Hey guys! I really hope you all had a fantastic summer! As you have all probably already realized, the fall is near and for those of you that still attend school/university, classes should be starting soon! For the rest of us, it’s simply time to get back into our routines, to forget the bliss and ease of summer and to delve head-first into the complications and fun of real life. Unfortunately, life isn’t always a vacation, so I’m personally looking forward to getting right back into it. I hope all of you treat this new start with a positive mindset and an excitement and eager to grow. But before I join you all on this entrance into the new academic year, I’d like to share with you all the little things that made the end of my summer what it was. In other words, I’ll be listing my August favourites which made my holidays complete! I’m going to separate my list into two sections, the first part will encompass lifestyle and entertainment and the second will focus on the beauty products that I’ve loved recently. As my last of the summer of 2018, I hope you enjoy it!


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1. ‘Sweetener’ Album by Ariana Grande

Starting off good and fresh, here is the album that echoed my thoughts this summer, Sweetener! Definitely my favourite album of the month by far, this is Ariana Grande’s new masterpiece. Whether I was in the car, on the plane, editing posts, or simply with friends… this was the collection of songs that soundtracked my summer. I’m somehow always in the mood to have it on in the background and love every single song in the album. I just had to include Sweetener in this post as I haven’t written about it on ZimmyLifestyle yet and Ariana Grande is honestly my favourite singer. Overall, I must comment that “breathin”, “pete davidson”, “get well soon”, “R.E.M” and “successful” were the ones I listened to the most out of the 16 tracks. But whether it’s Ariana’s famous ‘no tears left to cry’ or her phenomenal ‘God is a woman’, she will never fail to impress!

2. ‘The Good Doctor’ TV series

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly for a while, you should be well aware that I love medical TV shows. Whether they involve doctors or patients, somehow I’m always obsessed! You should also know that I love Freddie Highmore from the incredible show ‘Bates Motel’… so when I learned that he was going to play the lead role in a TV Show about a hospital, I simply knew I would be hooked! The show revolves around Freddie’s character, who is an autistic man that qualifies as a surgeon. I started watching the show on my flight from Montreal to Los Angeles and I found it spectacular. Although it took me a couple of episodes to truly get into it, I’m now in love with it and desperately waiting for season two!

3. ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” movie

Next up on my list is Netflix’s new rom-com called ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’. I absolutely loved this movie and if you want to read more about what I thought, click HERE for my review. What was great about this film, in particular, was its racial diversity and pleasant uniqueness. Anyways, I loved the film so you should definitely all go and watch it! Some of my favourite scenes from the film include the ski trip (which reminds me of my home in Switzerland) and of course the heavily-advertised-on-Instagram coffee shop scenes! The soundtrack of the movie was also really good and I loved, in particular, the song ‘I Like Me Better’ by Lauv.

4. ‘Love, Simon’ book

I recently decided that from now on, I’m going to start sharing my favourite book of the month, to encourage both my followers and me to start reading more! In our century of technology and smartphones, I genuinely believe that we could all get a break from our screens! Back to this book, I’ve been wanting to start reading ‘Love, Simon’ for what feels like forever! As you all know from my review (link HERE), I really enjoyed this movie and even more so, I loved seeing the cast in person at the Teen Choice Awards (link to that event HERE). The day after that event (where I met Nick Robinson who plays Simon), I decided to go and finally buy the book. I read a few chapters on the plane and at the airport and can already say that I’m loving it! As I’ve been having a really crazy few last months, it feels great to finally have the time to do something that’s good for me, to read. So, I hope you all do the same and that you read alongside me! Especially in this new month!

5. Rimowa suitcase

For my last item in this section of my favourites, I’d like to mention something that is essential to my traveling lifestyle, my beloved suitcase! It’s no secret that I travel a lot and that I’m constantly packing and unpacking. So, when I looked into my cupboard and figured that the one thing I use the most is my suitcase, I just knew I had to treat myself to one that I really loved! So, I cracked, and bought myself a beautiful, big and purple suitcase that I’m obsessed with! I usually like to have a zipper that gives you a little extra storage if needed, as sometimes I stay longer at a place or end up traveling more (and packing more), but this luggage is already pretty big so I think I should be fine! Although I know this item is a pricey investment, trust me when I say that it’s completely worth it! I decided to personalize my bag with stickers so for starters, I’ll always be able to find it quickly at the baggage claim conveyer belt and secondly, that it will forevermore look like it belongs to me! I can’t wait to bring it with me everywhere!


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1. Becca – Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer in “Latte” – $29.00

Onto the beauty section of the post! Oh my oh my… I decided to buy this concealer by the brand Becca as James Charles (my ultimate makeup icon) always talks about it in his videos and never fails to seamlessly apply it, prove its coverage and compliment it! I went for the shade ‘Latte’ when I purchased this article and luckily, it was perfect! Although when I say perfect, I mean it fits my current (light) summer tan, I know I’m going to have to restock with a lighter shade soon! I’ve written about a number of concealers in the past and although and they were all very good, I believe that if you are genuinely looking for good coverage (like me), this is the best product out there! I can get somewhere close to this amount of coverage using heavy layering of other concealers, but with Becca, all I need is one tiny drop! I use it daily with my beauty blender on my dark circles and one or two blemishes and that’s it, I’m done, dusted, and looking flawless!

2. GrandeLASH™ – MD Lash Enhancing Serum – $65.00

If you’ve been following up with my blog lately, you should also know that mascara and I haven’t been on the best terms recently. Although we used to be best of buddies, I decided to ditch it this summer and instead, opted for a supernatural look, gave my skin some breathing space, and let my lashes grow! So, whenever I decide to go makeup-free I always put this product on my lashes for a full day and honestly, it’s the best serum ever! I bought one a couple of years ago that helped my eyelashes grow tremendously but I lost it somehow over the years… so when I randomly fell upon it at Sephora in Beverly Hills this month, I just knew I had to buy it again! Also, when I go for a night-out or decide to wear makeup for a day, I love putting this serum on late at night, once I’ve taken my makeup off and have washed my face! So, I recommend it to all of you, and although I know its pricey for a serum, you have to trust me when I say it works! In my opinion, this stuff is worth its every penny, especially considering it lasts up to three years!

3. Pat McGrath Labs – SKIN FETISH: HIGHLIGHTER + BALM Duo in “Nude” – $‌48.00

And last but certainly not least, I couldn’t write an August favourites post without mentioning Pat McGrath Labs. Even though I haven’t worn much makeup this month, my routine has still consisted of GrandeLASH serum, Becca concealer, and this highlighter. I fell head over heels in love with this product when I first tried it out! It is so practical and makes me feel like people can see me glowing from a mile away! I also love that I can layer it – one day I can be as glittery as a disco-ball, and the next, I can just have a subtle summer glow! All in all, this highlighter has been essential for me this month and I cannot wait to create new makeup looks with it! I wrote a full review about Pat McGrath Labs’ products recently, so click HERE if you want to check that out. Oh and by the way, this highlighter is in the shade ‘Nude’, but trust me, I feel far from underdressed when I wear it!


And that brings me to the end of this post! That’s a wrap! Please feel free to share the same love for a makeup product or a movie you loved this summer down below! Are you going to start reading? Can you believe summer is over? What are you most excited about for the new year? Let me know.

Sending each and every one of you loads of love, and tons of luck for the new season! My advice to you is study hard, work hard, enjoy your routines… and meet me back in the sand next summer!

With love,

Tiffany Lea

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