Hey guys! How are you all doing? For today’s post I am going to share none-other than my experience at the world premiere of the newest Spider-Man movie: ‘Far From Home’. The premiere took place in Los Angeles like most big Hollywood movies (and that’s no exception to Marvel haha). I was so glad to go to Los Angeles yet again as it is truly one of my favorite places and I always have so much fun every time I go! So you can imagine the blast my brother Yann, and I had while on our trip here and especially at the Spider-Man premiere!

My brother joined me in Los Angeles the night before and we went to sleep early to enjoy our next day to the fullest. In the morning my brother went to get a haircut and I decided to go and have breakfast! Straight after that, I got my hair and makeup was done which is always so enjoyable. I went for a side crease hairstyle with wavy hair and a small braid starting at the right side of my head then falling into all the loose hair! As for my outfit, I wore a Monique L’Huiller blue sparkly dress with stilettos. I wore my blue dress with multiple other shades of blue from my Jimmy Choo heels to a Kelly light blue Hermès bag (that my mom so nicely let me borrow for the event)!

As soon as I was ready a friend photographer of mine helped by coming to the hotel to take a couple shots of my look! Soon after we got the shots you will see below, we headed to the TCL Chinese Theater where the premiere took place! I had previously been there with my brother for the Aquaman premiere which was also an unforgettable evening!


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Dress from Monique L’Huiller with shoes from Jimmy Choo and “Kelly” bag from Hermès

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Once we arrived on Hollywood Boulevard we realized it was PACKED! We could barely move and had to get through as fast as we could to head to the will call and redeem our tickets. While walking through the full street of people we were literally being pushed in all directions because people were climbing on and holding onto windows. Everyone was trying to get a peek at the premiere but it just resulted in ultimate chaos. We were trying not to fall because it was SO packed and there was no space to walk. We still made it and even saw the red carpet were there was a huge Spider-Man!

As soon as we got to the entry we passed the security and the will call was right after that. We both got our tickets for the screening and after-party (I got a ticket with a picture of Zendaya on it and my brother got one with Tom haha). We waited a little bit and then slowly made our way in. We had to put our phones in sealed pockets and then headed to the bar where we got water and my brother got a hot dog haha. We waited for a little since there was a bit of time left before the screening so we chatted about ‘Homecoming’ (the previous film) and our excitement on seeing the new one! We then both took popcorn before heading in. There were multiple screening rooms and we were in auditorium number 6! Our seats were right in the middle of the room which was so nice, the seats were also SO incredibly comfy haha.


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TLC Chinese Theaters


Around 30 minutes later the screening started and don’t worry at all, I won’t spoil anything!! But wow, wow, wow. It was so good it honestly blew my expectations away! I didn’t think this movie would have this much of an impact on an MCU and definitely stay after the end credits! That’s all I’ll say about it until my review, stay tuned! 

Right after the film ended my brother and I was absolutely blown away by what we had just seen. We continued to talk about it while heading to the after party (and got our phones unsealed on the way there)! The after party was held quite literally in the middle of the street where the red carpet took place earlier that evening. We gave our tickets and then passed second security and we were in! The place was huge, it had: a bar, countless couches, fun photo opportunities, food, and many more cool things. We then bumped into Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Jake Gyllenhaal which was quite surreal. After that crazy encounter, my brother and I headed to get a drink, where I bumped into Kaitlin Dever (that I mostly adore from ‘Booksmart’). As we got our drinks Yann and I continued to walk around and dance to the great background music! Whilst making our way through the party we could see Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) as well as the director who is also ‘Happy’ in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Jon Favreau. My brother and I continued to talk about the movie and overall the future of MCU and how we thought it would all develop/continue! After that, we took a couple pictures and bumped into Storm Reid, who I’ve recently seen in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’. She looked stunning with bold metallic blue eyeliner! We stayed for 20-30 more minutes and then decided to call it a night! We exited by the nearest exit, I then straight away took my shoes off in relief as soon as we got in the car hahaha.


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All in all, I had so much fun and the movie was incredible! My brother and I are both beyond grateful to have gotten the opportunity to go and I absolutely can’t wait to share more in my (spoiler-free) review about the film.

Are you planning on seeing ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ as soon as it hits theaters? I personally think I will go watch it again in theaters! Let me know what you think if you do!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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  1. Ah you didn’t stay very long at the after party! Was it quite boring? And did you spot tom or zendaya at any point? Love your blog!

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