Here we are again! At the Paris fashion week. Maybe you didn’t know, but Paris fashion week is the fourth Fashion week out of the Big 4, it comes just after New York, London, and Milan. It is held bi-annually and is known to bring fashion month to a beautiful and magical end.
I am primarily here for the Dior SS17 show, and it already feels amazing to be back. It’s not just the fact that this city has a reputation of being the city of love, it’s just that it’s an incredible place to be in. There’s something about the Parisians, the cafés, the croissants and the Eiffel tower that is just simply captivating. Every time I come here, I am engulfed into this magical world…
The day of the fashion show was quite frankly hectic. I woke up pretty early and got my hair and makeup done for an hour and a half in my hotel room. I then went downstairs to eat at the lunch that was beautifully set up from Dior who had kindly organised it for us in the hotel’s terrace. The table was covered in pink flowers, the cutlery was all Dior and the meal was so, so lovely!
Once we had finished eating, our chauffeur came to pick us up and drove us to the venue for the fashion show, the Musée Rodin. Compared to Raf Simons’ (the last Dior designer) debut Dior show, which had nearly a million flowers attached to the walls, the venue for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s (the new artistic director) first show was quite humble, it had a simple wooden catwalk for the models to walk down and benches for the guests.
So, when my friend and I first arrived, before going into the museum, we fell upon a group of paparazzi who took photos of us. We were then lead to a small cocktail outside where we waited for the show to start. About ten minutes later, they opened the doors and everyone started to walk into the museum. As soon as I stepped inside, I felt like I was five years old again and visiting a museum with my parents. The walls were tall and made of marble, and the place was full of greek sculptures such as “the thinker”. After this entrance hall, we continued walking until we arrived at a big hall where we went down the stairs, Dior written in big on the main wall of the hall. I walked down the stairs and took some photos.
At the bottom of the stairs, two big doors opened and I walked into a gigantic room which was where the fashion show would take place. There were people everywhere: the whole room was full of cameramen and A-list of celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, Chiara Ferragni, Diane Kruger, etc. No wonder why the Dior show is known to be the most star-studded show in this season’s Paris Fashion Week!
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