Out with the Old, in with the New – My Updated Skincare Routine

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good! For today’s post, I thought I’d share a skincare routine with you all since I haven’t updated it in a while! I’ve been looking into finding cleaner brands, and products and I have now seen so many great ones. I’ve included some of the clean brands in my post today but, I will also do a whole other post dedicated to that at a later date. It’s so important to find the right clean products for you. But, when you find them, it’s important to be consistent! I recommend to everyone to at least go once in their life to a dermatologist to ask what kind of products work best for you and your skin from a medical perspective! Anyways, let’s head into my current skincare routine, shall we?

P.S. The products are ranked in the order I use them in to make it easier for you to follow. Enjoy!





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I’ve tried a lot of cleansers over the years, but I recently realized that a purifying one is exactly what my skin needed! It doesn’t dry out the skin (otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to use it), and it is perfect as an everyday deep cleanser to keep away impurities! The bottle is also so practical and makes the products so much easier to use (and it will last you forever)! ‘Tata Harper’ has quite a big range of other great cleansers, but the purifying one is by far my favorite for my skin type. I use this cleanser every morning and night (and I sometimes switch it with the ‘Fresh’s soy cleanser).

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Like cleansers, I’ve tried a LOT of scrubs, and let me tell you a lot of them in the market are way too harsh for the skin. However, this one feels like a paste, and the exfoliating grains aren’t too big and sharp (which is what happens with most coffee scrubs and can cause scarring – especially on acne scars). This scrub is gentle, but it still gets the work done and doesn’t leave you feeling like you just scrubbed off two layers of your skin, haha. I’ve always liked ‘Origins’ a lot, but this item will always remain a favorite and a must-have from me in their line! I use the scrub around once a week. 

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While searching for good and clean beauty brands I fell upon ‘The Inky List’, and I’m pleasantly surprised by everything I’ve tried so far! Their PHA toner gives a gentle light exfoliation and evens out your skin tone and overall skin texture. I use this toner almost daily, but sometimes I switch to Dior’s Essence Rose (below), which is more hydrating.  

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I actually got this product by accident as I was looking to buy a hydrating toner as a spray, but I realized I had got this instead when I arrived home. I am happy I made the mistake because I still use this product and I absolutely love it! This one and Dior’s Fresh’s Hydrating toner are my two must-haves if you’re looking for hydration. I use this one often, switching up with PHA toner.

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I’m so glad ‘Summer Fridays’ finally extended their skincare line because I am obsessed with this product! I’ve been using this serum ever since I got it before quarantine, and it even helped my skin glow when I wasn’t even getting that much sun exposure! It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots (which is often an issue for me with sensitive skin) and hyperpigmentation, and it even includes vitamin c, which has so many benefits! It’s the perfect daytime serum to prep your skin and leaves you ready to go, you just need to add moisturizer! 

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I like to use this serum at night as it’s not the best for your skin with sunlight. It’s still helped me keep clearer skin and get rid of darker spots! I’ve been using this serum for several years now, and I can’t find any that would even slightly compare to this one! 

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I’ve always known that wearing at least a light sunscreen every day is great, especially for sensitive skin, but I’ve really seen a massive difference since I’ve started wearing it daily since the start of the summer! It helps avoid redness and constant sun damage. I’ve tried a couple lightweight, fast-absorbing sunscreens, but this one is my favorite as it also gives your skin a smoother texture! 


This has been another one of my favorites over the years. I’ve adored this moisturizer ever since I first tried it when it came out. It’s super lightweight and fast-absorbing, yet incredibly hydrating and is the perfect cream for everyday day/night use!


I’ve only recently started using eye cream every day, and it’s truly amazing! I usually wear eye patches after a long flight or late night to re-freshen my under eye bags, but eye cream gives incomparable hydration, and it truly helps tired eyes (me haha) look better! I swear by this cream as it’s thick and gets the job done, whereas most other ones I’ve tried weren’t as efficient. I use this cream every day.

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 01.09.39

Onto one of my favorite lip balms! This one or its ‘twin’: the Lip mask by ‘La Neige’ are the two balms I swear by! This one comes in more handy as it’s slightly tinted for everyday use and doesn’t need you to put your finger in the container (like the lip mask). It’s my ultimate lip go-to for night hydration while you sleep or a lightly colored daytime balm! 


I also use this collagen lip ‘gloss’ which helps give a smoother and improved definition. It’s like an everyday lip mask! I use it around 1-2 times a week. 

Anyways, that’s it for today’s post. These products are all 100% worth the buy. I suggest them to you all because your skin is really worth taking care of! I hope you guys enjoyed my updated skincare routine, let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these products and if we share a favorite/what you thought of them!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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