Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing good as we’re all trying to settle into our new normal quarantine lives. For today’s post I wanted to share my thoughts about my latest hair discovery: ‘Playa’! I decided to write a review of each of their products for you guys. ‘Playa’ is a clean, cruelty-free, brand that works on all hair types and is a brand that believes in minimalism (aka using the least amount of products possible to care for your hair). Their love of minimalism can explain why they first started their brand three years ago with only five products. Today, the collection is slightly extended (as it has over time with more everyday essentials and the most requested products). The products help you achieve the best version of your natural which means no drying or styling is required (and is perfect for students or anyone constantly on-the-go). As soon as I heard about this amazing Californian based brand I knew I would have to give it a try and I’m honestly so glad I did! 


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Ps; the products are ranked in the order I use them in! Prices in dollars are from Playa’s official website, prices in pounds come from CultBeauty. This post is not sponsored by Playa or any other brand. 



The everyday shampoo, to my surprise, ended up being one of my favorite products from ‘Playa’. It is made with coconut water and sugar beet extract. This shampoo does a wonderful job at deeply cleansing your hair, while preserving your hair’s natural oils. I usually need to use two shampoos but now I noticed I always only go for one with the ‘every day’ shampoo. I can also get a pretty dry scalp depending on the shampoo but this one manages to deeply clean while leaving you with soft hydrating hair! I will definitely purchase this one again in the near future when mine runs out. 



Onto the second shampoo that ‘Playa’ only came out with more recently! I personally didn’t like these products ever since I first put it on my hair, but I still gave it multiple tries. It is designed to be used once a week as a scrub. Personally, I would say that the ‘California Salt’ shampoo is a good weekly cleanser but to me that’s all it is. The shampoo’s texture was just a little too unpleasant for my liking and I didn’t love getting salt flakes in my mouth here and there haha. However, it does a great job at cleansing but the big salt flakes make it harder to use as more than the average scalp scrub. 



I absolutely loved this conditioner! The baobab protein and Amazonian oils that are used to make it work wonderfully together to help nourish and repair your hair! Although the formula is more light than the conditioners I usually use it still did its job perfectly (and the smell is also to die for). I highly recommend getting the set with this one and the ‘every day’ shampoo, you definitely won’t regret it! 



Onto the healing masque! I couldn’t wait to try this one out as hair masks are truly the holy grail of my hair routine (as they will always help your hair go from dull to shiny- no matter what)! This mask is focused on reviving dry and brittle strands of your hair as well as purifying (which is a new thing for me in hair masks) and finally, balancing the scalp! It also prevents dandruff, greying, and preserves your coloring if your dye your hair, thanks to the Amla Oil in it! I’ve had it for a little over a month now and I can’t get over how good this mask is! I also sometimes wear it overnight (which I highly recommend doing for dry hair) and this was absolutely amazing. There is truly nothing not to like about this product, I highly highly recommend it!



It is my second time using a leave-in conditioner and this one overpassed all of my expectations! It works as a primer, detangler, and heat protector all in one. This leave-in conditioner is essential for truly every hair type. Personally this product helped me the most with my frizz and it helped me to moisturize my hair! I would most likely also re-buy this one in the future. 



Onto the ‘Endless Summer’ spray! This spray is designed to give your hair that beachy, effortlessly undone look and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve tried a similar spray years ago but I didn’t like the texture it left on the hair, but this one is the exact opposite of it! It helps give you that ‘at the beach’, wavy hair feel only after a couple sprays. The ‘Endless summer’ spray also helps protect against UV damage and the product smells unbelievable sweet and fresh! Although it’s not a product I would use on the daily (or even weekly) I still think it’s an essential for everyone, especially on bad hair days haha. 



Next up is the ‘Ritual’ hair oil! Like hair masks, hair oils are my top hair essential. I’ve tried countless oils by now and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. It ended up being way more lightweight than I anticipated but I still absolutely loved it! It hydrated my hair and helped with damaged strands! It gives your hair shine like no other product! The oil is also working to protect your hair from UV damage! It’s basically the perfect package hair oil and I highly recommend it. 



This product is a hairspray, hydrator, and fragrance all in one! This spray is ideal to refresh a hairstyle you want to get an extra day out of or if you want to smooth out creases. I always let me hair air dry and I try to almost never use hot tools on my hair to not damage it (apart from if I’m at the hairdresser or for an event). But now with finding this most I can let my hair look its full potential! My curls are more defined, my hair is less frizzy and it just looks overall better! This is definitely another one of my favorite products from ‘Playa’! 



I had quite frankly never heard of volume powders before ‘Playa’ so I was beyond tempted to try this one out! This powder helps bring volume as well as absorb oil on the surface of the scalp. I’ve tried it 2-3 days after washing my hair and it works just as well as a dry shampoo (without leaving the white powder stains), and it also feels much softer and lighter on the hair! It does help quite a lot with volume but I would still go for a volume spray for longer results. I will overall repurchase this again as I’ve never been the biggest fan of dry shampoos but I finally found my alternative solution (and still helps drastically with volume)!


That concludes my thoughts on all of ‘Playa’s current products! I’m so happy I found this clean, minimalistic brand which is going to help me keep fewer products (without missing out)! It has also helped me have an overall easier routine! I overall mostly recommend the ‘everyday’ shampoo, healing mask and ‘Endless’ summer spray as they’re truly the best (and all incorporate everything you could possibly need). I hope this was helpful and will guide you to your hair heaven as it has mine haha. 


Have you ever heard about ‘Playa’? If not, are you tempted to try it now? Let me know down in the comments!

Ps; the limited edition candle smells just as good as the products!


Lots of LOVE, as always,               . IMG_2823 2



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