Being in Prague for the first time, even if only for two days, has been a beautiful experience (not including the rainy weather). When arriving at the Hotel, I was eager to have my first taste of Prague, and what more fitting way to do so than a meal? I dropped my luggage in my room and hurried down to eat at the Hotel’s restaurant.
We were seated quickly by fantastic staff who really set the ambiance of the meal. The restaurant was called ‘Teresa U Prince’, and we ate delicious local cuisine. We then went for a walking tour around the old town, the highlight being the infamous Astronomical clock. We got yogurt ice cream and then left to an art exhibition.
It was a Salvador Dali, Alfons Mucha and Andy Warhol exhibition. All three artists were spectacular, but Andy Warhol was my favorite as his work was colorful and happy!
My good friends, I am now pleased to tell you that this is where it finally stopped raining! We continued walking around Prague where we ventured into Gucci and Dior where I bought two pairs of boots, a beanie, sunglasses, and a very pretty black coat.
By this point, we were exhausted so went back to the Hotel to settle in, unpack and watch a movie.
On the second day, the weather was much better! As the Hotel’s restaurant had left such a good impression on us from the previous day, we went there again in the morning. We were met by the beautiful view of Prague that the rooftop seating gave us, and too by the delicious food; a perfect date.
After that, my mother and I traveled down to see Charles Bridge, where we bought coffee at Starbucks and saw the beautiful St.Vitus Cathedral. The Cathedral was extraordinary, with high intricately detailed ceilings and beautiful long windows. We were lucky enough to get to go to the top and see a bird’s-eye view of the whole of Prague, breathtaking.
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  1. I live in Czech Republic 💟 love your blog because I learn more English words😍my biggest wish is go to America❤

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