After a simply incredible start to Coachella yesterday, I honestly couldn’t wait to go back today. My best friend and I woke up calmly, slipped on our swimsuits and went straight down to the hotel pool; where we tanned, relaxed and well, slept. After this chilling time, we went back inside to get some breakfast and then once we were full of iced coffee and fresh fruit, we made our way upstairs to start getting ready for the festival. For this day I decided to go a little bit more wild fashion-wise and wore an Urban Outfitters white crop top. I paired this with BDG blue denim shorts and one of my favourite belts from Urban Outfitters. With all of that, I decided to add my small black Chanel backpack and of course, my favourite pair of white high-top converse and well, more glitter.
Once my best friend and I were fully glammed up, we called our car and headed straight back into the hot sun and loud music. Upon our arrival an hour later, we did as one does and as is tradition : we headed directly to the food stands! To contrast with yesterday’s fish lunch, we decided to get fried chicken sandwiches, and trust me when I say that those sandwiches were THE BEST thing I have ever tasted, let alone the best food I have ever had at Coachella! Although the queue for the sandwiches was insane, it was definitely worth it. When we finished eating, we decided to head on over to the merchandise stands where in the past, we bought souvenirs from the festival. This year I decided to buy a cute yellow T-shirt with the Coachella logo written on it and my best friend did the same! After this, we strolled through a couple more stands and took about a thousand pictures. From record shops with old vinyls to a mini Sephora, this exploration was super interesting! Specifically intriguing was a denim shop where you could personalise your own jackets – this, might I add, completely fascinated me and had me pondering for ages. After quite a bit more reflection, I simply knew it was worth it – so I added a “Coachella” patch, a “2018” patch and a rose and “Weekend 1” to my denim jacket! Amazing right? Well I’m completely in love with it! And guess who was in the store at the same time as us? That’s right, Liza Koshy…
After our little shopping session we walked over to the one of VIP areas called the ‘Rose Garden’. At this lovely place which smelt absolutely wonderful, I saw Gigi Hadid, dressed in a beautiful all-white outfit with her hair in a braid! As we didn’t want to interrupt her time away from the paparazzi, my friend and I decided not to go over and talk to her and instead just took pictures with the flowers! Next up, we walked back over to the main stage where ‘Tyler, The Creator’ was performing. That was were we officially relaxed for the first time since we had been here today : we sat down, with nothing on our minds and just lay under the sun while listening to the faint sound of “20/20, 20/20 vision”.
Next up we casually made our way over to the huge food area to eat dinner before further festivities commenced. And let me tell you, when I thought yesterday’s area had a lot of food options, I was so wrong… as there was literally nothing you couldn’t find in this hut. From macaroons to pizza, there were stands for absolutely everything! Instead of eating all clean and healthy like I normally do, I took this occasion to further delve myself into the festival mentality; in other words, I decided to cheat a little and ordered a big fat hamburger with fries. Inevitably, like everything at Coachella, this meal was absolutely delicious! After our dinner and already exhausted, my best friend and I walked over to the ‘Alt-J’ concert. Although I didn’t know most of their songs, the atmosphere was amazing and I completely fell in love with their whole group-dynamic! They’re definitely going to be added to my playlist anytime now. 
Once their concert had finished, my best friend and I went back up to the main VIP area where we waited for the Beyoncé concert to start and drank water like crazy to avoid dehydration. While we were waiting, my friend and I spotted Charlie Heaton (from “Stranger Things“) who was quite literally standing right behind us! He was with a friend and honestly looked like he was having fun – cute right? From a distance we could also see Halsey and James Charles, which was sweet considering we had seen them the day before and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brooklyn Beckham! 
Next up, after what felt like hours of waiting, the Queen’s show began… and everyone, mind you, ev-ery-one went absolutely insane. Her entrance was flawless and rumour has it she even made some history-breaking record. She sang all of my favourite songs such as ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ and my heart was racing so so so fast… I could practically feel the ground shaking! Half-way through the concert, I felt someone nudge me to squeeze in beside me, I looked up a little frustrated and then saw Bella Thorne’s face, reminding me that I was in a crowd of celebrities once again!  She looked really friendly so I started a conversation and we ended up talking for a good twenty minutes about her newest TV Show! She was so so so sweet! She kindly told me that a few other actors from the cast were here and that I should go up to them! Regardless of this cute invitation, my friend and I decided to stay for a few more songs and then left because well, the festival was completely full and we could barely walk. Unfortunately for us, the exits were already completely packed with people, implying yet more waiting around! Anyways, we finally made it out and then headed back to our hotel, where we both enjoyed warm showers and then fell straight asleep.
And oh my god, I cannot wait for tomorrow…
LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea
The TV Show that Bella Thorne mentioned to me was called ‘Famous in love’, have any of you heard of it or watched it? If so, did you like it? Should I watch it? Let me know!! Also, have any of you ever seen Beyoncé in concert?

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