Hey guys! How’s it going for today’s post, I wanted to share something that I’ve been very eager to try, the ‘Stranger Things’’ actress, Millie Bobby Brown’s new skincare and makeup brand! As soon as I heard Brown was releasing her own cosmetics line aimed at a young audience, with clean (cruelty-free, vegan..) products, I automatically knew I would have to try it out! I also completely agree with Millie’s important message to have/ start with a good skincare routine while starting your teen years. It’s great that’s she started a majorly affordable brand with natural ingredients focused on developing skins, which I think is great! I tried out the whole makeup (without the limited edition ‘LoveLiv’ foundation eyeshadow palette) and skincare collection. As usual, I wrote a small paragraph for each product and I also ranked them in the order I use them in! I think that’s pretty much it, so let’s head onto today’s post, shall we?


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Magic Micellar Cleansing Gel – $10.00 USD
Starting off with skincare, I’m not usually a big fan of cleansing gels as I simply prefer taking off makeup with cotton pads yet I was very excited to try this one. I used a small amount and applied it on dry skin all over and then went on to apply water and surprisingly it didn’t foam at all. Yet, it took absolutely all my makeup (and mascara) off. My skin also felt incredibly clean and soft afterward! It’s definitely not a product I will purchase again because of my personal preferences, but I still like it. I’m really glad I have it for now as it saves me going from removing my makeup and then applying a cleanser. This product is basically 2 in 1 which I really like!

Clean Magic Face Wash – $12.00 USD
One of my favorite products that I’ve tried from the collection is this face wash! It is gentle, has a nice cucumber/rose smell and the formula leaves you with the freshest nicest skin! This wash helps with excess oils on your skin and with taking off makeup (but I would still recommend taking yours off prior to using it)!

Get that Grime Face Scrub – $14.00 USD
Onto the face scrub that I also couldn’t wait to try out! I love the gentle light Ivory Palm Grains in this scrub that give it the softest exfoliation and leave you with the smoothest baby face skin! It wasn’t too harsh yet it works better than most and didn’t dry out the skin at all. I completely recommend it!

Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask –  $20.00 USD
Now onto the mask of the collection! I’m a huge face mask lover and don’t do peel off masks often as I usually find them too harsh on your skin and so I couldn’t wait to see if this one would be different! Although the texture of this one is extremely slimy and it’s almost impossible to apply without getting some all over yourself, I absolutely adored this mask. It dries down pretty fast and peels off very easily! The purifying charcoal help clean out the dirt and pollution and the lavender oil helps your skin calm down. Overall a really nice mask and the lightest peel-off mask I’ve tried yet. It also gives you such nice glowing skin!

One Swipe Glow Wipe Treatment Pads -$16.00 USD
I have used this product for a couple of weeks in a row and saw great changed on my skin (it felt clearer, more glowy and radiant). However, I thought the pads were a little bit too harsh on the skin.

Dreamy Dew Moisturizer- $14.00 USD
I was already finishing my current moisturizer and didn’t mind changing things up for a new one, and I wasn’t wrong to change for this one! It feels light on the skin and is a little shiny once you apply it but it dries down matte, which is fantastic! I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a clean moisturizer with natural ingredients – as good skin starts with taking good care of your hydration!

Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads – $34.00 USD
If you have read any of my blog posts about attending events you might be aware under eye pads are my hold grail! So, as you can imagine I was so excited to try these out! I thought the price was a little high when I saw it at first but since it’s a box of 60 pads, (which works for 30 uses) and as you can probably guess (lasts a crazy long time), I don’t mind it. I loved these so much and told everyone about them. My brother even went to buy himself one pack as well haha. I recommend putting it in the fridge for an extra touch of freshness! The pads are soaked in a hydrating serum and feel more moisturizing than most ones I have tried. I also love the original and adorable whale shape they went for, so, so cute!

Look Alive Eye Balm – $16.00 USD
This is such a cool and good eye balm. Wow, was it a good idea to add the metal applicator at the tip. It makes such a difference while applying it and feels so refreshing and calming! As for the balm itself, it feels incredibly soft and moisturizing and doesn’t take long to soak into the skin and leaves you with a bright complexion!

Zero Chill Face Mist – $10.00 USD
Another essential in my daily routine are rose mists! They are useable for so many things, to tone your skin, freshen it up during the day or set up your makeup! I’ve tried pretty much all of them from Miranda Kerr’s ‘Kora Organics’’ to ‘Fresh’s and ‘Florence by Mills’ is one of my favorites by far! The mist is gentle and especially compared to some other ones I tried like ‘Fresh’’s, that applies way too much product and makes you wait a cool minute for your skin to dry down (and I don’t recommend using that one with makeup haha). But this one’s sprays just the right amount of product and gives you THE perfect afterglow! It’s also a great size to carry around in your bag which is so practical.

Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 00.54.19
Like a Light Skin Tint – $18.00 USD
Onto the fun stuff, makeup! If you’re like me and usually look for coverage, Like a Light’ skin tint definitely isn’t for you. But on days when you want to wear not that much but still want to get a little coverage, this is for you! The tint is also slightly buildable so with more layers you can have more coverage! It’s the perfect product when you first are starting to use makeup and is also applicable by hand (like recommended on their website) which is super easy and practical (and leaves a really nice natural finish).

I used these shades for the tint:
L030- Light with neutral undertones
L040- Light with cool undertones

See You Never Concealer – $16.00 USD
Onto the concealer! Like the skin tint, I knew this would overall have pretty sheer coverage but would be quite buildable (with a natural finish) and ended being way better than I expected! To my surprise, the tip also had a cooling metal tip (like the eye balm) which I thought was such a nice addition as it depuffs and cools your skin whilst applying it. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re just starting to wear makeup.

I used the shades for this concealer:
FL025- Fair to light with neutral undertones
FL035- Fair to light with golden undertones

Cheek Me Later Cream Blush – $14.00 USD
I was beyond excited to try this one and it truly didn’t disappoint! This is another great product for when you are on-the-go and is very easy to apply. I also adore cream blushes as they can be used both as lipstick, cream eyeshadows, and blush! These ones dry down pretty fast and never feel sticky.

I got the shades for the blush:
Real Ray (Wine) and Glowing G (Dusty Rose)

Tint n Tame Brow Gel – $14.00 USD
Next is the brow gel! I got the shade ‘Dark Brown’ which works perfectly for me. The applicator is really small yet is ideal! Halfway through the day, I noticed that a little bit of product was left, so I reapplied some but it was still overall perfect. I usually fill my brows slightly with a pencil and use a transparent gel on top but this one is the perfect shortcut on lazy days! I highly recommend it if you don’t usually fill them up yet want them to look a little fuller and it holds them quite well in place.

Get Glossed Lip Gloss – $12.00 USD

I was really excited to try out the glosses and I am absolutely obsessed with their formula. It feels hydrating yet not in the least sticky and gives the most beautiful shine! It got ‘Moody Mills) (a lovely rosy peach) that I wear all over my lips with ‘Major Mills’ (a deep rose) at the center and ‘inner’ part of my lip, which creates a really nice ombré effect.

Glow Yeah Lip Oil – $14.00 USD
I actually never tried lip oil before and like the glosses, I am genuinely obsessed. Unlike classic balms, oils feel incredibly lightweight and give such a brighter shine! It’s my must-have product of this fall to avoid getting cracked lips haha. I also love the color that is the perfect nude pink for me!


As I’m writing this, with my whale’s pads under my eyes, I have to say I’m overall in love with this brand! I like the message behind it and love that it’s focused for younger people (as not many brands are), with clean products and it’s pretty accessible and affordable. Millie also put her personality all over each product and made them fun to use! I overall still preferred the skincare products over the makeup products in her collection, as some of the skincare products have become must-haves in my skincare routine and I can’t imagine not using them now. Millie put out all the essentials products and I honestly can’t wait to see what she releases next!

Have you heard about Millie Bobby Brown’s makeup and skincare line? Also, are you more of a natural or crazy makeup kind of person? For me, it definitely depends on the day haha. Let me know!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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  1. I have never heard of this brand before, but it sounds so good!
    I like having some alternatives to switch up with, and especially the eye gel pads and the eye balm sounds super interesting.
    It’s just the worst when you feel puffy and tired in your eye area, so I feel like I am always on the hunt for eye products 😉

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