Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good! Today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite skincare products for bad skin days. Although I’ve talked about skincare on my blog before, I’ve never gone into detail about the lifesaving products that keep my skin clear. But that day has finally arrived! So here I am, ready to spill all my secrets so that maybe I can help you avoid similar breakouts… In the following text, I’ll be sharing three spot treatments (an overnight one, a cream, and a gel) as well as my two essential face masks. I have been using the pimple treatments for a couple weeks now but the face masks have been my favorites for years! Finally, the last product I’ll be talking about is a super-hydrating face cream. Enjoy!

A little disclaimer before we start: This post is not sponsored in any shape or form and all the recommendations below are mine. The text is simply a cluster of my thoughts and therefore completely honest and original. 

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1.CLARIFYING SPOT SOLUTION – Tata Harper – $35.00

First things first, Tata Harper is such a good skincare brand! While I was looking for pimple treatments in Sephora a while back, a shop assistant recommended I try out some from Tata… and to my amazing surprise, they were brilliant! This is a cream spot solution that you can apply over and over (only onto blemishes of course) throughout the day whenever you feel the need to. It helps reduce redness without irritating or over-drying the skin. Although this product is perfect for any skin type I would recommend it for people with sensitive skin. This product does work phenomenally well but it’s not the right one for me, as I still overall prefer drying gels. I’m still very glad that I tried it out and would totally use it again. But yes, although it’s not for me, I would definitely recommend this for one of you if you prefer creams to gels or toners.


Now onto the discovery of this post! I absolutely fell in love with this product and considering it’s the cheapest out of the three blemish products, I was super surprised! This gel treatment is perfect if you are having a no-makeup day, or for a Sunday-in or simply to wear overnight! It’s really fresh and burns a little bit at first but that’s how you know it works (in my opinion), then it almost instantly dries off and helps with irritation and redness. Apply it regularly to the concerned area and it can help the blemish disappear completely in two days, which is super cool. If you feel a pimple is coming, just put a little bit of gel on that area and it will help reduce the redness! I have super sensitive skin and it didn’t over-dry nor irritate it! I would still recommend this product for sensitive/dry skin as I loved it myself but maybe ask an assistant at Sephora or your local beauty store, maybe they’ll recommend the cream instead of the gel for you. For combination or oily skin, this one is definitely for you!

3. Charcoal Spot Corrector – Boscia – $28.00

Now onto my favourite overnight product! This is the one that showed the best overnight results by far. I was so impressed by this newly released product from Boscia! Of course before reading the instructions I shook the bottle, like an idiot, to find out a couple seconds later that it said “DO NOT SHAKE” in bold in the instructions. So, do not shake this product haha. Like for all the products on this list you should cleanse your skin before applying the product. Then dip a Q-tip in the bottle and wait for the charcoal to come into contact with the cotton after that apply a thin layer of it onto the affected area and you’re good to go! Leave it on for an hour or even overnight for maximum results. Again, my skin reacted perfectly fine with this product as I only used it on a very tiny part of my face – so my advice to you is to not go crazy with the application! Overall, I would recommend this product mainly to those with combination or oily skin.


Now onto the masks! This first one is my favorite mask ever, a brilliant Black Tea scented mask from the super cool brand Fresh. I’ve never used a mask before with such quick and reliable results, so whenever I make any of my friends try this mask out they all end up buying it a few days later! It’s a hydrating mask that immediately softens your skin and leaves you healthy and glowing, literally. Another thing that I love with this mask is how fresh it is! No wonder the brand wanted to be called ‘Fresh’, their products offer exactly that! This mask is perfect for all skin types and you can leave it on for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a week! Here are the results of some of the people who have tried it, I found them on Fresh’s website.

•Proven to have a significant moisturizing effect for 6 hours

•94% reported softer skin

•84% noticed more supple skin

•81% felt it smoothed and improved skin texture

I also believe that this mask has successfully helped my skin get over blemishes or even recover from crazy nights out! It’s definitely one to make you feel better I’ll tell you that!

5. CLAY PURIFYING MASK – Kora Organics – $44.95 

This 100% organic clay mask from Kora Organics is honestly my number one mask essential when I’m having a bad skin day. It’s the perfect product to offer a gentle detox, a sweet purification, and amazing soother to the complexion of your skin. Leave it on for 5 minutes if you have sensitive or dry skin and 10 minutes for combination or oily! Check out my full Kora Organics Review HERE.

6. Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème – Dior – $69.00

And last but not least, how can you get rid of a pimple without hydrating cream!? Here’s one of my absolute favourites, which feels like water on my skin! Created by Dior and adored by yours truly, this cream is guaranteed to give you happier skin! I’ve always been a firm believer that hydration is essential to pushing pimples away and this cream is the perfect proof of exactly that! Apply it before you go to sleep or as soon as you wake up in the morning (post-washing your face of course!). Enjoy!

That’s it, guys! I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you use any of these brands or have tried out any of these products! Do you use face masks? What’s your fab outfits face cream? Let me know!

As always, I’m sending you all lots and lots of LOVE!

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