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Hey guys! How’s it going? I’m back with another post! I wanted to share a five-day lookbook from my Winter vacation in the Maldives (as you might have read in my previous when I talked about ‘Ole Henriksen’’s products)! I had the absolute best time with my brother and mom, and it truly was the best Christmas gift I could’ve hoped for! We stayed at the St. Regis hotel, which is located on Vommuli Island, and we had the greatest time on our week of vacation there. As well as the look-book), I will share some of my beauty essentials that I love having with me on-the-go at the end of the post. Either way, let’s get onto the outfits, shall we?

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 18.12.012On day one, we didn’t have great weather, but we still enjoyed our day to the fullest, going to the beach, snorkeling, and going to the gym. I wore a beige silk top from ‘Revolve’ with black shorts from ‘Levi’s’ with a backpack from Chanel (vintage bought on ‘Treasures of NYC’) and sandals from the same brand. To finish the outfit, I parted my hair and did a half ponytail using a small matching (my top) silk scrunchie from ‘slip’! As for the swimsuit, that day, I wore a Chanel vintage bodysuit.

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 18.12.0734On our second day on the island, I wore an off-the-shoulder top from ‘House of Harlow 1960’ (bought on ‘Revolve’) with white shorts from ‘Hollister’ and western belt from ‘Brandy Melville.’ My black sandals are from Saint Laurent, and my white beach bag is from ‘Prada’! As for the large hat, it comes from ‘LSpace’ (bought on ‘Revolve’), and my swimsuit comes from ‘Jade Swim’ (Tether Swimsuit in the shade ‘Neutrals’). For dinner, we all went to the Asian restaurant on the island, which was delicious and beautiful with all the decorations! For the “island” night look, I wore a ‘Joah Brown’ white cropped top with light green shorts from ‘Heatloom’ with black sandals and a bag from Saint Laurent (that I wore with a low ponytail).

We started our third vacation day with a lot of watersport activities and enjoyed all the good weather we got! I wore a ‘Zimmermann’ t-shirt with baggy blue shorts from Levi’s and nude sandals from Chanel. I finished the look with my simple white and nude practical beach bag and Saint Laurent silver heart-shaped sunnies. For the rest (and most part) of the day, I wore a swimsuit from ‘Oye swimwear’ and a top from ‘Solid and Striped’! It’s my favorite ensemble to wear in the water, and they look like they were made to be worn together (and also prevents sunburns on the shoulder, which is always a plus haha).

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 18.12.2778
Halfway through the trip, my mom and I decided to go matching on Christmas Eve with our beige Gucci jumpsuits! I matched it with my heart-shaped sunglasses from Saint Laurent and black sandals from Chanel. Underneath, I wore my ‘Caroline Constas’ ‘Delfina stretch-Lurex’ sparkling swimsuit (in the shade ‘Blue’)! As for the Christmas Eve dinner I wore more of a “romantic” look with my ‘For Love & Lemons’ top and dark ‘Hollister’ ripped jeans. To keep it ‘island style’ I wore my Saint Laurent sandals with it and my small bag from the same brand (where I pretty much only kept my lip balm haha). I decided to go with a low, messy ponytail again as it’s so cute and an easy style to do!

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 18.12.36910
And finally, the last outfit from the Maldivian look-book – I wore a beige top from ‘Privacy Please’ and my favorite pair of shorts from ‘Levi’s’ (‘ribcage’ shorts). To complete the look, I wore green sandals from Chanel with a vintage backpack from the same brand (but bought on ‘Treasures of NYC’). I also wore vintage Chanel sunglasses (bought on a vintage clothes website, ‘Le Cycer’). As for the swimsuit, I decided to go sparkle-style again with a silver set from ‘Oséree’! For the evening look, I wore a ‘Nanushka’ vegan leather cropped top with my ‘Brandy Melville’ belt and dark oversized ‘Levi’s’ shorts. To add an edgier touch and make sure I’m not cold with the wind, I brought a vintage Chanel bomber jacket (that I got on ‘Treasures of NYC’) and wore my sandals from the same brand.

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 19.13.44
Now onto my beauty essentials! As I previously mentioned, I would include some of my favorite products to travel with. I realized it had been a while since my last essentials post and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to incl.ude them




Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 19.21.43
1. La Mer – the body creme
The body cream has become one of my absolute essentials on-the-go, especially when I’m headed to warm destinations! Recently I bought this one, and it’s become one of my favorites, I highly recommend it (it is also available in a smaller size, which is more practical).

2. Ole Henriksen- Truth Serum
Onto the Truth Serum! If you’ve read my latest review about Ole H,Henriksen you should know that I am utterly obsessed with this serum. It is easy to grab for on the go and absorbs super quickly into the skin and leaves you with a glowy finish ready for a moisturizer (and makeup)!

3. Moroccanoil – Moroccanoil Treatment (for all hair types)
I couldn’t imagine myself traveling without hair oil, it’s my number one hair essential, and I recommend it for all hair types (especially if you’re headed to a warm destination – which can really damage hair with salt water and the sun). I use it after my shower once my hair is damp. A little bit every morning results in glowy nourished hair!

4. Florence by Mills – Swimming Under the Eyes Patches
Another big essential of mine is under-eye patches (which all my family and friends always end up using as well, haha). Florence by Mills (Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown’s brand) released these ones, and I can’t stop myself from using them all the time! They have more produce than eye patches of most, brands which leave the patches always wet and ready to use (even up to two months after opening), which isn’t the case with most brands I have tried in the past! I also recommend buying a pack (like this one) with multiple ones inside, rather than individual patches as it’s more cost-effective and is just as good! The whole shape of the pads is also super cute!

5. Fresh – Rose Face Mask
When I leave on a trip for a long time, I like to have two masks with me (hydrating and purifying), this one (the hydrating one) is a must-have. You can leave it in at night to wake up to perfectly hydrated and nourished skin, or leave it on for 15-20 minutes anytime during your day for a boost of hydration.

6. Tatcha – Camellia beauty oil
I love beauty oils as there are so many ways of using them, but I prefer this one for my skin and use it as a moisturizer. If I’m out for a weekend, I will also use this one as my hair oil (but overall prefer other more nourishing ones for regular usage).

7.  Tata Harper – Clarifying Mask
As I previously mentioned, when I leave on a long trip, I love taking two different masks with me (clarifying or purifying and a hydrating one). This time I took a clarifying mask from Tata Harper that I’m obsessed requires! Whenever my skin breaks out or is in need of a little cleanse, I put it on for around 10 minutes and take it off right before it dries (to avoid getting dry skin), and it always works wonders! It’s been one of my favorite masks ever since I tried it, and I especially like this brand as all their products are 100% organic!

8. Leonor Greyl – Nourishing hair mask (for all hair types)
Especially when heading to warm destinations, hair masks are essential! Whether you use it at night and rinse it off in the morning, during your shower, or you leave it on for a couple hours and directly head to the beach, it makes a visual difference on your hair (and avoids drying them out).

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 19.21.57
9. Laneige – Lip Glowy Balm (in the shade ‘Berry’)
Ever since I tried Laneige’s lip sleeping mask (that I used all the time even during the day) I hoped they would come out with a more practical one for daily usage! So I’ll let you guess my reaction when they came out with their fruit glowy balms collection! I went for the shade ‘Berry’, which is the most similar color to their lip mask that I love. It’s my number one winter essential, and it helps so much with dry lips (especially with the London weather)! I constantly have one on me, and I highly recommend you doing the same! They’re super hydrating and leave you with a natural lip color.

10.  Glossier – Boybrow (in the shade ‘Clear’)
My second makeup essential is Glossier’s ‘Boybrow,’ I got mine in the shade ‘clear’, which is originally white and then dries down to be transparent! They have multiple shades but I ultimately decided to get this one as my brows are already quite dark, just to put them in place, so they don’t move!

11.  BECCA – Shimmering pressed highlighter (in the shade ‘Moonstone’)
Onto my last essential, to finish the look, I always love to add a little bit of highlighter (and I love this one) which gives a healthier-looking skin! I put a bit my cheekbones, brow bone, and a touch on my top lip to make it pop.


These are my essentials to keep it simple while still having a healthy glowy looking skin wherever you go! I hope you enjoyed this post and the lookbook.

Have you ever tried any of my essentials on-the-go? If you did, let me know down in the comments and tell me if you liked it as much as I did! Let me know which outfit was your fav too!


Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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