As a fashion blogger, I can confirm that models are constantly having an impact on the beauty industry. From their campaigns to their Instagram pages to their favorite beauty products, I reiterate when I say that their choices affect a lot of marketing and therefore, a lot of sales. Speaking of beauty products, sales, and models, Miranda Kerr recently created an organic skincare brand called Kora Organics. Considering I haven’t done a beauty review in a while, I figured this Australian line of products would be the perfect re-introduction into the beauty section of my blog. Therefore, I ordered several of her products and tried them out for a week, just enough time to develop some opinions which I can now share with you all! At first, I was very hesitant as to what I should try out, as there were so many products on offers such as masks, cleansers, mists, and oils… But, after reading several reviews and figuring out what was most suitable for my skin type, I added six items to my cart and awaited their arrival! Without further ado, here is my review on Kora Organics.
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To be perfectly honest, if you would have asked me for my opinion on facial oils a couple of months ago, you wouldn’t have gotten a positive response. From a very young age, I have simply always preferred cream moisturizers over oils, as they are both lighter on the skin and also less likely to leave you with greasy hands… Regardless of this opinion, when I tried Miranda Kerr’s Noni Glow Body oil, I fell in love. Its shimmery glow thoroughly impressed me and the lightness of the oil really suited my skin. Very quickly absorbed and not at all sticky, this oil is now my go-to after a long shower. It works for any skin type and is an absolute essential if you want a summer-body-shine.
Out of the everything I ordered, this product is almost definitely the one I was most excited for. To explain the product, it’s a compact body moisturizer known as a body balm that looks like a very cute and small deodorant and leaves your skin with a heavy glow. This is super useful if you’re planning on going to a festival anytime soon and can be rubbed in for a more subtle day-to-day look. Although on the website, it states that it can be used for all skin types, I would only recommend it for people with dry skin. Personally, when I used it, I felt quite sticky as the product is honestly far too moisturizing… Either way, I definitely won’t be seeing any dry skin for a while as this stuff could keep me moisturized for weeks… To re-emphasize, it definitely isn’t a bad product but just maybe isn’t as versatile as I had wished. Plus its size is definitely a practical plus!
I bought this product in its smallest form to see if I would truly like it… So far, I’ve been loving it. If you ever don’t feel like wearing any makeup but still want to look glowing and fresh, this oil is definitely the one for you. Again, it is advertised to suit all skin types but for this product, I honestly think it could. I have pretty dry skin and when I apply it before going to sleep, I wake up feeling like a baby. Truly rejuvenating and definitely replenishing, this oil lasts forever. Instead of wasting 1/4th of a cream moisturizer pot every week, I could use this oil for ages as I only use 3-4 drops, twice a day. I’ve been using it that amount since I got it around a week ago and the bottle still looks completely full!
Although every other product on my list was placed into my possession about a week ago, I bought this specific product around a year ago at Sephora in New York. At the time, I had no idea what the brand was, nor who had endorsed it – I’m so glad that has changed! This specific oil is a wellness essence and one of Miranda’s personal favorites. It is full of supercharged oils and smells amazing. I keep it with me all the time and use it as a calming agent alongside using it as a perfume base. It has hints of rose and sandalwood and is honestly a very uplifting and calming scent.
If you read my most recent skincare routine post (link to it HERE) then you would remember me mentioning that I’m obsessed with anything and everything to do with rose-scented skincare. So when I saw this Rose mist on the Kora website, I just knew I had to buy it! I’m definitely taking it to Coachella with me this year and will use it continuously to refresh my face throughout the hot days. Someone I know uses it directly after washing their face but personally, I’ll just be keeping it as a cooling boost. Alongside smelling remarkable, I can confirm that it is also super nourishing for your skin and apparently has antioxidant protection.
If you ask any of my friends, they will confirm that I am and have always been a mask person. I wear them about twice a week and always enjoy trying out new ones! I’m constantly snap chatting with a mask on or having dinner on a couch with one on! Again, I love them! So, therefore, when I saw that Kora Organics had made one, I knew I had to give it a try. Now that I have used it, I can tell you all that it is amazingly purifying and definitely cleansing. I love that it is certified-organic and that it is made of only natural Australian clay. So far, I have seen it refine my pores and shadow my imperfections. I wore it for a good 10 minutes of a Netflix episode but if you have sensitive skin, I would only recommend wearing it for 5. Be prepared to see a result of smooth and soft skin.
Overall, I definitely think Miranda Kerr did a fantastic job creating this line. Although it is slightly too moisturizing at times, it definitely works and would be perfect if I were to be living in Australia under the hot sun every day. As a London-Geneva girl, I think I will have to pick and choose when I use them, but trust me, when I do, it’ll put a smile on my face. I highly recommend the Noni glow body oil and the balancing Rose mist for anyone! Even though I pretty much liked every product, those two definitely stood out and are now essential to me. I’m definitely going to be trying out more of Kora Organics’ products so let me know in the comments section if you would like a second review on my future purchases! Also, do you own any Kora products? Do you want to try any of them? Tell me!
As always.
with LOVE,
Tiffany Lea

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