Finishing Spring the right way – Weekend Lookbook in London

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing good. For today’s post, I wanted to share a quick lookbook of what I wore over the weekend! Since we’re getting closer to the Summer, London has been getting way warmer, which means everyone has officially said goodbye to jeans! But, I don’t mind because now I am finally able to start wearing all my spring/summer outfits! 


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I started the weekend wearing neutral tones and headed to Kensington Gardens with my boyfriend for a little stroll (while social distancing from other strangers). It was so unbelievably refreshing to go “back to normal” for a while, and it was weird seeing so many people at the park after being quarantined for so long. It was also such a beautiful perfect sunny day! 

Outfit: I wore a Myra one-shoulder white swimsuit with my new favorite skort (and the only one I own) skort from Faithfull the Brand. I finished the look by adding my Chanel black and silver crossbody bag with my ‘Crap Eyewear’ sunnies and Dr. Martens boots! 


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For Saturday’s look, I kept things a little more simple and delicate! We started the afternoon by eating sushi from Zuma and headed directly to Hyde Park, where we stayed out until the sun went down! 

Outfit: for my day at the park, I wore the Orseund Iris’ ‘Cha Cha’ top, with BDG shorts and a Prada belt. I also wore my heart-shaped sunglasses from Saint Laurent (which I’m obsessed with, but don’t give me much sun protection). Finally, I topped the look off with my Gucci choker and Dr. Martens boots.


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For the end of the weekend, I decided to go all out and picked the most colorful pieces of my wardrobe! We decided to go to Russell Square park for a little bit of a change in scenery. We walked along so many cute London streets on the way there. We even stopped by Covent Garden (where everything was obviously closed), but we still managed to get the best ice cream at a local shop and pause for a minute. It was one of the windiest days of the week, but it was still warm, so I was so glad I wore my thin sweater! 

Outfit: on Sunday, I wore a Miumiu cropped sweater with BDG shorts and Dr. Martens boots. To spice it up, even more, I added my red Prada hair clip and my blue sunglasses from ‘Crap’ Eyewear.


Even though we can’t truly go ‘back to normal’ (with COVID) yet, it’s the little things that matter right now (and I’m so happy we’re nearing the summer)! It’s also my last week in the UK before going to my hometown, Geneva, to see my family, so I’m trying to enjoy my time here fully! 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which outfit from this lookbook was your favorite, and your go-to spring/summer fashion accessory down in the comments. 



Lot’s of Love- as always,



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