I love Dior, you love Dior, everybody loves Dior. It has always been such a beautiful brand, making classic and elegant pieces since 1946. I have loved their clothes for many years now but never really paid close attention to their makeup… Until recently, when I was shopping at Harrods in London. It was a Saturday morning (change to what it was) and I was just simply in the mood for buying new nail polishes. Having forgotten my entire collection back in Geneva, this was ultimately a necessary thing to do. So, when I walked over to the Dior stand, I immediately fell in love with all of their beauty products. I picked out a couple of nail polishes and then started talking to the personnel that was working there. Funnily enough, one of the men at the stand had actually done our friend’s makeup for the Dior Fashion Show at the Blenheim Palace back in may! Coincidence? I think yes. Anyways, I looked at all the makeup, tried loads of it on and bought quite a bit. So why not share what I got with all of you? Dior makeup haul, here we come… Enjoy!

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love, Tiffany Lea

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  1. I love Dior and I especially love Dior bags, shoes, sunglasses, typical Dior dresses and of course Dior jewelery. My most favorite. I use a lot of door cosmetics, my favorite is lipstick maximizer collagen. Dior is really feminine and chic, I wear dior everyday!

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