Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s post, I’m reviewing Olé Henriksen products. This is a Danish brand I’ve heard a lot of great feedback about (and wanted to check out myself)! I only ever saw the brand in Sephora in the U.S but to my surprise, I was able to find it at some selected Boots stores in the U.K and with not such a limited selection of items! I tried a couple of products from every five collections (Truth: dryness and dullness, Nurture: for sensitive skins, Transform: uneven texture and tone, Balance: oily and problematic skins and finally Transform Plus that focuses on anti-aging)! I tried to focus on the products that my skin needed the most and none of the products left me with a bad impression! I especially love Ole’s brand as they have a lot of good package deals with all their greatest products (which is the perfect thing to go for if you want to try them out without putting your entire wallet in the commitment). I have been trying out the brand for almost a whole month now and I can’t wait to share about all my thoughts about it! Either way, let’s head onto the products, shall we?

P.S. Prices shown are from the Ole Henriksen official website which only ships in the U.S, therefore shipping is not included.

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Let’s Get Luminous™️ Brightening Vitamin C Essentials Set (‘Truth’ collection set) – $38.00 ($75.00 value)
Starting with the ‘Let’s Get Luminous’ set that’s filled with all the products I wanted to try out the most: the C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme, Banana Eye Cream and the Truth Serum (with I especially wanted to try out)! The ’Truth’ aka orange line is full of Vitamin C and is focused on giving you brighter and healthier-looking skin (helping with dullness and fitness as well). I also put the price of each individual item in case you would be interested in buying one of them individually!

– Truth Serum -$12.00 – $128.00 (price varies with size)
The Truth Serum is a super serum filled with all your daily skin essentials! It’s filled with 5 different types of Vitamins, that boost your collagen, brightens the look of the skin, hydrates and much more! I love this product as it gives an extra layer of hydration and makes the truly perfect combo with any moisturizer! It’s the only product out of the ones I tried in this post that I will keep on repurchasing and using on a daily or very regularly. I highly recommend it!

– C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème – $12-$46

I was hesitant between trying out this one and the Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer. I ended up choosing this one as it had been a while since I tried gel creams and they almost never disappoint! This one feels fresh and like the Truth, Serum gets absorbed really fast onto the skin which is the best, especially when you want to apply makeup shortly after.

– Banana Bright Eye Crème $12.00 – $39.00
Finally, onto the eye cream, I’ve been obsessed with this practically sized eye cream (as it comes in a small format, the best to travel and carry around in your bag). I wore it quite literally all the time while on my makeup-free trip to the Maldives. The cream was still slightly too light in my opinion as it’s consistency is different from the way I usually like it (as I usually wear a thick layer of cream at night) but it was still perfect for day wear!

Truth™️ On The Glow Cleansing Cloths – $5 (10 wipes) – $15.00 (30 wipes)
The first product I tried from Ole were these wipes a Sephora helper told me we’re packed with Vitamin C and Jojoba Seed oil that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. I ended up going for these cleansing makeup removal ones instead of the classic Sephora brand ones and it made me want to try out their products even more! It’s an upgrade to any other wipes I’ve tried before, they aren’t harsh whatsoever and leave you with the best nourished and glowing, clean skin. I highly recommend them if other wipes tend to be too severe on your skin or you want ones with more hydration!

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Wonderful Double Cleanser (from the ‘Nurture’ collection) –  $32.00 now $20.00 (comes with a complexion cloth that helps remove the product)
Onto the cleanser that I also couldn’t wait to try out! I usually go for gels as I love the texture and they’re very easy to remove, but I went for this one as I hadn’t tried a hydrating cleanser (cold cream) in a while and it truly didn’t disappoint! Although it is harder to remove than most cleansers (hence the complexion cloth that comes with it) I still loved it. I liked it because it is highly nourishing and very gentle on the skin. I’m really glad this was the product I chose to try out from the ‘Nurture’ collection as it started making big changes on my skin after only a short while of usage! It leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean, soft and very hydrated, ready for a serum or moisturizer directly after! It’s definitely a product I will purchase again in the future and use in the fall and winter (as I get more sensitive skin around that time) but after trying out Ole’s new Truth Juice Cleanser I think I prefer that one (I will most likely do another post reviewing more products).

Pore-Balance™️ Facial Sauna Scrub (from the ‘Balance’ collection) – $28.00
I’m utterly obsessed with this scrub, from it’s quite gentle yet very effective exfoliation to the warm effect it gives your skin as soon as it is in contact with water! I truly haven’t ever tried any scrubs like it and I love it. This scrub’s overall main perks are that it deeply purifies, controls oil and reduces the look of pores and I noticed that in the long run it also made me break out less! It is not my all-time favorite and you could find a great one for cheaper but it’s still good quality/price in my opinion and I recommend it for any skin types.

Cold Plunge Pore Mask (from the ‘Balance’ collection) – $36.00
Onto the only mask of this post, the ‘Cold Plunge’ made the best impression and I’ll keep using it often until I finish the tube but will most likely not repurchase any time soon. It’s a truly great product but I have tried many other purifying masks that are just as good or better for way less money.


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A.S.A.P (As Smooth As Possible) Age-Fighting Set




A.S.A.P. (As Smooth As Possible) Age-Fighting Set (from the ‘Transform’ and ‘Transform Plus’ collection) – $56.00 ($80.00 value)
The A.S.A.P Set was the perfect box filled with all the great ‘Transform’ and ‘Transform Plus’ collection products at a reasonably good price. I’ve tried night creams a couple of times in my life but I’ve never found myself purchasing them again as it’s way simpler to use a good hydrating cream that works for both day and night. But I felt like trying out a new one to see if my opinion on them would change! This one came with a toner as well as a night serum to wear before the moisturizer as well. I ended up liking it but I think that I have to try it more to make sure I really like it.

–  2oz Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner
I was beyond excited to try this product but ended up being hugely disappointed. My skin started itching and got some red marks for a good hour as soon as I applied the toner after cleansing my face. I’ve never had a reaction like this to any products before and have a sensitive to normal skin types. Although my experience with it wasn’t great I have heard a lot of positive feedback on it and therefore asked a good friend to try it (who has a normal skin type) and she really liked it. She said it tingled her skin a little bit but she saw cleaner and brighter looking skin shortly after starting using it. I think I might’ve had an allergic reaction to an ingredient (and this one simply isn’t for me), but this is one of Ole Henriksen’s most beloved bestselling products so I still suggest you try it.

–  0.25oz Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum
This serum along with the Truth serum helped my skin so incredibly much during the whole month that I tried out the products. They are the perfect addition to the moisturizer and together make truly the perfect combination, this one helped me wake up with fresh clear skin every morning and I don’t remember the last time it happened (for that many days in a row)! Like almost all of Ole’s products, this one also helped to give a glowier brighter look to my skin and I can’t think of going back to my routine not using it! P.S, I’m also obsessed with its sparkly purple color!

–  1.7oz Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème
Lastly, the Goodnight glow cream, alike almost all the products I tried I fell in love with this cream and had the best time using it. I woke up every day with clean and very hydrated skin every day ready for a cleanse with my morning Truth Serum and moisturizer! It’s a really good night cream that I might buy again next fall/winter when I get drier skin and need a more hydrating cream but for the rest of the year, one for both (day and night) works perfectly for me. It’s also more practical and less costly! I would recommend buying and adding a serum to your moisturizer if it’s not giving you enough nourishment during the night (or day as well).

That’s it for my Ole Henriksen review! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on it as much as I had tested them out. I’m beyond glad I decided to make this one the next brand to review and is truly one of my best beauty discoveries of 2019/20! I wasn’t really disappointed by any products and saw changes almost immediately after trying them out for the first time. If you’re thinking about testing the brand out, I would highly recommend picking up a set as they’re truly the most practical and best quality/price ones (and you can get more for less)!

Have you ever heard of the Scandinavian skincare brand, Ole Henriksen? Or have you tried any of their products? Also, let me know down in the comments which brand or product review you would like to see next!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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