12 New, Returning and Limited TV Shows to Fall For This Fall

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I recently realized that it’s been a little while since I posted my last article about TV Shows and there are a lot of good ones that I have been watching online. The shows I watch range from Netflix original’s good returning shows with new series. In my opinion, 2019 has really been the year for new good shows! Every time I think I have seen every story in a show a new one comes out with a story that is super different and engaging which I love. Anyways, let’s get on to the post, shall we? Here are 12 shows that I recommend for all of you to watch.

As always this post will be spoiler-free so I will not give much detail about the series to not give anything away!

‘Living with Yourself’ 8/10 (Netflix)
The first show on the list is I think one of the biggest surprises in the entertainment industry from this year so far! The series is about a man who does a strange treatment to turn around his life and ends up being replaced by a better version of himself. The story is quite trippy and unusual which I really liked. Although I found it a little predictable, I adored the four episodes I have watched so far from “Living with Yourself”! It gives out a strong futuristic ‘vibe’ like other Netflix original, “Black Mirror” (that I, for the most part, love too). Paul Rudd is absolutely perfect in the role he plays. I have only streamed the show while on planes and long car rides lately. It’s a must-watch for this fall!

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‘The Politician’ 7.5/10 (Netflix)
Another really fun Netflix original comedy (with a touch of drama) that I discovered this month is, “The Politician”! The show is about a boy who wants to become the president of the United States, he embarks on this journey by first trying to become head of body president student at his school. The series is filled with an insanely wide cast and directed by Ryan Murphy (who also did “American Horror Story”). I found myself streaming it in the background while doing things and binge-watching it a lot. I highly recommend this one if you like ‘dra-medies’!

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‘Unbelievable’ 8/10 (Netflix)
This show is based on a true story about a girl who was raped and her story to finding justice. I found myself watching the whole show in two days (like my best friend) because it’s a great show. It’s definitely shocking like the original story but they found a good way to deliver it onto the screen in my opinion. I also utterly love the cast they chose from Toni Colette (“Hereditary”) to Kaitlyn Denver that I first saw in 2014 in “Men Woman and Children”!

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‘Euphoria’ 8.5/10 (HBO)
Onto one of my most inspiring finds of the Summer! I loved “Euphoria”. “Euphoria” is about 6 teenagers and their individual struggles with drugs and anxiety among other things. The makeup and fashion part of the show was incredible and truly impacted me on a deep level haha. I found a lot of people wearing more glitter on social media and being more confident about wearing extravagant things after the show was released (which I’m all for)! But not only was the series visually pleasing in that way, but it was also beautifully directed and quite unlike anything I have ever seen! It also portrays ‘Gen Z’ in a more real way than other shows, while still not being completely accurate. You can read my full review about HBO’s latest hit show HERE!

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‘When They See Us’ 9/10 (Netflix)
Onto another poignant Netflix original, “When They See Us”. This show has stuck with me, unlike any other show because of how real it feels. The show is based on a true of how five young black men were accused of and put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Ava DuVernay did a splendid job putting it all together and I was so beyond moved when seeing the actors in person after the Emmy’s! It’s truly a must-watch for everyone, I’ve seen it once with a friend, once with my brother and once on my own (which never happens even for me haha). But frankly every ‘life’ topic (love, family, employment, friendship, mental illness, etc…) are portrayed in this limited series in a very truthful way and it’s very moving!

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‘What If’ 7/10 (Netflix)
“What If” is a twisted thrilling story about a woman named Lisa who needs funding to put her techniques that could save lives on the market. A woman named Anne gives her the funding on the condition that she is allowed to spend the night with Lisa’s husband without Lisa there. I was glad to see Renée Zelwegger back on the screen in a very suspenseful (very similar to “You”) series. I was going to go see her in “Judy” and decided to start this before I watch that one! It’s very different from the other shows I have been seeing recently and everyone is great at it. If you’re looking for a quite laid-back series to watch, this is the one!

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‘Atypical’ Season 3  7.5/10 (Netflix)
This is a series about an autistic boy who decides that he wants to fall in love, which means that he has to be more independent, this changes his and his family’s lives. I absolutely can’t wait for “Atypical” season three to come out. It’s such an underrated show! It’s probably the most family-friendly show from this list and I love its light tone! You get attached to the characters fast and finish the show before even realizing it. The first two seasons have been great and I can’t wait to see what they bring next!

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‘The Crown’ Season 3   8.5/10 (Netflix)
I’ve been recommended to watch this series about a hundred times and finally started it! It is a show that follows the life of the current Queen of England. I can most definitely say it was worth it. I adore the cast and I’m still in shock I started it so late! I am only still in season one but I will most definitely watch all of it and I highly recommend it!

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‘The OA Part II’  7/10 (Netflix)
“The OA” has a very unusual tone and definitely isn’t like other shows! It is about a woman who disappears and returns after 7 years gone. If you are into series like “Dark” and “Stranger Things” or even “The Society” you might like this one and trust me you are in for a ride! I still have yet to start season two but I heard it’s great and I can’t wait to see it.

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‘The Good Place’ Season 4   7.5/10 (NBC)
Onto a lighter show, I love watching “The Good Place” with my mom as it’s such a fun series! Kristen Bell is the light of the show and although it’s a good show it truly would not be the same without her in my opinion! If you are looking for something funny to watch with your grandmother (for example) this is it haha. It is about a woman in her afterlife who wants to shake her past habits from her past life. She does so with the help of her neighbors and new friends.

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‘American Horror Story: 1984’  7.5/10 (FX)
I adore the concept of AHS and that the theme of each series changed with every year of the story. Each series is a new year and a new story but still keeps the core actors of the show! The story is based on a family who moved into a haunted house. However, it has a super original approach and is not like your ordinary horror movie! Even though I still like and recommend American Horror Story the last couple of seasons aren’t what they used to be. But, I still am beyond thrilled to see what 1984 has to bring as AHS returned last month with yet another spooky season!

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‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3   8/10  (ABC)
Last but not least if you are a fan of medical shows like me and haven’t found anything yet on this list, this might most likely be it! This show is about an autistic man who struggles to form human relationships but has incredible medical skills. Alike “Grey’s Anatomy” it was impossible for me to stop watching this show haha. I love its tone, cast and pretty much everything about it! As usual Freddie Highmore is incredible in his lead role and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing his part!

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That’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and found a new series to stream this fall on this list! I know I’m set for a while with all of these for a long time personally! Hopefully, the variety will cover everyone’s likings.


Let me know, are you more of a comedy person or more drama/horror person like me haha. Also, have you seen any of these series? If so, which ones did you like? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of LOVE, as Always,


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