Hey guys! How’s it going? Today’s post (as you possibly read in my last blog post) will be about outfit inspiration for festivals. Some of the world’s best music festivals are coming up this month from Coachella to EDC and even more! So, if you’re attending I would love to help you in the process of choosing your outfits! I will be attending Coachella this weekend and possibly next week as well which I am so beyond excited about. I have been to a couple festivals (link to the last one I attended a couple of weeks ago HERE and for my list of festival essentials) in the last couple years and I’m completely obsessed with them! Although like I mentioned in the linked post, I tend to prefer festivals more-like Coachella which include a bit more of every music genre! Coachella literally includes every artist with artists in Pop, Rock, Electro and pretty much anything you want (with all the stages they have)! Anyways, in this post, I will mainly write about casual everyday outfits that can be easily transformed to a festival outfit as well as individual clothing pieces and accessories which are perfect in my opinion for all these music festivals.

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I wore this look to the Maldives two year ago and it’s such a simple easy look! It can be turned either into a chic night outfit or a boho festival one with the right accessories and is essential to bring to warm places! I would match this with black booties and a small black backpack!

This is also a very simple look. I would recommend wearing it with a crop top of a tube strapless one.
This one-piece from Sabo Skirt (again haha) has become one of my ultimate favorites! I love patterned clothing, they fit perfectly for festivals and look gorgeous.
Even outfits as simple as this outfit, look great for festivals in my opinion! I make sure to have a pop of colors for all the outfits I wear (and this is definitely one of them!).
If you’re more of a Bohemian person this one might be for you! I would style this one with black western booties a backpack with the same color and possibly a braid!
A little tip; whenever I wear a short dress and I know I’m going to move around a lot I wear thin nude shorts underneath.
And last but not least for the ‘inspired lookbook’ is this one I wore to Paris. This is very close to something I would wear to a music event! Except either a crossbody bag as holding a purse all day and night at festivals is not ideal (but fringes are insanely gorgeous, especially for festivals)!


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.51.11

I usually wear pretty simple tops to Coachella and try to accessories as much as I can! A simple white crop top can easily be paired with a shirt (a transparent/sheer one), booties or converse, a belt and maybe even a hat… voila you have a perfect festival look!

 1. UO – Emily Double Tie-Front Cropped Top – $49.00

2. Abercrombie – Lace Cami – $42

3. Mara Hoffman – Isadora pouf-sleeve crop top – $325

4. Abercrombie – SHORT-SLEEVE TIE-FRONT TOP – $34


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.51.20

I personally recommend wearing shorts rather than wearing skirts since there is a lot of sitting on the ground and skirts are overall just so impractical! There are also so many cute shorts online so I would definitely recommend giving those a look (I promise you won’t regret it haha). I struggled to only pick four as so many stores have insanely pretty ones! But here are some of my ultimate favorites and also a few that are essential!

  1. Abercrombie – HIGH RISE MID-LENGTH DENIM SHORTS – € 74
  2. BDG – High-rise black short
  3. Beginning Boutique – Sunset Suede Hot Pants Leopard – $59.95
  4. Saint Laurent – Leather Embroidered Shorts

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.51.31

It took me a while to wear my first dress to a festival since I would rather be more comfortable (but they’re actually really not bad and all look pretty on all pictures)! Again, it took me a while to decide which ones I was going to include but those truly made the cut for me and stood out from the others I saw. You can match them with pretty much anything from Converse to basic booties and even sneakers! To add even more detail you can always also add a belt.

  1. Sabo Skirt – Evelina Dress – $88 AUD
  2. Beginning Boutique – Bronx Overall Dress Denim$29.95
  3. Urban Outfitters – Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress – $74
  4. De La Vali  – Koko puff sleeve square neck cotton mini dress – $360


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.51.42

My number one clothing essential for festivals are playsuits. They’re so practical and to me look the best on. If you’re thinking of attending or will be attending a festival soon I would definitely recommend giving one of those a look. You could even try a cool set two-piece instead of a one-piece playsuit!

  2. Victoria’s Secret – Shine Satin Romper – $49.50
  4. Abercrombie – Utility Romper – $74


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.50.33

As I probably mentioned a hundred times in this post my two shoe essentials are Converse and booties (preferably more western style booties). They are the perfect balance of comfort and detail for an edgy looking outfit! Here are some of the ones I might be wearing myself…

  1. Classic Converse high-rise black
  2. Chloé – Susanna Leather Ankle Boots $1370
  3. Dr. Martens – 1460 8 Eye boots – $336
  4. Paris Texas – Texas cowboy boots – $394


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.50.42

As I mentioned in recent previous posts, I didn’t realize until recently how much details can impact an outfit! Here are some of the accessories that I think are perfect for festivals! I will be wearing very similar pieces. The styles vary from edgy to more bohemian which varies from person to person!

  1. Alessandra Earrings – Jennifer Behr – $323
  2. Crystal Orchid Earrings – Jennifer Behr – $571
  3. Dior – Multicolor Bracelet
  4. Urban Outfitters – Shell Gold Necklace
  5. Saint Laurent sunglasses
  6. Saint Laurent sunglasses
  7. Saint Laurent – New Wave SL 181 Loulou – $420
  8. Saint Laurent – New Wave SK 213 Lily – $350


Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 04.51.00

And finally, here are some of the belts that are on my wishlist for future festivals haha. As well as accessories, the belt makes such a big impact on an outfit and it really makes it pop as a whole! I like more western style ones to match my booties but I mix a bit of everything and different styles when it comes to my belts.

  1. Urban Outfitters – Cheryl Charm Western Belt $39.0
  2. Missguided – Black ribbon fedora hat – $14
  3. Urban Outfitters – Cassidy Beaded Western Belt – $34.0
  4. Saint Laurent Sailor Cap – $795




That’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed my selection and definitely be sure to let me know if you have a favorite look/item out of the list.
Enjoy the festivals if you are attending!


Lots of LOVE, as always,


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