Hey guys! How is it going? In mid-September, I went on one of the best trips of my life with my family to Iceland! All the landscapes looked photoshopped because they were so pretty! We did a road trip around the country to visit everything we possibly could. I also hadn’t done a road trip in a little while and they are honestly just the best. We planned to stay a night at each stop and we ended up doing around 4.5 hours of driving each day!

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On our first day I, unfortunately, missed my flight since I had to leave at 4AM and arrived at mine (and my brother’s) flat in London shortly after midnight due to a delay on another flight I took. So I ended up booking the soonest one of the two flights that day to Keflavik, to arrive in time for the planned road trip! I landed in Iceland at 2pm and we had to do a long drive to get to the hotel, which is why I didn’t count this day as a real day in Iceland. Although, we technically did a week road trip (including this day)! Since we were originally supposed to arrive early we would’ve visited the ‘Hraunfossar’ falls as well as the sea coast (most attractions in Iceland are landscapes). We drove eight to nine hours that day and the weather conditions weren’t great so we arrived earlier at the hotel to rest for the six crazy remaining days we had planned!

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On the second day, we started the day with going to ‘Goõafoss’, which was absolutely stunning but oh my it was freezing especially with the wind and the humidity of the water. Then we headed to ‘Hverir’ geysers which were insane! It was the first time my brother and I saw Geysir, it was so impressive and I honestly never thought I would’ve seen one in my life. It also smelled like exactly like rotten eggs which I really didn’t expect haha. Right after we went to the ’Grjótagjá’ Cave and then stopped at a small American diner that was next to a gas station where we got hot dogs, and we were off again! After we headed to the ’Krafla’ lake which was so impressive and the color was so vibrant. It was such a short walk up to the lake and it was refreshing, to say the least! Then we quickly stopped at a volcano before our last stop. Finally, we headed to ’Skútustaõagigar’, which we drove past and also stopped to take in the beautiful view. After that, we went directly to the hotel which was the ’Laxa Hotel’ which was where we were staying for the night.

Outfit: Urban Outfitters sweater, Saint Laurent bomber, Jeans from Hollister, boots from Dr. Martens and sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

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Then on our third day, we went to ‘Dettifoss’ which was so pretty! We walked there for around an hour and admired the many waterfalls that were there as well as the wild nature! We also drove to the other side of the big fall which was so pretty from another angle and less crowded. Then we headed to the ‘Stuõlagil Canyon’, which was also breathtaking! We ended up doing a little bit more drive overall than the previous day but it was more than worth it.

Outfit: Hoodie from Shadow Hill, jeans from Agolde, bomber from Saint Laurent and boots from Dr. Martens.

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Day 4 was a hike day at ‘Litlanesfoss’. We did a three and a half-hour walk which was so beautiful and was more like climbing as soon as we got to the pretty waterfall! It had been a while since I had hiked and it was such a fun moment I shared with my brother and dad! After the hike we arrived in a small local town where we ate at one of the two restaurants they had, that was in a hotel. The food was really good and so fresh! After that, we did a couple hours of drive and stopped a little bit on the road as the view was insane!

Outfit: Hoodie from Champion, with Hollister jeans and Dr. Martens shoes.

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On the fifth day, we started the visits with the Ice Lagoon and headed immediately near ‘Seljalandsfoss’ where we walked for an hour and ate (and even saw a glacier)! They also had a couple waterfalls but I wouldn’t recommend this spot as much as the other ones. Then we did Svartifoss which was also stunning this one I would recommend as out of everything we did ‘Skógafoss’ was one of the prettiest stops (and it had the best waterfall for sure!). This place, as well as Iceland in general, honestly didn’t need a filter for pictures haha. Then we headed to the hotel where we ate something! Crazily enough while we were enjoying dinner the staff from the hotel called us to go outside as there were the northern lights! Which is unbelievably rare during that season and was honestly the most unbelievable natural thing I had ever seen in my life. It was so fast-moving and beautiful!

Outfit: Brandy Melville sweater and belt with Agolde high-waisted jeans and Dr. Martens boots, with a Saint Laurent bomber jacket.

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On day six,  we went to the ‘Gullfoss’ falls which are one of the most impressive ones! We arrived while rainbows were there it was so stunning, I’ll never forget it. We also did visit the Geysir again and this time they were fully active and blowing, which again, was mind-blowing and so pretty! We also went to see a Crater which like the ‘Krafla’ Lake; had such a vibrant color! We were a bit tired so we then finished the day by going to the hotel. My brother and I, funnily enough, saw northern lights again, which were more subtle this time, but still unbelievable!

Outfit: Simple Brandy Melville too with James Perse light grey jacket and Saint Laurent leather jacket. As well as grey beanie from a local store and my favorite Dr. Martens platform boots!

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On our final day, we went inside an empty Volcano! I quick frankly almost had a heart attack as the only way to go was down with an old scary looking elevator haha. But it was magnificent from the inside and the colors were astonishing! To finish the trip after that we went to the Blue Lagoon, which was so relaxing and I highly recommend it if you ever visit Iceland! It was the best way to end this insane trip.

Outfit: To go inside the volcano I wore a white tank top from Brandy Melville with a light jacket and leather jacket. With that I wore a black leggings and dark running shoes from Nike with my beanie and sunglasses! To go to the Blue Lagoon I changed into my Cynthia Rowley yellow ‘spring-suit’!


I had one of the best moments in my life and I’m so happy I got to share this with some of the most beloved people in my life and to now share it with all of you! I highly recommend stopping by the ‘Gullfoss’ falls as well ‘Litlanesfoss’ if you ever go to Iceland, they were absolutely incredible!

Have you ever heard about any of these places? Also, would you ever want to visit Iceland? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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