Hey guys! How’s it going? I have thought a lot about the continuation of Netflix’s ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ (aka ‘Part 2’) these last couple days. I have pretty much been thinking about it since I heard that the show was being renewed for a new season. As soon as it came out, I binge-watched it, just like I did for the previous season haha! Btw, if you haven’t already you should read my review on Season 1 of this series (link to that HERE). Either way, that’s enough blah-blah let’s get to the show itself, shall we? Oh and as always this review is spoiler-free!
Before heading onto my original thoughts here’s a little glimpse of how the plot develops in S2! If you have seen season one, you should be aware that it starts after Sabrina has just had her dark baptism. This season mainly focuses on her changes as a witch after such a big event in her life. We now, in season 2 walk along, with Sabrina, through her darker path and we discover more of her entourage, herself and all the crazy misadventures they’re led into.




Of course, being the show that it is, it will surprise you along the way, although I must say that it can be quite predictable at times. Season 2 is filled with magic and is much more intense than the first season! The show is also in general very ‘Woman Empowering’ and gender equality filled, which I admire and I think should be more represented in the entertainment industry (and we are getting there, slowly but surely as well as with diversity).
As I previously said part 2 is much darker, also ‘sexier’ and well, much, much more intense! There’s so much happening in it and I’m surprised they successfully fit it all in a season. The first couple episodes were kind of ‘laying the base’ and then we got a ‘dream’ episode 4, “Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror” (that was my favorite episode, and it was so beyond crazy and twisted). After that came 5 episodes of the viewer continually wanting to know what happens next. These episodes were filled with action and well, to put it short, wizardry!




Although I like the show a lot, what truly makes it what it is to me is the acting! Miranda Otto as Zelda is absolutely phenomenal. I also adore the character and how strong and fierce she is! Same goes for Sabrina’s other aunt, Hilda (the amazing Lucy Davis). You really grow attached to both of these characters in S2. That works for almost everyone on the show, apart for Harvey. For me personally, I feel like he lost a bit of personality and doesn’t have much going on for him but I do not mind it that much since the show already has so many great characters! Mary Wardwell (aka Madame Satan aka Lilith) also made an even better impression than in the first part and this season wouldn’t have been the same without her complex character. But best for last is Sabrina Spellman (the one and only Kiernan Shipka), she was made for this role! That’s all I’ll say about the actors!
I overall liked season two more than the first one although they were both tremendously good in my opinion! It’s fun to see a teen tv show that is not too ‘cliché’ and for it to have something a bit darker in it for a new change! I overall give ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Part 2 a 7,5/10. I absolutely can not wait for the next part!
I tried to not spoil anything, and I hope I succeeded haha. Have a good day guys!
Lots of LOVE, as always,


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