Once all the craziness and talking had stopped, I took my seat, and the show began. All the lights went off and the first model, Ruth Bell started walking. She was dressed head to toe in white and had a little bee on her shoes. I later discovered that this motif had been Chiuri’s way of paying homage to one of Dior’s past designers, Hedi Slimane who had incorporated the bee into many of his designs.
After Ruth Bell had opened the show, she was followed by her twin sister called May and many other models such as Yasmin Wijnaldum and Julia Nobis. Overall, the cast for Dior’s SS17 show were primarily editorial models: none of my favorite instant-famous models such as Gigi or Kendall walked.
At the beginning of the show, the majority of the models were dressed in white. But as the show continued, models started arriving in black. Common fabrics that were used in most of the looks were embroidery, lace and knitwear. There were also a lot of cropped pants, a lot of crochet work and loads of black and white quilted cotton.  A lot of the collection was inspired by the classical female fencing uniform which amplifies the sensual tension that exists between the body and clothing. The inspiration was clear to see as a lot of the looks resembled a reworked fencing uniform, including a white padded jacket, an oversized shirt and matching cropped trousers.
Transparent chiffon skirts that were either pleated or intricately embroidered with hearts, flowers, and leaves were also very common on this runway.
Overall, Chiuri has definitely made the new Dior all about “girl power”. The whole show was very boldly feminine and had quite a sporty vibe. This was definitely obvious when model Amanda Googe came out wearing a “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” tee.
After all the white, black and flowery looks, model Torry Zherebtcova walked out in a big red dress. All the eyes were on her, and everyone was taking photos, especially as the rest of the looks were mostly in achromatic colour, the red made so much more of an impact as the contrast was insane.
After Torry, a lot more models started coming out in sweatshirts, chokers and revealing dark see-through dresses.
Overall, I thought the show was very original. It’s nearly been a whole year since Raf Simons announced his departure from Dior and to be honest, Chiuri has done an incredible job. Formerly working for Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri definitely made an impactful debut as the Dior house’s new and first female creative director. I am now even more obsessed with the brand than I was before!!!
At the end of the show, Chiuri came out, and everybody was on their feet applauding. I then walked to the exit where I ran into Rihanna who was surprisingly one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. We took a couple of pictures together and then I made my way out of the building and to our car. Our driver then took us to the Ritz hotel to have tea. It was beautiful inside, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
On my way out of the hotel lobby, Gigi Hadid walked in and said hi to me with a smile. Being the stupid person that  I am, I didn’t realize it was her until I got into the car!!! Our driver then took us back to our hotel where we rested for a while before going to the famous Loulou’s restaurant in the center of Paris.
 XXX, Tiffany Lea

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