Why does one attend music festivals? Because it’s a potentially enjoyable experience… Why does one attend Tomorrowland? Because it’s a guaranteed incredible experience! Although that line may be cheesy, it is definitely true. From being sold out in minutes, to being known as one of the world’s largest and most notable, this festival is simply out of this world and my experience at it this year was genuinely one of the best of my life.

Held in the city of Boom, Belgium every year, Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival which stretches over 2 weekends. This year, I attended the second weekend (28th to the 30th of June) alongside my brother and his best friend. We had been planning to go as soon as we had heard the outstanding lineup which included DJs such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki etc. The theme for this year’s 13th edition of Tomorrowland was Amicorum Spectaculum and the mega event sold over 400,000 tickets.

Upon our arrival in Boom we were lead directly to our hotel where we were introduced to the incredible Steve Angello, a famous DJ that both my brother and I adore! After this lovely encounter, my brother, his friend and I made our way to the prestigious and magical festival and once we were in, we never looked back. After a 40 minute drive, we were suddenly engulfed into an environment containing numerous behemoth stages, spectacular picturesque scenery, and undeniably talented artists. As you can imagine, I fell in love. Nothing like any other festival I’ve ever been to, this event was just a pure fairy tale, too good to be true. The food was delicious and the dance floors surrounding the stages were never anything but fun!

I danced till I dropped the first night as I listened to the tunes of both DJ Snake and Steve Aoki! Each of them performed on a different stage (Aoki on Dim Mak and DJ Snake on Amicorum Spectaculum) which framed them, encouraged them and turned their music into much more than a tune. Lights everywhere, colors everywhere, people dancing with their hearts everywhere, fireworks, trees, the list just goes on! I was one of the thousands that jumped in sync to what felt like the best music in the world… That night, my brother, his friend and I only danced and ate. As I mentioned before, the food was fantastic – especially the pasta from the Italian stand, the fries from the Belgium stands and most importantly, the burgers from the American stand!

Waking up the day after that was tough. We had gotten back to our hotel in the early hours of the morning so only woke up around lunch time – even just from my sleep pattern, I could already see how much the Tomorrowland lifestyle was affecting me! Starting the day off with Nutella waffles from a nearby creperie, we then hopped into a taxi and drove off back to the festival. This day was thankfully slightly less intense than the previous. We spent most of it on the grass eating and at the main stage dancing. On this day, the artists that impressed us the most were Don Diablo, Alesso, and Axwell. All equally talented and all equally enjoyable to dance to, the only one that stood out was Diablo, who truly created an unforgettable vibe when he played Cutting Shapes! Again, we were surrounded by endless crowds of people but either way, we loved every millisecond of it!

On day 3 we sadly said our goodbyes to the hotel and made our way to Tomorrowland one last time! The line up for this final day was beyond perfection so we honestly had the time of our lives! From David Guetta performing Shed a light to Martin Garrix playing an unreleased song called ID, it was just insane. We left Tomorrowland with all its beauty by simply buying its flag to keep the memory of the past three days in more than just our hearts. I blew a kiss to the enormous festival as we drove away in a black taxi and whispered to my brother: “when will we be back?”.

Sitting in the airport now, all I can say is that Tomorrowland is too good to put into words and if you want to truly feel as much magic as I did, you simply have to book a ticket. Honestly, I would do it a thousand times over as the past three days of dancing in the warm summer nights of Belgium were some of the best of my life.


Tiffany Lea

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