decided to head to the play a bottle toss game: where you throw rings on bottles and hope they land on them. Every game was free which made them also so much cooler and most of the prizes were “Stranger Things” items! As we were wondering where to go next we saw Millie pass by with Noah Schnapp. Right after we went to the “Flash Studio” (where Eleven and Max go in S3). At the flash studio, my brother and I got a couple of shots and also got scared to death (check the video below to see that haha). For the photo-booth we added retro pieces to make our outfits more 80s, I choose a classic black bomber with strains of paint all of over it as well as neon purple glasses and I obviously had to go with the 4th of July signs as well haha. While waiting in the line I also saw Blake Jenner (from “The Edge of Seventeen”), which was super nice!

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As soon as that was over we decided to go to the Scoops Ahoy stand, as it was simply a must-do (and we were craving ice cream)! My brother and I went to “The Upside Down” which is an all double-chocolate ice cream stand and as good as you would expect it to be! Shortly after that, we saw Ashley Tisdale, which pretty much made my childhood dreams come true haha. While eating our ice creams and walking around we saw Angelina Jolie’s kids surrounded by many, many bodyguards as well as Hart Denton from Netflix’s “Riverdale”! Then we went inside to the ballroom to have a drink and had a big conversation about all our thoughts on the first two episodes which we couldn’t get over! After that, we passed by a pressed coins machine where I got a “One summer can change everything” little souvenir coin and my brother got one with eleven on it! After that, we went to the mirror maze, while in the queue we could see another game where if you throw the arrow a person falls in a small pool of water. While in the queue we actually saw the man falling once and he had the greatest spirit haha. We then shortly after went to the maze and it was so crazy! After walking in a room of mirrors for a good 2 minutes we got inside a red tube and then inside a dark room with holes in the walls! There were a couple other people putting their hands in the holes and they started screaming so I thought I would try it for myself haha. It was very slimy and so weird and I still have no idea what was in them haha. That was a crazy experience.

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Right after that we decided to go play another game and saw Jack Dylan Grazer (“Shazaam”, “It”) with Josh Ovalle and another friend of theirs on the way. I also, funnily enough, actually did a Skype call with Finn Wolfhard and Josh two years ago for a charity campaign! I wrote a blog post about it back then, link HERE to check it out.

Soon after playing a game we headed inside to the ballroom to get a drink. As soon as we walked in we noticed Millie dancing with her friends as well as Jaden Smith right next to her! We went to grab a drink and danced to the pop-electro background music! Not too long after Natalia Dyer came along as well as Lilly Singh! We stayed in the ballroom for about an hour of walking around, chatting and dancing!

Later we headed to take a couple pictures around all the photo walls and played a couple other games etc. There was also an actual “Hawkins” sign as well as four pics which was a bit like the official poster of the last “Stranger Things” season! Soon after that, we decided to leave since we had been there for a little while. On our way out we bumped into Sadie Sink (Max) which was also a really nice last encounter!

This will definitely be a night I will remember for the rest of my life since it was so magical and special! I’m absolutely beyond grateful I got to attend and am still in shock about how beautiful and crazy everything was. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and make sure to let me know what you think about the new series when it comes out!

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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  1. I saw the season 3 and it is amazing!! Basically I saw all the seasons a few days before and I think I am truly obsessed with this series!!!

      1. Can I get any contacts? I really wanna be on premier s4 of Stranger Things, this are my dreams🥰 and did you play in Stramger Things? If you did please tell me where do xou audicion for it❤

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