Hey guys! How is it going? Recently I got the immense chance to attend the 71st primetime Emmy Awards with my mother in Los Angeles. I really wanted to dedicate a whole post to rundown how the night went because it was truly a spectacular night that I will never forget! We also got access to the Netflix after-party right after which was absolutely insane to say the very least! Now let’s get into all the details of the event, shall we?

The day started with my mom and I both getting our hair done at the hotel which was a super fun experience! I went for a simple high bun (as my outfit and makeup was already a lot on its own haha) and my mom went for natural curls. As for the makeup I decided to go for a ‘Euphoria’ inspired look, (click HERE to check out my review on HBO’s latest hit). The makeup artist beautifully helped me complete the rose gold shiny lid (with a glitter paste from ’Lemonhead.la’) finished off with a bold blue fading eyeliner (from Dior)! We then decided to get a little something to eat as award shows can run for the longest time plus counting the after-party and you can get pretty hungry haha… Anyways we both ordered avocado toast as they’re the classic brunch snack and it’s just sooo good, right? Either way, once we finished our quick brunch I changed into my Marchesa floral gown that I wore with simple Jimmy Choo shiny heels! As for my mom, she changed into her half Chanel half Dior absolutely stunning look! Moments later we headed down to the lobby of the hotel where we met up with our driver and shortly headed to the Microsoft Theater, where the award ceremony took place.

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After half-an-hour of the car, we arrived at the JW Marriott Hotel where we meet up with our friend and headed to the Microsoft Theater which was on the same block! We headed inside fast as we were a little bit late. We entered an open room with servers in line giving us all the last-minute must-haves in your bag like: lip balm, body cream, bloating papers, etc. I thought that was super cool and thoughtful! We then stopped to drink a little bit as it was one of the warmest days of the week/weeks in LA and we were very thirsty! I thought because of the heat that I shouldn’t take a jacket but I immediately regretted that decision whilst being in the full blast air conditioning during the ceremony haha. Once we finished our drinks we headed to the purple carpet and I couldn’t stop turning my head every second since I was meeting a lot of my favorite actors! The carpet was an endless path full of tv stations placed on the right like “Entertainment Weekly”, “Access Hollywood”, “Variety” and more. I quickly saw Emilia Clarke and said hey before she was interviewed at “Entertainment Tonight” about the latest season of Game of Thrones! My mom and I took a couple selfies together to commemorate the event and continued walking the carpet. We also saw Halsey, she was wearing a gorgeous strapless feathered pink and purple dress with a high bun (it looks like we went a little bit for the same vibe with our outfits haha). We also bumped into some of the actors from ‘When They See Us’ which was truly insane! We continued walking and passed by the famous Emmy’s photo wall. There were a lot of fans on a higher platform at the end of the carpet greeting actors like Viola Davis, Sandra Oh, Sophie Turner and lot’s more… We stayed there for a little bit talking about who we were hoping to see win, personally, I would’ve hoped to see Joey King win for ‘The Act’ in lead actress and in Limited Series/Movie!

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Then we entered the theater after passing security and headed to our seats. We were placed in the orchestra (Seats 105/106 in QQ to be exact)! The seats had a great view on the stage and the whole room. Soon Homer Simpson opened the show and a lot of fun stuff going on! Bill Hader (from ‘It 2’) quickly won for lead actor in a comedy series called ‘Barry’ which I have heard a lot of good feedback on! Safe to say I’m going to watch it soon.! Then although Joey King didn’t win as a lead actress in a limited series for ‘The Act’, Patricia Arquette did get some recognition for the role as she won in Supporting actress in limited series/movie. I’m glad the show got to take an award home as they truly deserved it! After a couple of short breaks, Jharrel Jerome won for lead actor in a limited series/movie for ‘When They See Us’ (he was the only actor who portrayed one of the exonerated 5 as a child and adult). He got a massive standing ovation as well as Antron, Kevin, Yusef, Raymond, and Korey that were in the audience! It was truly a magical moment. Shortly after that Halsey performed “Time After Time” during the touching Memoriam.  After another short break, the winner for the lead actress in a drama series was about to be announced. I really liked Jodie Comer (who won the award) in the first couple episodes of ‘Killing Eve’ that I saw, but, I am not going to lie I was still hoping it would’ve been Viola Davis to take home the award. A couple of categories later the drama series was announced by Micheal Douglas and went to ‘Game of Thrones’, and that wrapped up the show!

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We then headed straight to the Netflix after-party (held at Milk Studios) where crazily enough they didn’t even ask for my name at the entrance. Since we went right away it was still a little bit empty but it was placed in such a gorgeous location! As we were walking in the main hall I had already recognized a couple of Netflix actors from the cast of ‘Queer Eye’ like Debby Ryan (from ‘Insatiable’). As soon as we walked in our friend recognized Micheal Douglas and had a talk with him as they have worked together. He presented him to us which was crazy and we even got to take a picture together! We stayed in the center room and then wandered around as the place was massive! There was even a makeup “Refresh Lab”, which I thought was so fun, as well as a pink room that had projections of crystals on the walls. Whilst in the pink room I met Kaitlyn Denver that I had just seen in Netflix’s ‘Unbelievable’ (and from many projects before)! She was super sweet and so down to earth. I also got the unbelievable (haha get it) opportunity to talk to the director and executive producer of “Stranger Things”, Shawn Levy, which made my night quite frankly! Then we got to take videos filmed and edited by a crew, I put two here; one with my mom and one by myself! Right after exiting that part of the after-party I noticed Wyatt Oleff (from ‘It’). He was in a queue to do the video as well! After all that craziness we went to have a drink and stayed for another hour and more socializing among ourselves and the actors. Ava Duvernay then arrived with the cast of ‘When They See Us’ and so many other crazy things happened, like for example I bumped into Jason Bateman WITH HIS EMMY (!!!), that was pretty cool!

It was truly an amazing night and I can promise you I won’t ever forget it! I’m so glad I got to share this with my mom and we truly had the most insane time.

Let me know in the comments who you were hoping to see win! Also whose outfit was your favorite? I would personally have to go with Zendaya’s look!

Lots of LOVE, as always,




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