I honestly cannot believe it has been a full year since I last attended Coachella. I can still remember the scorching sun and the insanely loud music like it was yesterday. I truly don’t know what it is but something about that festival just gets my heart pounding… Maybe it’s the sun or the fashion and art or just the fact that you are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who all, like you, just want to have fun and well, party. Anyways, let’s stop reminiscing, because I just had the best day of my life at Coachella 2018’s opening and I cannot wait any longer to tell you all about it. Enjoy!

Waking up this morning felt like a dream, well almost – my best friend and I woke up and set out on a three-hour car journey, travelling from Los Angeles, all the way past Ontario and Beaumont, straight into the Palm Desert to Indio. Upon our arrival, we checked into our hotel, received our Coachella weekend passes and then pretty much sprinted up to our bedrooms to coat ourselves head-to-toe in glitter! I threw on a sweet Sabo Skirt romper, tied up my black converse and grabbed my new obsession : a pink, very practical, half-transparent Chanel backpack and then rushed out the door and made my way into the desert.

Once we arrived at the festival we went straight to the food stands. Why? Because we were starving and well, one of Coachella’s many beautiful qualities is its ability to provide its guests with THE BEST FOOD EVER. I mean, you cannot even begin to imagine the range of what’s on offer… So, after much intense pondering and debating, my best friend and I finally decided to get Poke Bowls (raw fish salads)! We both opted for the Yuzu Salmon option and were immensely satisfied and pleased! After eating, we took a little stroll around the valley to a) check out what had changed since last year and b) explore and take pictures of all the beautiful art pieces (which never fail to absolutely stun)!

Our first concert of the day was ‘The Bleachers’ which was, as expected, a highly entertaining and enjoyable event. When leaving the crowd, we ran into Liza Koshy and David Dobrik who were both super sweet and inevitably really funny! Next up we went to see ‘The Neighborhood’ which was actually awesome. After that concert we decided to go get some hotdogs as we had now been dancing for around three hours and were pretty much tired out. Anyways, on our casual walk over to the hotdog stand, we basically bumped into a crowd packed full of celebrities… From Gregg Sulkin to James Charles, a few actors from the cast of ‘13 Reasons Why’ to Ross Lynch and Bastian Baker, the list goes on… So, well, we did as one does and talked to all of the celebrities while enjoying our food and listening to the nice music in the background.

Following this brilliant meal (both in food and company), my best friend and I went over to Kygo’s concert which was definitely the best show of the day. The whole crowd was dancing and screaming the lyrics to all of my favourite songs and I felt very truly happy. After Kygo we continued to walk around for a bit, then grabbed something to drink (to avoid being dehydrated) and waited for The Weeknd to arrive. Because yes, understandably, Coachella likes to keep the best for last… During this waiting time, we ran into Romy Madley Croft from the band ‘The XX’ which was a pretty surreal experience considering we had seen her perform here last year! Anyways, my best friend and I made sure to be in the middle of the crowd for The Weeknd and then went wild for a full two hours as Abel sang his heart out and premiered new music as well as reminisced on some old tunes!

After that long and tiresome day of being both insanely overjoyed and ridiculously jet lagged, we decided to finally go back to our hotel and then fell asleep within minutes of getting into bed. Overall, we both an excellent day. I simply cannot wait to experience what is yet to come.

LOVE, as always,

Tiffany Lea

Have you ever been to Coachella? Do you want to go? Have you ever tried Poke Bowls? Let me know in the comments section below!

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