Hey guys! How is it going? I recently got the opportunity to attend the Chanel ‘prêt-a-porter’ 2020 fashion show and it was absolutely surreal and incredible! I wanted to dedicate a whole post to run down my favorite outfits as well as my thoughts about the show in general and how everything went down! My mom and I had received our invitations at the hotel the previous night and I was so excited to discover this show’s theme.

My mom and I got ready at 7:30 AM and got our hair done (and retouched) right after! For the makeup, I went for a simple ‘natural glow’ and got help from my one and only mom to do my white eyeliner! We then quickly got changed into our looks. My mom wore a black and white dress with a crossbody white bag and boots, as well as a black cap for an extra touch! As for myself, I wore a blue glittery two-piece set from the brand as well as an ocean blue bag and Pharrell x Chanel white sneakers. As soon as we got changed we headed to the car where we did two stops before heading to the show to pick up friends that were also attending. Less than half an hour later we arrived at the Grand Palais where photographers and fashion lovers reunited for a celebration of fashion week! We quickly showed our invitations as well as passports and headed in as it was going to start raining quite brutally.

As soon as we arrived inside and walked up the stairs to the seats we saw the Parisian rooftops that were recreated for the show, it was so impressive and pretty! We went to see where my mom’s friends were seated as well as walk around to look at the set up that was simply crazy. We saw Anna Dello Russo (the Vogue Japan Creative Consultant and Editor) and we later discovered that she had posted a picture of my mom and me on her story haha. That was so cool!


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Moments later we went to our seats and we were so unbelievably eager for the show to start and discover the latest collection! We saw a lot of photographers come on our left and quickly saw that it was because Cardi B was sitting a couple of seats away from us! Anna Wintour also came by moments after. Right after the show started. The show was so cool, there were mostly patterns and prints as well as very youthful clothing (like short shorts). I adored all the jackets and jumpsuits as well as all the incredible summer dresses (wearable for day or night), they were also in all types of lengths but like the shorts I mentioned, the dresses were more on the shorter side. I’m still daydreaming about all the dresses especially the open back ones as well as other more fluid ones that were made with light materials! I saw a lot of the traditional Chanel house mark still present in the new collection (like with the Chanel blazer, jacket, hat and more). These pieces are iconic and timeless. The show was mostly in warm colors, there was a lot of pink and red as well as neutral colors. I also liked a couple of necklaces and earrings (that I don’t usually notice during shows) but I did since they were so sparkly haha. But I thought it wasn’t their best season in terms of bags. The music was fun and catchy and I couldn’t contain my excitement to be there!

One of the looks that caught my attention the most was a cropped blazer with pink, orange and yellow glitter sequins all over it, they paired it with black mini-shorts that are super cute.

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As soon as the show finished I got out of my seat with my mom to find our friends and head to lunch and saw Cardi on the way. I miraculously got to tell her I was obsessed with her outfit and she was also kind enough to take a couple of pictures with me! Right after we headed out still in awe of what we had just seen and shorty went to the car. While heading out we saw model Sarah Ellen that I recognized from all her super cool and original Instagram posts!

Right after we headed to the Ritz and then went back to the hotel where I closed my suitcase and headed off to London.

It was one of my favorite runway shows in such a long time, I seriously wanted to wear each outfit! It was a very colorful, vibrant and fresh show! I got invited a couple of weeks ago and it was such a fun surprise to attend part of Paris fashion week this year, especially with none-other than a huge house like

Are you a Chanel lover like me? Did you like this collection? Let me know down below.

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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