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The history of Tiffany & Co,

Return To Tiffany & Co 

In 1969, Tiffany & Co introduced the “Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York” key ring. The story tells that, if the owner and keys ever got separated, they would be reunited back together at the Tiffany & Co store. As back in the time, each key was increased with the owners initials.

Silver Jewelries

On the date in the years 1840 until the end of 1890, Tiffany made art of table (all that is silverware, the plates, the forks and the knives.) and at the beginning of the years 1900 Tiffany was the first brand has to make silver jewelry. It stays a revolution seen that all the world used the money that for the art of the table. It made authentic silver jewelry of good qualities; all the world has then to start has to make the same thing.

The Meanings Behind The Collection

Each collection at Tiffany has a history or a message last. For example, Tiffany Key’s is a key to open opportunities or the key of the heart. Or as the collection Atlas (which wants to say the highest state of achievement) is a collection for the success, one gives a jewelry of this collection to say that it is to arrive very high in the career or the studies.

Tiffany Designers

Tiffany collaborates with many designers. One of them, Elsa Peretti, who inspires herself a lot from the human body and her travels. During one of her trips to Rome, she went to a museum where she saw a statue. That statue inspired her for creating a lot of jewelry, like the “Bone Cuff” (who either comes in Silver or Yellow Gold) which I carry in the second look. The Bone Cuff is a bracelet that takes the shape of the wrist bone. It either comes in silver or gold. There is also Paloma Picasso, who is the daughter of Pablo Picasso. She creates a lot of jewelry inspired by her trips.  After a journey to Morocco, she starts doing a lot of ancient styled jewelry. She is also famous for her olive leaves which are a sign of peace. Tiffany always works with designers who have a message behind their creations. 







Look one,

Big “Tiffany T”  Silver Bracelet – 2’200-. CHF

“Please Return To Love, Tiffany&Co” Silver Ring – 570-. CHF

Paloma Picasso Rings in Silver – 390-. CHF

Paloma Picasso Ring in Gold – 905-. CHF

Small blue Tiffany Key Pendant – 180-. CHF (Necklace chain – 60-. CHF)

Medium Tiffany Key Pendant (White Gold) with Diamonds – 2’600-. CHF (Necklace chain –  345-. CHF)

Look two,

“Tiffany T” Bracelet without Diamonds – 1’850-. CHF

“Tiffany T” Bracelet with Diamonds – 3’650-. CHF

“Tiffany T” Ring (white gold, yellow gold) with Diamonds – 1’850-. CHF

“Please Return To Tiffany&Co, New York” necklace – 285-. CHF

Look three,

“Infinity”  (White Gold) Bracelet with Diamonds one knot – 5’600-. CHF

“Infinity” (Pink Gold) Bracelet with Diamonds two knots – 7’900-. CHF

“Infinity” (Pink Gold) Ring with Diamonds – 2’500-. CHF

“Infinity” (White Gold) Ring with Diamonds – 2’500-. CHF

“Tiffany Victoria” (White Gold) Necklace with Diamonds – 10’600-. CHF

Look four,

“Atlas” Diamond Necklace – 2’200-. CHF

Cross Necklace with Diamonds – 3’200-. CHF

Horseshoe Necklace with Diamonds – 2’750-. CHF

Heart Diamond Bracelet – 1’650-. CHF

Heart Diamon Ring – 2’050-. CHF

Three Diamond Rings (Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold) – 2’500-. CHF


Special thank you to Lina for helping me 

XXX, Tiffany Lea


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