After the most incredible first two days of Coachella, my best friend and I simply couldn’t wait to experience day three. The anticipation grew within us, waking us up before our alarm clocks even went off! As usual, we got out of bed, screamed with excitement and then put on our playlist full of our favourite songs to ease the preparation angst. Although we were both a little upset after acknowledging that this was our last day, we were still so indefinitely thrilled. For this 3rd day of Coachella, I decided to delve back into my fashion roots and wore my two favourite colours : black and white. In other words, I slipped on a cute Urban Outfitters dress and then complemented that with some heart-shaped glasses that I bought in LA. To finish off the look, I put on, yet again, my white high-top converse and my black Chanel backpack! Once my best friend and I were both ready and again, like both of the two days before, glowing with glitter, we bought some iced coffees and then hit the road, driving to Coachella one last time.
As is tradition from yesterday and Friday, as soon as we stepped foot on the festival ground, yep, you know it – we walked right over to the food stands! Because neither of us are super original and adore the comfort of routine, we both ordered the same Yuzy Salmon Poke Bowls that we had on the first day. Again and as expected, they were amazing. After this, we took a couple of pictures and then went directly back to the denim-jacket shop which we had visited the day before. At said store, I added a few more patches to my jacket to really engulf myself into the role of a typical Coachella tourist! Once that was done and my jacket was re-embellished, we walked over to the VIP area right next to the main stage to enjoy Cardi B’s concert. While waiting for her to start, we saw Kaia Gerber, Madison Beer and then had a sweet conversation with the famous Youtuber, Summer Mckeen! A few minutes later, Cardi B strutted onto stage and then amazed us all for about an hour and a half! Her energy as usual was persistent and she looked so pretty! Cardi sang “Bodak Yellow” (that I know off by heart) and “Finesse“, which are literally two of my favourite songs at the moment, both of which appeared on our playlist this morning! I have already seen her perform once before in the past but like I mentioned before, one can never get bored of her endless energy and cool vibe!
Once Cardi’s show sadly came to an end, we headed straight back to the food stands to buy some much-needed water as we were both beginning to feel very dehydrated! On this path to re-hydration, we ran into Cameron Dallas at least 10 times and saw Obama’s daughter, Malia!
Next up, was the “Portugal. The Man” concert which featured a lot of crazy people dancing and overall, a pretty close to spectacular atmosphere! He sang my two favourite songs, “Live in the moment” and “Feel it still” and well, I loved it! Once his show was over, my best friend and I sat down for a bit and exactly when we thought we could relax for a split second, we saw Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, two of the best actors from “Stranger Things”, who I adore! Although we were too tired and too far away to start a conversation, it was still amazing to see them! Like yesterday,  Bella Thorne was also waiting for the next concert near us… Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, she was wearing a really cool all-white transparent outfit and was dancing to faint music with her sister and boyfriend, looking like she was on top of the world!
After all that craziness, I felt exhausted and in serious need of some food. So, we did as one does when hungry, and we decided to go get some lunch! And we got Tacos. Funnily enough, and although it may sound heard to believe, that was the first time I ever had a Taco in my entire life… I mean I’ve tried the mini-appetiser Japanese style ones but never the fully-fledged, insanely-outgoing, toppings-overflowing real ones! And, well, I actually REALLY liked it! Just goes to show that there truly is a first time for everything…
After that great and filing meal, my best friend and I strolled back on over to the VIP section, where we sat and waited for Eminem’s concert to start. In doing so, we saw Halsey walk by and then a few minutes later, Chandler Riggs from ‘The Walking Dead’. Although Halsey didn’t stop, Chandler did, meaning that we could have a little post-Walker Stalker Convention reunion! Sweet right? Anyways, then the show finally started, and to put it casually, my friend and I went completely insane. Eminem played all the songs that I worship, from “Walk on water” to “The real slim shady” to “my name is”… and completely controlled the crowd! And best of all, this crazy human being even brought 50 cent on stage as his special guest! Although we didn’t stay until the end of the show due to the fear of packed exits, we still enjoyed ourselves tremendously! And then headed home.
The weekend was overall, an amaaaazing experience and I will almost definitely be going back next year for a third time! All in all, my two favourite shows at Coachella this year have to have been Kygo and Eminem! Beyoncé was incredible but Kygo and Eminem just got my heart racing and my feet jumping!
To conclude, Coachella still stands as the best festival that I’ve ever been to. From its outstanding art, to its heart-pounding music, this event is just beyond compare. We bumped into Cameron Dallas way too much and we got some really cute photos! And I’m so glad I got my denim jacket personalised, it’s truly going to make the best souvenir ever! Especially as next year, the nights might be as cold as the first year, meaning that I will need every jacket that I can get my hands on! Aaaaaa, I’m already excited to hear next year’s lineup! The weekend went by so fast, and writing this text now, I can still feel the adrenaline inside me… Coachella, you will be missed.
I’m on my way back to London now and will be coming back to Los Angeles in a week for the Premiere of Avengers Infinity War (and the after party), so stay tuned and check regularly if you want to read all about that!
Lots of love. As always,
Tiffany Lea
Would you rather see Kygo or Eminem in concert? And have you ever been to Coachella? Are you excited to see Avengers Infinity War? Have you ever met Cameron Dallas? Let me know!
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