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So I don’t know if you guys have heard but Rihanna has made yet another masterpiece… After having made amazing music, perfume and clothes, the goddess has created a makeup brand named after her last name, called Fenty Beauty! And well, I went a little crazy while in London at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and bought quite a couple of the products. All of which I will review for you down below… Enjoy!
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PROFILT’R – Instant Retouch Primer:
Unlike almost every other primer I’ve ever tried, Fenty’s primer isn’t chalky and doesn’t dry out your skin. This one is beautiful packaged and super, super mattifying! Also, I’ve already dropped it twice and nothing – no scratches or broken primer in sight!
PRO – Foundation:
I first tried out this foundation with the assistance of a makeup artist at Harvey Nichols. As soon as she was finished with even a mere half of my face, I could already feel the splendid light-feeling. Not at all cakey, not at all glossy, just perfectly matte and soft… As explained by the makeup artist, the coverage is build-able so when she applied a thin layer and I wasn’t happy with the coverage, she very easily applied some more until it met my perfect coverage desire! So far, this foundation hasn’t failed me and I’ve worn it out for a full day and came home to be pleasantly surprised by how well it lasts! Here are the shades if you’re interested in finding your match!
MATCH STIX – Matte Skin stick:
Next up, the match sticks… Although you might think I’m crazy as I bought three matte skin sticks, I don’t regret it one bit! The ones I bought were “Starstruck”, a gorgeous highlighter to use on your cupid’s bow, cheekbones or lips, “French Vanilla”, a perfect, covering concealer and “Mocha” that I use for contour. I specifically bought these shades as I have very light skin but fear not, if you have a darker skin there are a ton of other shades for you! The sticks themselves are very blend-able, light on the skin and overall, super duper gorgeous in photos! Definitely worth it.
KILOWATT – Freestyle Highlighter:
I bought this product in the shade “Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby” as out of all the highlighters, its pink/gold tone attracted me the most. The pigment is insane and again, like Rihanna’s other products, these highlighters are incredibly easy to blend. As I found the first Kilowatt I bought amazingly good, I decided to go back and buy another one! This time, I purchased the shade “Trophy Wife”, a strong gold/yellow highlighter that literally everyone on the internet has been going crazy about! Overall, these highlighters are just super versatile! You can use them anywhere where you want a glow and they are pigmented enough to use as eye shadow…. Sounds like perfection right?
I first, I thought I wasn’t going to buy the Fenty brushes as I already have loads and I didn’t think Fenty’s would be any better than my RealTechniques or Macs but I was thoroughly mistaken… As soon as I laid my eyes on the gorgeous brushes, I fell in love. The “120 – Highlighter Brush” is the honestly the best brush I have ever tried for highlighter application, it is SO easy to use and so, so, so soft! Also, the “110- Foundation Brush” and “140- Highlighter Brush” are also amazing, easy to use and all together, they make makeup insanely more fun as they make up so easily applicable!

GLOSS BOMB – Universal Lip Luminizer:

If you want to try out Fenty Beauty but you don’t know what to start with, remember that you can never go wrong with the Gloss Bomb! It’s a super shiny, ultra moisturizing, nude-rose lip gloss that lasts a very long time! Also, it only comes in one shade and although that might be a turn-off, trust me when I say it suits everyone.

Looking back on all ten products that I bought, I have not the slightest feeling of regret in my mind. Whenever I go makeup shopping, there is always one product that doesn’t suit me or doesn’t work or breaks easily but with Rihanna’s collection, that simply isn’t the case. Every single product that I bought, I adore, especially the foundation which honestly takes me a couple of seconds to apply and leaves me feeling flawless. That’s the best part of this makeup brand, it leaves you feeling beautiful. And by you, I mean every single person that tries out this makeup as one of Rihanna’s main goals with this brand was to ensure that every single skin color could find a foundation to match their skin and trust me, she has succeeded. I was reading an article about a woman who is an albino and even she was able to find her shade in the collection! Amazing right?
Rihanna, hats off to you, this collection was an immense success. Can’t wait to see more!
Tiffany Lea
Please let me know in the comments whether or not you have tried any of FentyBeauty’s products and if so, what did you think? xx

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