What to stream during quarantine – 15 Best movies of 2019

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well and are safe (and at home). For today’s post, I wanted to inspire you with ideas for what to stream next while in quarantine. So here is my list of 15 favorite films from 2019! There are movies of all genres: from horror to romance to even musicals and especially science-fiction. So hopefully, they’ll be a movie on this list for everyone. It was tough to rank all of them. But, after finally having made up my mind, here’s my ranking, from least to most liked, movies of 2019!

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Synopsis: ‘It’ returns to Derry 27 years later, and the Losers must once again team up and beat It once and for all.

Starting off with the sequel to ‘It’, I loved chapter one and was really excited to see the second film-screen but ended up being a bit disappointed. But, I still thought they did a great job with the cast, who looked exactly like the adult version of the kids in the first film. The sequel was also very original (especially during that Chinese restaurant scene). But, I felt like the characters were too often on their own, and we didn’t get the group spirit we got in the first film. I still recommend seeing it if you have seen the first!

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Synopsis: In this sequel, the members of Monarch have to rely on Godzilla and Mothra to defeat King Ghidorah and Rodan!

This is another film that I was highly anticipating on seeing. The visuals were beautiful, and the action was full-on for practically the entirety of the movie! The cast was also great, and so was the soundtrack!

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Synopsis: This Oscar-winning movie touches on the subject of Class divisions by comparing the Park family and the Kim clan.

Onto ‘Parasite,’ which has seemed to be appreciated by everyone! I saw it recently, not really knowing anything about the plot and (obviously) ended up liking it. But not quite as much as everyone. It was amazingly well directed, the actors were incredible, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the ‘average’ movie. But, I didn’t completely feel that it deserved the best pictures Oscars win (but I am still beyond happy a foreign film finally won)! I still think it’s definitely a must-see.

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Synopsis: This is the sequel of Frozen, possibly the most famous Disney movie. Frozen 2 focuses on Elsa’s journey of self-discovery with her travelling outside her kingdom!

I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to seeing this film (just because I’m not 10 years old anymore, haha), but I ended up watching it either way, and it honestly didn’t disappoint! They beautifully developed the story in an unpredictable way, and they added a cute new main character along the way! Some of the songs from the soundtrack are great too! Honestly did make me feel like I was 10 again, and I loved it!

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Synopsis: This is the newest and 9th movie by famous director: Quentin Tarantino! The film follows 2 characters in the 60s, one of which is an actor and the other is his stunt double. The story follows their journey in trying to become successful in Hollywood and the new relationships formed with the actor’s famous neighbors.

I had the insane privilege of going to see this film at the premiere in Los Angeles first hand, and I truly liked it, but it’s only when I saw it recently again that I ended up loving it. The only thing is I thought that there weren’t enough scenes of Sharon Tate (the actors neighbor played by Margot Robbie). But, apparently, Tarantino actually ended up adding new scenes with Robbie in the now released version. It’s still a long and quite slow film, but the amazing acting, set and soundtrack fully supports it! It’s a great film with truly incredible acting. I especially thought Brad Pitt was great as well, Margaret Qualley, they truly stood out! It’s still one of my favorite films of 2019 and recommend it if you want to go on a trip to the 60’s or like great acting!

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Synopsis: Two academic overachievers decide to ‘let loose’ for one night in hope of making up for all the moments they missed out on.

This is Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut film, ‘Booksmart’! I was so eager to go and see this comedy, and it ended up being my favorite one that has come out in a while! Denver (Amy) and Feldstein (Molly) have a great on-screen bond and entertain you all throughout their crazy graduation eve adventure. ‘Booksmart’ is a fun movie about friendship in high school, and it is one of the best ‘teen movies’ I’ve seen in a long time. 

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Synopsis: This movie is about six people who are all very different that  participate in an escape room competition to win 10,000$. But, things change when they become in horrible circumstances.

Onto ‘Escape room’! I saw it a while ago, again without knowing much about it, and ended up absolutely loving it. I thought it was different from other movies coming out right now and was highly underrated. I love Psychological thrillers/horrors, and I thought this one is one of the best that has been released in a while.

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Synopsis: A director and his wife, who is an actress, struggle through a divorce that pushes them to extremes.

Although a bit slow, I thought ‘Marriage Story’ showed how beautiful and fun mariage can be and how unsettling and hard divorce is (as it puts one person against the other). The movie also shows that even after divorce, there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Both Johansson and Driver did a wonderful job, and I couldn’t think of anyone who would’ve done a better job at playing Nicole and Charlie!

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Synopsis: Alita is a cyborg that is revived by a doctor. The doctor realises that she actually has the soul of a teenager, so she then sets out to learn about the past and to find her identity.

James Cameron brought us to a futuristic and amazing new world with ‘Alita: Battle Angel’. It was very refreshing to see a badass female lead in an action superhero-like movie, which we didn’t get a lot of last year apart from ‘Captain Marvel’! I also loved that she was a cyborg! The visuals in this film were incredible and don’t even get me started with the CGI, it was truly some of the best I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend this movie if you want to watch a fun action filled movie!

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Synopsis: Aladdin is a poor man who, by chance, meets Princess Jasmine. She invites him to visit her palace, where he finds a magic lamp that releases a genie. Aladdin and the genie become friends, and they try to overthrow Jafar, who wants to destroy Jasmine’s kingdom.

I couldn’t wait for the adaptation of this Disney classic – and I wasn’t disappointed in the least! I loved the fact that they slightly changed the story, which made the film even greater than it already was. It’s a bright and colorful (and full of music) two hour trip to Agrabah! One of the best family-friendly movies of the year, highly recommended.

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Synopsis: This movie is a creative biography of Elton John. Reginald (stage name: Elton John) begins to perform rock music at local pubs after finishing school. He then meets John Reid, a music manager, who helps him rise to fame, but who also creates a lot of chaos in his life.

Onto the musical that brought us the life story of Sir Elton John! I got the amazing opportunity of going to see this film prior to the public last year, and I had the most wonderful time. I thought Taron did an impeccable job, not only with the acting but with the singing as well. The story was well told, poignant, and truly beautiful! If you are a fan of Elton or love musicals, this one’s for you!

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Synopsis: This is the story of Arthur, a man neglected and bullied by society, and how he starts to become more and more insane the more he is disregarded. Until he eventually transforms into the Joker. We get to understand the psychological disturbances that created this famous character.

Onto the exceptional film that came out last year: ‘Joker’. I really enjoyed many aspects of the movie like the set that truly brings you back to that era, the out of this world acting (particularly Phoenix, obviously) and other original decisions they took! But I overall thought it was a bit overrated (especially compared to other great films that came out that year).  But it is Joker’s stand-alone film, so it’s completely understandable- and this a fantastic movie!

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Synopsis: Spider-Man, who is Peter Parker has to deal with four destructive monsters made from the elements while on a school holiday in Europe. He then receives help from Mysterio, who is another superhero but is very suspicious.

In 3rd place, I had to put ‘Far From Home’ as I was so pleasantly surprised by it! It’s funny, visually beautiful, and has an incredible cast! The movie was not foreseeable at all, and it kept coming at you with new surprises (which isn’t the case with a lot of superhero movies). It was so creative and by far one of my favorite films of the year, and just thinking about it actually makes me want to see it again, haha.

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Synopsis: Harlan Thrombey dies unexpectedly, and no one knows how. Detective Benoit Blanc knows that it has to be someone within his family, so he interviews each one until he reaches the truth. This movie feels as if it will be predictable, but, in fact, the events that take place are entirely unexpected.

I knew I had to go see this film as soon as I saw the cast and that it was a mystery! It had been a while since I had seen a movie that surprised me, a lot. The plot was so well crafted, and it was overall such a fun movie to watch, although (arguably) a bit slow! I highly recommend this one if you like crime films/dramas.


Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 06.26.16avengers-endgame-battle-1572596584

Synopsis: After Thanos, an extremely powerful creature, makes half of the universe disappear, the Avengers must reunite to restore the universe as it once was. This is an incredible movie that is so uplifting as every superhero joins together in unity. It also has a beautiful ending.

And in 1st place, I had to put ‘Endgame’ as it simply had it all. From a funny script (and some most likely improved scenes), crazy CGI, fantastic acting, and soundtrack! After 10 years and countless films and sequels, we got ‘Endgame’, which links the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe together, and I personally wasn’t disappointed! Without spoiling anything, it was emotional to watch and even brought me to full-on tears at the premiere, haha. I think that they took the best decision storyline-wise. I highly recommend it if you didn’t get to watch it yet, by far the best family-friendly movie of 2019!

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That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this ranking of my favorite movies from last year! I also quickly wanted to mention I couldn’t watch ‘1917’ (a film about World War I which looks like it’s been filmed in one shot) or ‘Jumanji: Next Level’-but heard great reviews about them! So I don’t know if they would have been on my list, but I understand if they would have been on yours!

Let me know what your favorite movies from last year are and if we share some!

I hope you all especially take care of yourselves during this strange time and those around you. Stay home and stay safe. Until next time x

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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