From attending fashion shows and conventions alongside them to running into them in the streets of New York, Paris or LA, I’ve met a lot of celebrities. Some through random encounters, others through planned meeting points, but to be frank, the list just never ends…
Recently, by reading your comments on my social media accounts (link here), I discovered that this was actually something that interested you all. Whether the celebrity was as beautiful in real life or as kind or just simply as authentic as they are portrayed to be… all of this seemed to spark interest in a large amount of you!
So, I decided to listen to your voices. Even though this topic never interested me as I believe celebrities are normal people, I still decided to go along with your wishes and write you a post about my favorite celebrities that I’ve met! Although the list is extraordinarily long, I managed to narrow it down to my four favorites in order to make this post. Please keep in mind that I have many more stories to tell and if you like this post as much as you said you would, please comment below to encourage me to write some more. Maybe a ‘list of favorite celebrities that I’ve met part 2’ could be on your way! Who knows?
So to start of this potential series of posts, I will be telling you about my experiences meeting Lili Reinhart, Rihanna, Ian Somerhalder and Andrew Lincoln.

Lili Reinhart – (Link to Coachella post here):

I honestly don’t know where to start with this story. You guys already know how obsessed I am with Riverdale and so it should be pretty obvious that meeting one of their lead female actresses, who plays Betty in the series, was insane. It all happened at Coachella, an experience which I hold very close to my heart and alongside my best friend and me, Lili attended the festival in the VIP section. She was there with some of her fellow cast members (such as Cole and Camila Mendes etc.) so when I ran into them, I met her. She was, as you can imagine, so so so kind. From being super honest about her arrow tattoo to being extremely passionate about her life as an actress, Lili was just insanely friendly. We even took a couple of pictures together! Overall, this was one of my favorite encounters with a celebrity as it was so unexpected for us to run into each other at a music festival and that Lili was just so beautifully kind!

Rihanna – (Link to Fashion Show post here):

Although I honestly didn’t spend a lot of time with Rihanna when I met her last year at the Dior fashion show, the few minutes that we had together were enough for me to create a pretty solid image of the wonderful person that she is. For starters, she loves her fans. This was proven to me while she defended me against the paparazzi by simply grabbing my arm and pulling me up to her while they tried to shove me out the way! All that just for a selfie! Pretty remarkable right? If you would have told me that she would have done that the day before, I would have said you were lying as I honestly thought she wouldn’t care… But, I was mistaken, and in the very best of ways! This was, therefore, one of my favorite celebrity encounters as Rihanna’s absolute goddess-like personality completely surprised me!

Ian Somerhalder:

Moving onto top secret information that I’ve never told you about before… haha just kidding! Although this meeting of a celebrity was never recorded or spoken about on my blog, it still very much so happened! It was around May last year and to put it short, I was given the tremendous opportunity to Skype Ian Somerhalder through one of his charity campaigns. We got to talk for about 15 minutes and it was honestly so enjoyable! He spoke to me honestly about what it is like being a celebrity and his life in general and I spoke about my upcoming travels – it was great! We even ended up talking about the world in its whole: pretty down-to-earth stuff! Overall Ian was just fascinatingly caring! Even when I ran into him a couple months later at a convention, Ian still presented so such enthusiasm when talking to me and best of all, he even remembered my name and where I am from! This is definitely one of my favorite celebrity encounters as Ian was simply so interesting to talk to!

Andrew Lincoln- (Link to Comic-Con post here):

Finally, my last favorite celebrity encounter for this first part of my series would have to be meeting Andrew Lincoln. The Walking Dead TV series has been a part of my life for quite some time now and I am beyond grateful to say that meeting its cast members was my favorite moment of attending Comic Con this year! It happened outside my hotel and well, as you can all imagine, Andrew was incredible! He made jokes, laughed about my Stranger Things t-shirt, asked me if I was enjoying Comic Con, discussed my experience at Walker Stalker and he even talked to my mom! Although I truly can’t put into words how chilled and perfectly normal this moment felt, I can say that the vibe Andrew gives off as a human being is very calming, open and genuinely kind. So this encounter makes my top three as Andrew was honestly invested in the conversation and he didn’t treat me like a teenage fan but more like a human being on the same intellectual level as him!
There you go! That sums up my three favorite celebrity encounters! But, do not fret, I still have stories about meeting Chiara Ferragni, Cara Delevigne, and Kendall Jenner to tell you about! So, if you are interested and want to hear more, don’t hesitate to comment below for a potential part 2 of this series!
Tiffany Lea
Do you like any of the celebrities I listed? Would you want to meet them? Were you also as surprised at how nice they were!? If you could pick one celebrity, dead or alive to meet, who would you pick? Comment below!
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