From everyday tops to the cutest scrunchie – My Brandy Melville Essentials Try-On Haul

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s doing great! Today I wanted to share with all of you a haul. It’s pretty unusual for me to do a haul unless it is a makeup haul. But, Brandy Melville has recently opened their first store in my hometown; Geneva. So, as one would do, I decided to go with a few of my friends! I’m going to admit that I went a little crazy in the store! I mean who am I to blame… who doesn’t love Brandy! I decided to do a haul because I love the items I bought! There are about 10 items and they’re mostly all tops and most of them are pretty simple. They’re perfect to be worn on a daily basis and to wear all year round. I’m super excited to start wearing them!
Okay, enough blah-blah, let’s get to the clothes, shall we?!
(Little disclaimer): I looked for the items that I purchased online and I couldn’t find all of them, so, I used the prices from the store and managed to find them in EUR in USD.


Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 02.54.51
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Let’s start off with my first top. I’m so in love with this vintage looking white t-shirt. It has a really cute pastel blue vintage car in the front of it and “Motor Show” date tours at the back. This is the perfect top to style with pretty much anything. Whether it’s shorts, skirts, jeans or anything other.
2. TRUDY TANK – $16
Another essential of mine is this tank top. I wore the same one in a different color (red and white) to the Avengers: Infinity War charity screening with Tom Holland (aka our favourite neighbourhood spider-man). I loved it! It ended looking so cute on the pictures. Although, you may say that this is more of a summer top rather than any other season, ill definitely bring it to my warmer destinations! I would style it with a sweater or a coat for the winter! This time I got it in blue and white and I’m so glad I got it. It’s so comfy and such an essential to have!
3. ANNA BODYSUIT – 22,00 €
Talking about essentials.. this ‘Anna bodysuit’! Whenever I go out with friends and I have no idea what to wear I always end up wearing a simple black bodysuit (just like this one)!! I would usually pair it with a skirt, booties, a colourful bag, and lipstick for a good night out. It’s the classic “you can’t go wrong” kinda’ look!
Next up, another tank. I’ve been seeing this one all over social media so I was very tempted to ask in the store if they still had one. Fortunately for me, they did! It’s a simple black cropped tank top with “Los Angeles” written on it in yellow. Definitely one of my favourite items in this haul!
Finally, something that isn’t a t-shirt haha. I purchased this really cute red scrunchie! I only ever had a grey scrunchie and I use it all the time so I decided to get a new one! I also have extremely thick hair so a scrunchie is the best way for me to put my hair in a bun or a ponytail.
6. GIGI TANK – 15 €
This is another simple tank that is essential! This grey tank is a little bit open in the front so I think that it’s not something you can wear everywhere you go. I can already see myself wearing it to the beach in Hawaii in a few months!
While I was in the store with a friend she completely froze on this cropped David Bowie tee and I couldn’t help but crack for it too! It’s super cute to pair up even with jeans and a jacket for a day of school. I absolutely love it!!
8. ZELLY TOP – 16 €
I then cracked for this really cute white cropped top. I truly didn’t have anything like it in my wardrobe and it’s truly an essential! It’s all buttoned-up in the front which gives a little of something more to the look.
9. ASHLYN TOP – $15
Continuing on, I bought the same top as the last one listed but without the buttons. I saw this for more of a night out look or to wear with a shirt on top.
10. LIZZY THERMAL TOP – 18,00 €
And last but not least, I bought this exact t-shirt in white about a year ago. But, I couldn’t help but buy it when I saw it in red. I’ve had it for less than two weeks and I have already worn it twice!

And that concludes my haul! Thank you for clicking on today’s post! I hope you liked all the items I shared with you! Let me know if you have a favourite, mines would have to be 1,4 and 8! I hope you love Brandy just as much as I do!
Lot’s of LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea

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