Hey guys! How’s it going? If you have been on the internet or walked outside of your house, you may be aware that Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ just came out in theaters. As soon as I saw the trailer I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to see it! But before the movie reached cinemas I was very fortunate to get invited to the premiere in Los Angeles, with my dad! Not only was it crazy to attend a Tarantino movie premiere but it was my first time attending such a big event with my dad! It’s safe to say that we had an incredible time especially with the crazy after-party that took place at the Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood. But before I head into all the details let me quickly break down the morning prior to going to the event!

My dad and I started the day by going to have breakfast! Whilst enjoying my Nutella pancakes my dad and I discussed many things including his bridge competition that was taking place the next day in Las Vegas! We stayed at breakfast for an hour and then I headed to my room where I got my hair beautifully done by Jessica Eve (@glamonlodaily on Instagram). I went for a simple hairstyle as my outfit was filled with colors and sparkles. In the end, I decided to do a sleek high ponytail! Then I joined my dad for a little bit and we both went to get dressed so we could head to the TCL Chinese Theaters! The dress I wore was from Miu Miu, the shoes were from Christian Louboutin (and were super comfortable, unlike most of their shoes) and finally, I finished off the look with a black small studded bag from Fendi! I also took my Saint Laurent biker jacket to add a “rocker” vibe aspect to the look and to ensure I wouldn’t get sicker because of the air conditioning haha.


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Dress from Miu Miu, bag from Fendi and shoes from Christian Louboutin


We left the hotel around 5:50 and arrived thirty-something minutes later! As soon as we made it to Hollywood Boulevard we headed straight to the TCL Chinese Theater by foot (since all the roads were closed down for the premiere’s red carpet). Around 15-20 minutes later we arrived, yes there were that many people and it was impossible to walk haha. But we had a really nice view on the carpet while Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the cast were arriving!

Once we got to the theater we had to show our invitation/give your name and then went through security. Right after we went to the will call where we got our postal card inspired after-party passes and ‘vintage’ inspired tickets to the movie screening! As we were about to head up to go to the auditorium 9 we saw Britney Spears walk right past us, which was super cool and kind of unexpected haha. Right after that,t we took an escalator to go up and we arrived in the hall where we showed our tickets and were greeted by staff members offering us pretty much anything from popcorn to candy to water and Coca-Cola, etc!


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The entrance to the theater was decorated with movie posters from Rick Dalton (he’s an actor in the film), as well as an enormous ‘Time’ magazine cover filled with short positive reviews that were written about the film along with many other posters. We stayed around for a little bit and then decided to head into the actual theater. We had to pass through another short security and then were lead to our seats, which were right in the middle and were so comfy! As soon as we got seated David Dobrik sat quite literally on the seat right in front of me. However, he later realized, when a woman arrived at that seat claiming it was hers, that he had sat in the wrong one haha (he was approximately 10 rows further). Anyways, my dad and I then talked a bit about how all of this was and how excited we were to be watching the film!

Moments later the movie started and to put it short: there’s A LOT to be said about it. I wanted to quickly put some of my thoughts on here before posting my full review! First of all, both DiCaprio and Pitt are incredible in the movie, truly. Although Rick Dalton (Leonardo) is the lead it still feels like Cliff Booth (Brad) is the shining star in it! To me, Pitt was one of the best parts of the film and not only him but the acting, in general, was truly special. I enjoyed a lot of parts but altogether the movie felt like it was missing something, even though I never got bored. I also overall wasn’t a fan of how Sharon Tate (since she is a real person) was portrayed as well as all women in it quite frankly. I love the idea that Tarantino chose for his 9th film but I simply don’t quite agree with most of the decisions he made. But I would still overall recommend watching it to most people. It also happens to be Luke Perry’s final film, which he was apparently really excited about and I wish they would’ve put a little something at the end for him. Anyways, watching the movie at the premiere was still a great experience which I thoroughly enjoyed!

After the movie ended we headed to the after-party that was right around the corner, at the Roosevelt hotel. We arrived pretty fast,  showed our tickets and arrived in a huge room with film posters from Rick Dalton’s career alongside food and much more. As we were walking around I saw Greg Nicotero (the special effects artist from “The Walking Dead”), that was super cool! My dad and I then went to the bar where we took water and then headed to the other sections of the party that was downstairs! The whole party was huge and the background music was absolutely on point. There was even a pool at the party with Rick’s pool chair in the film next to it haha. They even made a huge ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ sign which was so pretty!


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I quickly bumped into “Euphoria”s Sydney Sweeney (who also played a minor role in this film), she was wearing a gorgeous pink gown as well as a sleek low-ponytail. I adored her outfit for the event! We also happened to see Brad Pitt, which is always cool haha. My dad and I also decided to go to the photo booth they had which was super fun and was Western-themed like Dalton’s movie he was working on in the film. Shortly after I bumped into Maya Hawke (Robin in “Stranger Things”), she also plays a minor role in this film and also happens to be Uma Thurman’s and Ethan Hawke’s daughter. After all the celeb encounters we decided to head back to the bar where I took water again and my dad got something to eat. Around an hour later of my dad and I talking about our thoughts on the film etc we decided to leave. That’s when I bumped into Snoop Dogg, who was beyond nice as well as Chris Hemsworth with his wife, Elsa Pataki!

It was truly an amazing experience and so much fun to attend a premiere with my dad, especially for Quarantino’s 9th film! But either way, have you seen the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ yet? If so what did you think of it? Make sure to let me know down in the comments below!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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