Hey guys! How’s, is it going? For today’s post, I wanted to share something that I have been trying to post for a while, but since my phone fell in the pool in Mykonos (like I mentioned in previous posts), it was a bit of a struggle. Luckily I successfully got all my content back without doing much (thank god for Apple haha)! But either way, for this post I will be including multiple-day, beach and evening outfits that I wore over the course of three days while in Mykonos with friends a couple of weeks ago! I had the most lovely time in Greece from going to the beach to cute walk paths in the city, amazing restaurants, and much much more. Now let’s get into the outfits and what I did that day, shall we?


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On Friday we all decided to go to the beach and head to Scorpios (a beach club/restaurant). We stayed there with my mom and friends and enjoyed the beach for a little while before eventually heading to the restaurant! We ate everything from fresh Greek salads to tuna tartare etc.! It was so simple yet fresh and well, so good! I wore a one-sided, one-piece Revêche floral swimsuit with my favorite pair of denim ripped shorts from Urban Outfitters. To complete the look I wore my black espadrilles from Saint Laurent as well as my half plexiglass half leather pink backpack! To add a bit of detail to the look, I wore my Western belt from Brandy Melville that always adds the extra spark of detail to make your look pop as well as a simple white scrunchie from the same brand. After leaving the beach, we decided to go back to the villa where we all worked on personal things and rested from the burning sun for a little bit. Then we went to town, which was situated very close to our villa, and was so beyond practical! I changed my one-piece for a simple white top from Brandy Melville and opted for more ‘city-style’ shoes, which are my Dr. Martens! I wore my transparent grey Chanel ‘Boyfriend bag’ with it and decided to call it a look. We walked around in town and stopped at a couple of small very cute little shops! We stayed in the center for a little while before heading back to the villa where I changed, yet again, to go to dinner! We decided to go to Greece’s ‘Hakkasan’ (which is a famous modern Chinese cuisine restaurant chain), “Ling Ling” for dinner. We had a couple of really good dishes from sweet and salty salads to all types of different dumplings! I decided to go for a Green dress for that night from ‘De La Vali’ that I wore with platform Dr. Martens and the same gray transparent Boyfriend bag.


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Today we were supposed to go on a Yacht for a couple of hours, but due to technical difficulties, it was moved to the day after. I had planned my outfit accordingly but then decided to wear it to town instead! I wore a vintage Chanel one-piece swimsuit with a white cropped shirt from the same brand, as well as black leather shorts from Saint Laurent. I wore this look with the black espadrilles I put the previous day as well as the pink Chanel backpack and Saint Laurent heart sunglasses to add an even more of an 70’s vibe. While in town we decided to walk around and we stopped at countless little food stands, trying a bit of everything from churros to crepes! Everyone there was so incredibly nice and friendly! We walked around for most of the afternoon and then went back to the villa to enjoy the pool. We then headed to the 180 Sunset Bar early evening where we enjoyed the sunset with an insane view on Mykonos while eating! For dinner I wore a Banana Leaf print set from Revolve, I love this two-piece because it is so put together but so comfy. With the set, I wore a black Fendi clutch with colorful suds showing the name of the brand as well as my classic all-time fav Dr. Martens boots. I was also so glad I wore pants it got quite windy and cold as soon as the sunset, they also had the warmest blankets, so it wasn’t too bad haha. 


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On Sunday (and my last full day in Mykonos) we went on a Yacht. We were driven around the island of Mykonos and it was such a fun experience! We ate a bit onboard and had the prettiest view on local beaches. We also stopped multiples times to swim, which was so nice. I also terribly wanted to scuba-dive, but if you love dives like me, you must know you can’t dive ~24 hours before flying. The water was still incredibly clear and so refreshing, I also went down a bit further down countless times in the sea haha. For the more ‘relaxing’ day, I wore a red shirt from Sabo Skirt with my leather shorts from Saint Laurent, as well as the ‘Palm Springs’ mini backpack from Louis Vuitton and obviously my favorite comfy black YSL espadrilles. I wore my vintage Chanel swimsuit underneath and brought my leather jacket as well since it knew it would get extremely windy at times! The boat dropped us off at 4pm, and we headed back to the villa where I quickly took a shower and got ready to leave to the airport to take my flight to Los Angeles!

It’s the first time in my life I have had the opportunity to travel with so many friends to another country, and it was honestly better than words can explain. I stayed for a total of five days, which went by so incredibly fast and I can’t wait to potentially do it again next year! I love everything about Greece from the beautiful landscapes to the great food, but as long as you travel with a good group of people you always have fun, right?

I would also like to apologize for the big massive delay for this post, due to my phone falling in the pool near the end of the trip!

Have you ever been to Greece? Also, which one of my outfits do you think you would wear? Let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your day/night!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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